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First the official trailer:

hello everyone and welcome back to top 10 trends youre already mad from the title thats fine im mad too but i want you to be mad with me you want to be mad at me lets fight lets fight it out there hasnt been a fallout game i didnt like yeah that includes fallout 4 and no that doesnt include fallout tactics come on what do you think i am a sap but i actually liked fallout 4 they ruined a lot of things about fallout 4 but they improve some things too and at the end of the day its still a great game in my opinion you dont like it fine fallout 76 is literally setting off klaxon nuclear warhead incoming sirens in my brain this game already seems like a disaster youre gonna have to duck and cover to get away from this game todd howard is about to nuke any sense of the fallout universe not already nuked into oblivion by its own aesthetic these are 10 reasons fallout 76 will be radioactive wasted potential and i could give you 76 reasons but wed be here all day number 10 i dont need fallout themed dayz / rust slash gta online if it doesnt even let you grieve the game is designed around gathering loot and taking it from others or taking it out of the world and any game designed that way automatically becomes more unplayable the more mainstream if he comes its just a rule of the design of the game when you cant actually talk or negotiate with someone ie the vast majority of players in any game you cant play with randoms in any serious capacity if you dont believe me did you play dayz before it got mainstream you should know what im talking about have you ever tried to auto look for group and wow and play with randoms howd that turn out for you fam did that turn out well that did they work out the way you wanted or they just look up constantly because they have no idea whats going on at all even when youre trying to work on a team these people have no clue whats going on the vast majority of people just cant process information or communicate now youve got to deal with all of them as you try to work with your friends somewhat bethesda has also gone on record saying theyll be putting an anti griefing measures but that removes the entire point of the game in the first place imagine dayz with no people and there you go some of you im sure would like that a lot most of us would dayz with no people to shooting it is no game imagine ross with no people and it might be fun for a little bit you can make your own fun little scenarios but after a while thats gonna be boring if the game comes out like gta online that in my opinion has a bit of potential but i dont see how they can do that and make not grief abul i have to flock with my internet settings just to be able to deliver guns safely in gta i dont want to have to go on the dark web in order to have fun and fallout 76 number 9 no npcs i really cant understand a fallout game without npcs maybe thats just me and my old brain the original to fallout games were actual role-playing games fallout 1 and 2 have to have creative and engaging stories with interesting interactive and pcs that you can engage with because thats all they had to sell at the time thats all they had thats what a role-playing game is fallout 3 to vegas have interesting npcs in an interesting environment that you interact with fallout new vegas the most so because it has actual decisions that affect the outcome of the game and you actually feel like youre setting up a role youre being put into a role to play the game 3 not so much in my opinion youre just this generic son who has to do this one generic thing 1 & 2 you very much play a role if youve ever played the very old fallout games new vegas kind of harkens back to those new vegas is very much an old-school role-playing game no npcs are you kidding me so this is just an action game now this is just a kind of a survival action game where you run around collecting loot using some sort of half-assed poorly maintained crafting system playing of worst version of minecraft for the fallout aesthetic great and i thought fallout 4 was already a bad version of minecraft even gta online has npcs you dont interact with them much and they call you way too much on your phone but at least it doesnt feel entirely empty at least you could go to tequila lala and beat the hell out of someone even though that mission sucks at least theres something to interact with im aware there are going to be monsters and beasts all right i understand that and thats basically what the people in gta online serve as the npc people but at least theres something to do with other npcs entirely player-driven god this story if there is one is gonna suck and number eights always online always online is a recipe for disaster one knew you could no longer played at your convenience always online that works real well with simcity didnt it e8 you think you know someone would learn from the other companies in their field failing around them but know whatever fine skyrim always online to always online means that youre always at risk of being griefed if they nerf griefing like i said its not really an always online game its just a lazy open-world game theyre trying to have it both ways here and i dont think theyre gonna do it very well always online is something you would put on a tombstone its like when a doctors diagnosis sheet when they flip over they see always online and they go on fees like that its like the cancer of games you see it on a game mark of death move on its basically over its a horse death sentence at this point that microtransactions and i know they havent announced it yet but im gonna call it right now theres going to be microtransactions in fallout 76 number 7 this isnt a role-playing game fallout games have traditionally been role-playing games and well they dont have to stick to that entirely im really getting sick and tired of people defending this game by saying its gonna be the ultimate role-playing game because you make your own roll no stupid thats not how role-playing games were open-world is usually the antithesis to role-playing games now there are