Verbally Abusing Tory Wankers: How To Do It Properly (Satirical Instructional Video)

RND/ In which you consider a handy, helpful instructional video – how to provide accurate, timely verbal abuse to Tory Wankers (perfectly safe for work):

Size: 1280 x 720
Encoder: Lavf58.45.100
Duration: 00:01:57.59
Bitrate: 5187 kb/s, 30.1fps
Audio: aac 48000 Hz, stereo 128 kb/s
Sample: Cry by Godley & Creme (The History Mix Volume 1, Polydor 1985)


In which the sheer effort required to try to understand the leaden atomic density of otherwise seemingly mentally healthy people in joining The Young Conservatives, easily outweighs any thimbles of tears for their cosmic scale lack of self awareness concerning the following Public Secret: the innate hatefulness of Conservatism, and the generations of systematic damage these lizardly scoundrels and sleeze merchants have inflicted on others. (Why else would such bullies be whining about ‘abuse’, considering the amount of times they’ve deliberately shat on the working class?)

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