Untitled Goose Horror Game (Parody)

RND/ To consider a hot new media genre – “Goose Horror”. Some imaginary screenshots from an Untitled Goose Horror Game:

Untitled Goose Horror Game

In the #GooseHorror genre you get to play an ordinary goose, viciously angry at humans. Why? Well, it’s because your sensitive and beautiful head can pick up their cruel inner thoughts and dark wishes. Unfortunately, this often results in you doing their evil bidding against your will.

The ‘horror’ in this genre comes, not just from the various forms of blandly terrifying mischief you get up to in goose form, but from constant sickening anthropomorphization by mean spirited assholes – who in ideological reality are simply acting out their own casual, twisted schadenfreude fantasies through you. (Don’t worry though, little goose – you’ll get your revenge.)

Some sweet, typical in-game examples of freaky, goose-style shit you can get up to under human mis-direction:

Untitled Goose Horror Game 02

“Sure wish a goose would honk one of those parkour guys off a building.”

Untitled Goose Horror Game 03

“Imagine if a goose started an avalanche by honking..”

Untitled Goose Horror Game 04

“Hilarious if a goose make some whiny kid majorly faceplant.”

Untitled Goose Horror Game 05

“Would love to see a goose start a fire at my dumb neighbor’s house.”

Untitled Goose Horror Game 06

“If goose got into the hospital and switched off Grandma’s life support, we wouldn’t have to travel hours to see her every Sunday..”

Untitled Goose Horror Game 07

“My boss is a dick. If only a goose would give him some unnecessary root canal!”

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