some exceptions there are always exceptions to the rule one stalker fantastic open-world slash roleplay gaming experience kingdom come deliverance fantastic open-world roleplay game experience the difference both of those have unique well-developed stories and awesome amazing npcs the witcher 3 good rpg good open-world game use play a specific role and you do that role you dont get to pick your own role you dont get to do all this crazy crap for yourself metal gear solid 5 isnt kind of in the middle ground game i didnt like that people were calling it a role-playing game but i can understand why to some degree at least youre interacting with something there are a lot of choices to be made of metal gear solid 5 adds unfinished as it is this is not gonna be an rpg there are gonna be no roles to play here other than being griefed or griefer role-playing game basically means nothing anymore its because its been so bastardized by modern gaming it can mean anything from literally an open empty world with no roles genre or mechanical limits and it could mean something as specific and in-depth as vampire the masquerade vampire the masquerade is a fantastic role-playing game because you play a role theres an interesting woven story around that game its not just empty and you wander around in it this is not gonna be a role-playing game and i thought fallout 4 was basically just an action shooter this is gonna be much more divergent than that this is gonna be less of a role-playing game that metal gear survive is take a second to think about that was a time in recent history when bethesda was the company that determined what the next-gen of role-playing games would look like because theirs were so good we have moved so far away from that time number six if fallout 4 is anything to go by the base building will be clunky and terrible i really really dont want to play another repeat of fallout force base building have some sort of separate interactive menu where you can place buildings or something for gods sake having to run around and actually do it with it position in front of you i just ive never liked that my craft works a bit differently you placed it down block by block theres a lot of chances to change it in the middle of making it fine rust i also dont like for that exact reason i like the game russ i dont like making buildings in rust but even rust is more suited to making buildings probably because it wasnt shoved in last minute then anything in fallout 4 and if fallout 76 is anything like fallout 4 it will be nearly unplayable i cannot wait till they announce that theres also a battle royale mode and fallout 76 just say and another thing number five most likely no single-player campaign i say most likely and thats being generous they said theres gonna be always online no single-player campaign open please tell me how its still a role-playing game you can play alone but then you just get rekt by roving hordes of brazilians the second fallout 76 is a free weekend play plays ruin everything else theyre a part of free weekends goodbye fallout 76 no single-player campaign but its still the ultimate role-playing game because you make your own rules in fact you make your own game theres not even a game here you just you voted for the ground up garrys mod ultimate role-playing game number four the map is probably way too massive this is an unpopular opinion but you guys need to listen here seriously do you remember when gta 5 announced how big their map was and it was dope right i was excited you were excited thats a huge man what is it still dope now that you have to drive 20 minutes just to do a single mission that pays you four to ten times less than what it should no see what i mean its too big of a map now too much wasted space in los santos virtually 40% of gta 5 s map is it used for anything no one fights out there unless you set up a little scenario and purposely gotta be a way to use the map most of it is just empty wasted big in the flocking way mountain and i love gta 5 who didnt love spending upwards of 20 minutes holding w and daisy to get from cherno to wests airfield i used awaited spook her i prefer well detailed maps of new vegas fallout 3 even fallout 4 to some extent things like stalker shadow of chernobyl or kingdom come deliverance where you can tell people spend time putting every single detail into this map because they knew every nook and cranny of it was going to be important at some point even the places you said oh im not gonna go there thats just a point of this map wrong thats what i want to see and maps that are bigger dont have their someone spent a lot of time working on those maps i doubt fallout 76 will get the same love and care considering you wont be looking at places to explore youll be looking for all your lost after someone nukes you into oblivion number 3 bethesda is anti griefing but there are nukes in the game these nukes are a problem guys a problem i dont think they know how to answer bethesda said that theyre gonna try to stop griefing but they plan to put a go flock yourself button in the game in the form of a nuke you know nukes were hard to get in metal gear solid 5 – and they said that the difficulty of obtaining the nukes and fallout 76 will stop people from using them but that never stopped me in metal gear solid 5 i dont care about konami insurance it didnt exist yet your base my horns bye-bye if the nuke is ineffective like they said it would be to prevent it from being overused then what is there really to strive for how does the little guy get a leg up on the 16 + man ready group that will invariably plague every single server in the game before it becomes dried up and defunct i doubt the combat would be as difficult to navigate as arma and daisy so simple numbers will most likely always give you an advantage if it plays like any other fallout game in existence so how does one person or a small group of people fight against 16 theyre just gonna get overwhelmed even if theres anti griefing rules thats how a nuke comes into play a small group with a nuke has the same fighting power is a big group without a new unless the