Why Is (/Post) Modern Art So Bad? with Sad Aesthetic-Relativist Background Drowning Music

RND/ to consider the classic sodden intellectual potato “Why Is [/Post] Modern Art So Bad?” with sad drowning music

As a direct result of this tear-inducing motivational mashup, imagine internet theorist-for-hire Robert What now follows several iron laws of quality art:

// how to play big science


  1. The very fact that no one seems to have left a comment, provokes me to do so, Mr. What. I just had my 69th birthday and have had my health take a turn in the negative direction recently. For many years, I never considered myself an artist per se. I was one who scribbled his thoughts down, wrote verse and drew and/or painted with something approaching gusto. But maybe I’m deluding myself like so many folks in art organizations across the planet? Maybe what I do isn’t art? I’ve never been much of a joiner and have always gone my own way. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave my life story here. You might check out artwanted.com/chastpoet when and if you have the time. If you see something of merit, I’d be happy to know. If you only have a WTF response, I’m pretty sure I can take that too. Hope you are doing well, BTW. If you get 20 of these a day by old farts, I apologize for the intrusion. :)

  2. Dear Mr. Jones

    Many thanks for dropping by with your thoughtful comment. Having looked at your site, your art appears genuine, of high quality and style and you should by all means continue steadforth with such admirable endeavors. My article was specifically concerned with making fun of those dog-awful PragerU videos and their darkly laughable Neocon ideology. You wrote “Maybe I’m deluding myself like so many folks in art organizations across the planet?” Well there’s always a chance.. but please note it’s physically impossible to delude oneself about the ‘true’ degree of one’s artistic talent as greedy, mainstream global arts organizations, ‘postmodern’ or otherwise.

    Sincerely, Robert What

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