Trump fake ‘Dumb Republican Voters’ Quote (Post Truth Era Bad Painting)

RND/ To consider a bad painting of a fake Trump quote about dumb Republican voters:

3654 x 3654 .jpg

Post Truth Era: Trump Fake ‘Dumb Republican Voters’ Quote

This was recirculating on Twitter recently. I retweeted the image. A left wing commentator replied, asking a perfectly valid question: why circulate fake quotes made by The Sore Looser, when he said so much more that was worse (and true) before, during and after his presidency?

At this point, you can say whatever the hell you want about this inhuman blond toilet stain, and it won’t make the slightest bit of difference to either side of the political spectrum. Not only is this false image hardly ‘dividing the left amongst itself’ (ala Monty Python “Splitters!”) it isn’t exactly being held in public court up by the far / alt right as decisive proof of the inherent untrustworthyness of ‘fake news'(TM) Lefty Socialists.

There’s the strong sense such a fake quote has at least some apocryphal truth to it – after all, Trump is exactly the kind of psychotic scumbag that’s only ever out for himself. Is it that unlikely that, surrounded by poor working class voters in some hick town hall which usually doubles for a cattle auction barn, Trump would automatically see himself as ‘just one of yall’?

(Shit, Republicans have repeatedly held this pu$$y grabbing scum lord up as ‘Just-Like-You Joe Average’ almost since the beginning. He’s certainly like the rich white assholes currently in office, sure – but as for being a ‘real All-American Amerikan’? Mind you, to identify with a sociopathic, hyper-narcissistic (failed) billionaire, to hang one’s dreams of A Better Tomorrow For U.S Amerikans – isn’t that the very American Dream Demon in action? May the imaginary white lord bless us, bless our gun totin’ families, bless defenseless unborn bundles of cells in a womb, bless Dear Donald – but above all holy Fox Tele-Vision.)

To consider instead viewing such a ‘quote’ (actually just a mere image macro) in the following terms; it’s a fake quote for a fake person. Surely the mere existence of someone as truly fucking awful and ignorant as a ‘Donald Trump’ means reality is already in the shitter? That all bets have long been off – that the mere fact Donald Trump exists as a concept somehow already means we’re now collectively stuck in a grand new dystopian utopia, a ‘post truth era’?

Such a term does not state that there’s no such thing as truth – but that it is no more or less a factor in understanding current global sociopolitical reality as the ex-president’s next hot shit slice of the / his media circus. His projected Image. So welcome to Trumpverse.

In an age of grand spectacle and instant world-spanning news – and there’s little more synthetic than the very idea of ‘news’ – Trump’s fat sagging mug is a vital symbol of so much that is.. not so much fake, or untrue, or complex – though its certainly that – but simply FUBAR. Reality itself seems perfectly fucked / fucked up simply because such a thing as a Trump ‘exists’.

At this point, whether or not the inhu-Man himself said X or Y feels like just another bogie cherry on the whole mirthless shit cake. So I’d say yeah – Trump did say exactly that about dumbass Republican voters. And even if he didn’t, the negative consequences of his horrible actions did exactly as much long term damage. The guy truly does not give a flying funt cuck about anything or anyone that isn’t D.T. A truly, willingly ignorant little fat man – and for precisely that reason, utterly evil. The modern image of Evil Stupidity.

Christ. You just know this teflon coated Russian Asset motherfucker’s going to run again in 2024. Nuclear secrets or not.