nuke is worthless of course and in which case everyone loses the nuke gets launched some people die the small group dies and everyones unhappy joy number 2 vets in real time whats the point if thats is too good im gonna dump all my points into that and then i win if its not good at all then ill just aim regularly and forget it exists and its a pointless mechanic if its some terrible meddling affair it wont help you in quick charge surprise fights thats was fallout solution to removing rts elements from their previous games in the franchise while still allowing players to plan out their attacks and take things at their own speed thats what vats is its to help you aim if youre not good at aiming at games and its also there in order to give you a little bit of time to think about what you want to do the speed is dictated by everyone else we saw how useless vats wasnt fallout 4 i barely used vats and fallout 4 because they made the shooting so easy there was no point anymore they made everything just kind of work vets was the most useful in my opinion in fallout new vegas when things that armour values and things were a bit more complicated and it still felt like an rpg rts now the speed of the game is dictated by everyone else fats will not slow down time so its now just as old and obsolete as fallout tech itself how ironic thats that kids let you slow down time to think isnt really vas its just a bot assisted mechanics and number one the biggest reason im not gonna get fallout 76 to tell you no and literally everything about it and trust that im not convinced fallout 76 isnt just a clone of skyrim do you really trust todd howard enough for him to not sell a game where you wake up in a vault and then youre forced into a small room to sit at a computer and play skyrim because i dont trust todd howard that much im 99% sure thats going to happen well i hope you guys enjoyed the video i do feel all these opinions pretty strongly but if you enjoy the game if you were looking forward to it i hope to god its good for you i hope youre having a great day what are you looking to most about fallout 76 how about that bye bye

all out 76 is gonna be a complete piece of garbage and heres why because yes fallout 76 is entirely online yeah this story more building yes im playing russ with my friends what if i dont have friends no singleplayer all these are live thats just what i wanted time as you venture out into this new american frontier some of your fellow survivors may not be neighborly [music] get a new case its the last thing i do damn that was hard man took me like four or five hours of gathering materials just to get this part done yeah boy i reckon flock me about ten hours just working on my side of the quarters whoo i sure am proud of where i made hope nothing happens to it we got the nuke lets mess up these dudes they took my stuff and im gonna take their base years now people have been wanting a co-op fallout or a co-op elders well im pretty sure when these people envisioned a co-op game they didnt think the main gimmick of the game would be around surviving yes theyre gonna still have quests in the game pod says that the overseer is gonna send you around just six different areas are these quests gonna be beeker then other fallout games are they gonna be less in depth because more of the focus is on surviving more of the focuses on multiplayer or the focus is on pvp with other players i feel like the story is gonna take the backseat in this game and its gonna be more about that big problem with this game is that its always online and its not a true single-player campaign people are pissed i mean hashtag not my fallout on twitter people signing a petition they introduced a single-player only mode stuff like this i mean if it was like any other fallout game but co-op or four player it would be fine but its not like any other fallout game this fallout game isnt based around the story this game is based around building and gathering materials to build your base and killing other players to screw them over like that could be fun for a while but i mean how many people are gonna get pissed when they work so hard it killed all their stuff gets stolen main gimmick of this game is the survival aspect so storys gonna be in the back from what todd said the overseer actually sends you on a quest to go to six zones its the quest gonna be just like okay go to this zone pick up this material so you can build yes are the quest basically gonna be a tutorial or you just okay oh it would so you can build a fireplace so you dont get hurt it are oh you can build a workshop station and start building guns this is definitely not what people wanted this is gonna be probably a garbage game honestly i mean no single player you say come on [music] games gonna be garbage symbols that id love to hear your debates down below id love to hear somebody make a case for fallout and somehow tell me its not garbage id also love to hear any other opinions on the subject please leave a comment down below tell me if im a stupid retard or if im making sense here i dont really care just tell me something i run from game yak goodbye

coming flocking get me you white ass fascist nazi pig [music] whats going everybody gonna go over some bethesda news got two things i want to talk about with them that i found and why theyre garbage company first though follow me over on twitter ella flash comics ill be streaming over there soon and subscribe to my second channel yellow flash productions you can find it on the channels page on my loltube channel go over there and subscribe by doing live streams over there as well already got some content over there right now so if you want to be a part of those head over those two places also check out my patreon if you enjoy my content dollar helps go a long way so bethesda bethesda there was already some scandals with them well not so much scandal since theyre you know taking taken female co-workers into the bathroom or having drug parties as far as i know all i know with them is they are obviously trying to milk as much money as they can out of the products and theres nothing wrong