Youtube Comments For Life Is Strange: True Colors (Screenshot)

RND/ To consider an edited screenshot of LOLtube comments for Life Is Strange: True Colors:

3023 x 1659 .jpg

Youtube Comments For Life Is Strange: True Colors


Acting irrational again. Something about ‘Life Is Strange’ makes my skeleton grate against itself. Probably its hateful, innate ‘corporate designed hipness’ (aka whiteness) and the bullshit unbelievable lives of its vacuous adorkable pseudo-protagonists. I just want to see them all die horribly and bizarrely, and then laugh like some movie villain – hands on my casual hips. Watch them all get thrown ‘hella’ back against their own violent artificiality and suddenly implode with the cosmic realization of the ugly stupidity of their anti-lives. More on this sicksad nonsense later; I’m off to prepare some small toast with brie and mayo. Another dull, overcast day in March. Things aren’t going well. They’re just going.

Existential Update: I put on fish fingers instead. You didn’t need to know this. And yet here we are.

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