Virtual Photography Exhibit: “This Mod Is Dead”

RND/ to consider partial historical / aesthetic archival study of dead, abandoned, andor dead-on-arrival mods – and a lament.

Part of the Virtual Photography Exhibit: Global Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat

First, some (mysteriously end-sentence truncated conceptual ‘play code’ for this study) – featuring an oldskool design document, and excerpts from various board posts discussing the relative deadness of mods / modding culture:

Some conceptual art for this RND project:

TMID: Boot Screen

Boot screen for this project

Dead Memes: “I see dead mods”

Typical DOA meme to go with this crepuscular conceptual play space


Gravestone Logos for this project

TMID: Randy Savage

All hail Randay Savage; patron saint of dead mods

TMID: Cemetery of dead mods

Where all good mods either end up or are born

TMID: Dawn of the Dead Mod

Conceptual portrait of the dawning of (/un)dead mods

TMID: Dead Mod Development Space

Conceptual space of dead mod development

TMID: Perform Undead Uninstall

To perform an undead unintall of dead mods

TMID: Dead Phone

Conceptual artwork highlighting what might be ‘Patient Zero’ (/image) of dead mods

On the deadness of “mod database dot com”

“This Mod Is Dead” Conceptual Paintings

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