with that you know but its really not the best consumer friendly model right i remember a while ago the big controversy with bethesda was that they werent sending review copies out anymore that they were gonna make theyre pretty much making the people that want to review stuff by the copies and thats fine but what does it say when youre gonna put something out and youre not gonna let anybody review it so you can have the consumer be informed well it says to me that youre not confident in your product fallout 4 was a big disappointment i can think of as far as anticipation that game really let me down nowhere near the masterpiece level of new vegas which they sent to was it aa citizen as a great game fallout 3 was actually pretty good too well for i just didnt like that there were no moral you could make any moral choices and brist i just that wasnt for me part of the thing that i loved about both of those games that you could shape the landscape but anyway fallout 76 will not be available on steam as a new person to the pc master-race im very disappointed by that i love steam steams pretty much all i want to use i was having a golf steam will almost make me not want to buy the game like i was gonna buy overwatch and suck i got to go over this service i dont really want to do that no i really want to do that and now they have a kind of a lame reason why says were gonna have a direct relationship with our players thats a lie dont even say that the reason that youre doing that is because you want to make all the money you dont want to you dont want to give steam a cut you want all the money you know the better practice would be come over to our servers get maybe some free perks you know well give you these were gonna hook you up with a free a free suit and a couple of guns or something and then still offer the choice on steam they dont want to do this because they know if they offer the game on steam its gonna sell gangbusters and no ones gonna no ones gonna no ones gonna go buy it on bethesdas bullshed-ass service which i have no interest in so ill probably be skipping fallout 76 i was already kind of down on it anyway cuz its like thats the kind of the last thing im looking for is a multiplayer game and fallout now i would be cool with a single-player game that had co-op thatd be cool but like one person co-op right kind of like how fallout 5 and 4 did it id be ok that but im not im not interested in this multiplayer century game some of you might be and thats okay you know if thats what youre looking for but my thing was the mods and and stuff so ill probably be skipping this game which is not gonna be a big loss to me the big no the big news though is this and this is just sowing more of their anti-consumer profit for profit over consumerism that theyve been doing bethesda blocks resale of a second-hand game so what happened here is you got this kid hes got like an amazon store and he was selling an unwrapped copy of he was selling an unwrapped copy of the evil within – and but says it comes in and starts talking about theyre going to smack this kid with a lawsuit and make him pay all of the legal fees and you know theyre coming for this kid and its like why why are you doing this you want to know why theyre doing this because they want all the monies they want all the monies and they want to crack down on this they specifically say in the article that we have no problem with pre-owned sales you know well never smack down a pre-owned game sale but if you list the game as new thats a problem and theyre going to talk about the doctrine for how you can sell goods and they say the reason that they can get away with this is because this kid doesnt offer a warranty so if this is going to become the precedent of game company sales and i hope other companies dont fall through with this bethesda just keeps giving themselves a bad name lately with a lot of their crap but i hope this doesnt become the president the president with a lot of game companies because what the flock does it matter if i ok evil within to is kind of like an old im sure you can find it cheap if i were to find 15 copies of evil within two unsealed or sealed up with you know the wrapping all on there its all new game if i want to sell that game lets say i got it for 10 bucks and i want to put it online for 12 i dont know what the game goes for but if i just try to make you know $2 profit off of each copy i dont see what the big deal is they are already gotten the money but it just shows the greed of bethesda how greedy they are its its the wrong move and they just keep pissing people off with their with their choices so im just not i think this is kind of some shed i think this is some shed this is the wrong mood bethesda so the wrong move youre doing this shed with steam and then youre going to block and people from just re sailing in a game because its listed as new because it undercuts your new product that youre selling thats kind of some shed man why dont you knock the price down from your game it just shows that they dont give a damn about what you what you want theyre not out to help you its all about them and you know this is this is the truth for most companies but you should at least try and look like you are pro consumer but whatever let me know what you think about this in the comments though im interested in hearing what you guys think also make sure you go follow me on twitch yellow flash comics sub up to my second channel so you can be part of my live streams and like subscribe let me know what you think in the comments make sure you hit that notification bell and ill see you guys on the next one peace monday matt all of it sucks all of it sucks hes chair shove it up your ass hes gonna space chair hes a man who cant shave because then he would look like that vampire and blade that they torture by shining sunlight on him just a congealed mess like pizza the flocking hunt thats what you should change your name to monday and matt pizza the hutt because youre a pile of congealed garbage you flocking liar you flocking liar who us youre so stupid you got done in by an by an admitted liar by an admitted flocking liar youre too dumb to know that youre being lied to by a flocking con man thats house thats what thats what kind of garbage takes you get with mundane matt you flock you chinstrap flock you piece of shed flock you alright lets listen to some facebook news

