Zombie webcomic: “Ken and Andy’s Rooftop News”

RND/ to consider a new webcomic, featuring characters Ken and Andy from the great movie Dawn Of The Dead (Zack Snyder, 2004). Called “Ken and Andy’s Rooftop News”, the tag line is “Zombiepocalyptic dispatches and wild rumor.”

Separated by a whole city block filled with deadly shambling flesh eaters, gun store owner Andy and ex-cop Ken use white boards and markers on top of their respective rooftops to converse about daily life, and keep each other up to date with the latest info and developments in the land of the dead. We join them several weeks into their new friendship. Can they survive the city, existential boredom – and each other’s increasingly odd sense of humour?

Here’s Season One, twelve episodes in total:

// how to play big science