UFC 239 Poster: Jorge Masvidal, Urban Ghetto Jesus

RND/ to consider an unofficial UFC poster starring Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal as Urban Ghetto Jesus:

2056 x 3178 .jpg, 32 cols – screenshot via UFC press conference

Jorge Masvidal – Cuban Ghetto Jezus

While it may indeed be highly useful to note that “Gamebred don’t play”, it’s certainly good to remember the General Style Rule, which clearly states: “Acting like a jerk after the fight’s clearly over, may mark one out as a ‘Bad Winner’.. kinda like multiple late blows to a downed opponent after a clean knockout often appear malicious, and unsportsmanlike.”

Quick to provide casual passing reassurance over the immediate health and long-term well-being of his fighters, Dana ‘Gross’ White stated of Ben Askren, “I’m sure he’s not okay, but he’s – yeah” (as in, ‘good enough.’) Classy as ever Dana, you obnoxious dong rocket.

If this type of holy figure is not to your liking, there’s always Creepy Hipster Jesus

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