oh my god and your fallout game what im completely online and multiplayer you cant play me offline you cant play me offline bro oh no its garbage fallout 70 ducks is new far as a new game not a fallout game a game created by todd howard using the creation engine you know what ive always wanted a fallout game skyrim dragons reskin and put into the you know the game by setting this game so early in the timeline that could really do whatever the flock they want like lower kind it goes out the window so you know we have things like skyrim dragons and flocking all this new shed you know and created a new faction of intelligent ghouls called the scorched feral ghouls that are not quite so far gone they still know how to use guns so thats essentially our raiders are the scourge the scorch you know the scorch scourge which replaces flocking raiders and shed were very proud of right now that were gonna ship is about 24 people on the server for 230 to 24 people to assault thats no reaction you know what this game sounds like to me it sounds like a bunch of flocking procedurally generated content like all those settlement quests and flocking fallout 4 basically they put multiplayer to it and you know just made a game off of it along with the flocking or the flocking shed the settlement system remember when settlement mode was optional back in fallout 4 todd howard actually said you can sit though in any design meeting and come up with like a list of reasons not to do something hmm you mean like mit and online fallout todd i predict this game will be about shooting enemies and other players building and exploring thats it no actual quests like in the other fallout games just you building shed and basically just being a survival game the game will feature microtransactions but bethesda told us that these were only come in the form of cosmetics we need cosmetics we need microtransactions we need them you orientation before game would you would you talk about but one of the challenges theyve had was to introduce an end game that was hard enough to challenge high level players while also somewhat repeatable what they landed on was a cyclical nuclear war the map of 76 is a number of nuclear bunkers teams of players will have to work together not only to find the nuclear codes but to solve puzzles to reveal them and to push the button to launch the nukes wow nuking the other players is the end goal thats the end goal thats what thats just gonna keep on making people play your game this game is basically they put it out just to make you flocking spend your money on it you know i mean and then just have it die out and like later on in the years you know i mean you know besides just going down the ea route a little bit with this game i give this game a good year and a half before its completely flocking dead after like release fall 976 is a live game meaning that like games like destiny or warframe eventually players are going to reach the point where theyve done most of what there is to do the studio has been working on a team deathmatch mode which should help should help should help theyre gonna add in a flocking paddle way out mode now a hundred percent theyre going to added it its gonna be a small little bank and theres gonna be like death claws and shed that you also have to fight and other creatures and stuff you know what i mean how much do you want to flocking bed each time you level up in fall at 76 you get to pick a new perk card theres a limited amount you can have active at one time meaning that if you want to reroll your characters perks you simply swap out your park cards you can also share park cards within a party meaning that teams of players can specialize to work together more efficiently a new leveling system look at that look at that well what does that make you flocking three now no wait for different leveling systems then fallout games yeah the original fallout yeah fallout 3 new vegas fallout 4 and this new garbage but theres no one youd have to have a new one though because its all like multiplayer but you know i cant wait to see fallout fives brand new leveling system you know you keep on switching up the games right im calling the game garbage because even though its not out yet its not really a fallout game and being a fallout farm i look at it as just a cash grab like the game might be fun to play hell it might be good but it will never be a fallout game its just so flocking different from what a fallout game actually is i never thought id live to see the day it wont fall out had fortnight emotes but hey the game isnt even out yet so it could be a complete flocking masterpiece and i could be completely wrong right now but when the game does come out i will make a follow-up maybe changing some of my opinions i have about the game now but as of now it looks like its gonna be pretty pretty flocking stupid piece

hows it going guys right now youre watching the 4.76 gameplay and yes now their gameplay is out ive got to see about two to three hours of it from there almost many of different gameplays channels on loltube and that people have got their hands on it and as well just showcased it did it look good mmm im not excited im really am not excited i was really hoping for this game to be good but before that how so much that i mentioned as well about my yesterdays video on the fallout 76 down made a comparison im not really comparison but kinda and maybe im made of like it was similarities to having a black was blackout wow balrog yall like more its just pretty much fallout 76 and i agree i was completely wrong about that part but you have to agree to the part and saying like im not even looking forward to this game for example it does not look entertaining or good and this is exactly it the gaint leaders now look entertaining or good and im really am worried about this so ive seen a bunch of