Trucknuts For The Mind: On The Stupidity Of Memes

RND/ In which you consider the death of memes, and the possibility that memes themselves are a living death:

First, a dead Reddit Metric graph from R/MemeHate. Note the deafening apathy this graph generated – probably because it wasn’t nearly ‘memetic’ enough, ie. generate Instant LOLS. Almost as though anything that does not ‘amuse us to death’ in under a second confounds and frightens us. The use of memes comes across like nervous laughter while walking by the graveyard at night. ‘Laugh’ like the joker – without pause – or die; this seems the pseudo-choice offered by the modern net. Apparently it’s cat gifs forever or the infinite sucking void. No time to think – quick, continue to meme!

All Memes Must Die

And now a conceptual ‘dead meme’ image. In this case, one expressing the notion that memes, and-or their use are the functional equivalent of ‘trucknuts for the mind’. That is, a useless appendage in plastic or brass, proactively slung just under the roof of one’s empty redneck monster truck of a skull ‘for teh (/apparent) lulz’ where they swing (in silent darkness) in everyone’s face, loudly proclaiming that ‘I am my mom’s favorite little fucknard’. A non-thought you can almost smell..

Memes: Trucknuts For The Mind

In which it might be a good idea to occasionally explain things you want to say in long hand, rather than instantly resorting to Image Macros for miscommunication, ie. ‘dumb text slapped over an ugly image’. A ‘Slow Internet’ is what we need. Wait – are memes even still a thing?

Note on definitions: “The ‘lol’ is the smallest scientifically measurable unit of (/in)human stupidity.” Oh, and BTW Fuck Richard Dawkins.

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