gameplays and offers anyway it looks exactly the same as fallout 4 and that it was done a very good video i think was made from an ign surprise surprise ign right and he made it was a lonesome world that you go through i completely agree almost all the part that he has mentioned even though he has played it and i have not ive just seen the gameplay everything ive seen it felt like its just the carrot was not there at the end of the stick what am i going to be going after new codes new nuke nuke the place that i take psych ward three to five minutes until and blows up something and everyone knows that theres gonna be in that area specifically and you couldnt be dropping the sign is detaining is too slow sure i like slow games as well and but no god fallout 76 can be slow i have no problem with that what ive seen the hook is not there its just no entertainment just the hype is not there either my expectation for the game as you might already know was zero when i started watching this game play and guess wheres that zero gone up has it gone up no it has this stays on zero if theres no hype theres no excitement the entertainment level down its just not there now i do want to mention as well at the fact that im not trying to hate on this game this game is gonna be a very good game for some of you guys and i really do appreciate you ive also you know um you know going over on my previous video of the fallout 76 but you know somewhat similar to the bow see how mode of games its gonna be next power yeah sort of thing and youre saying expression expressing your voices and stuff saying like im crazy what the hell am i talking about im say there were some bad comments as well insulting me and everything i completely agree about the battle royale im very sorry that i made it kind of comparison but i will add complete i agree with myself saying that this game is not very promising and i still go to that ward this game isnt looking promising this game looks lonely it looks boring it does not look like its a good to play fine kind of mode which your friends sure you can have a hell of a time i think like you can play together you can do whatever you wish you can build camps do some kind of quests even though they look kind of lame mmm kinda anyway like i think it was a big downfall for an that podesta has decided to completely remove humans interactions you know npcs on human sites that they could give you can quests just basically having a story its just not there sure there are moments that you can do some kind of quest like fetch that go there kill that bring that here you know bring that over there but thats not a quest so you can explore you can find lore you can read those magazines you can go and talk to cole you can talk to some monsters i presumed you can kill those monsters you can do whatever you boys you can talk to machines they can give you kind since maybe some kind of quests as well ive seen of all that but thats not entertaining thats not a part of a story i dont want to be part of the game that is just no story into it like why am i here you know am i here only just to level up up up up up and play with my friends sure thats a cool thats a cool move i like it dont get me wrong i have one more incentive and coming from like maybe im just spoiled maybe from all the games i have played they were granted us much more variety in the gameplay this does not look like it not to mention this walton nuke howie all you know comes down and blows up that area it looks cool doesnt look very good though but it looks good im not gonna deny that now you can go down there you can explore make sure you have your armor you know not to kill yourself from the nuke at the exposure you know radiation and theres gonna be high-level monsters roaming around and high-level gears you can actually acquire thats not the carrot im talking about because in whatever you do end up getting a better gear on wherever i is that really enough for you guys thats my real question as well the engine is well its exactly identical to fallout 4 the customization on the character that you can make and create your own is exactly the same unfortunately i believe so i already have mentioned the ign actually made like a lonely some video and impressions i think that did a very good job of expressing and you know impressions opinion that he is you know gave us his truth and that was a very good and very well done video i believe so i will leave down links below for that video specifically if you have not seen it yet but i agree a lot of points what he mentioned just this game it doesnt look very promising in my opinion im brie im sorry guys im just not trying to hate on this gameis again and i want to express my own true feelings and what i actually think about this game its just the hype is not there from me anyway and im well well i was also looking for a lot of comments on loltube you know what people think on subreddit twitter you know all over the place all over the social media and i i think they agree with some parts of what i mentioned in this video it just doesnt look very promising like this yet its just saying like im gonna skip out on this way 4 for 5 with 4 star field or the next elder scrolls its just is just theres no carrot on that end of the stick theres no variety you all you do is just go out there do some kind of knife and quests more like side quests fetch me dad kill that bring that wherever and with your friends no that dont get me wrong its fun with your friends is always fun playing around but how many games have already done this maybe im just looking at this a very negative way and i just want to apologize i just i didnt i really want to make this such a negative type of video and like losing so much hope in this game i just wanted to express my own true feelings about this i just also want to mention im sorry my voice is breaking up with yall but im kangas im getting a sick a little bit im really im sorry about that ok well i think im done that just i want to hear you guys from you please tell me down in the comments one is your real truth of this game that you have seen so far of the gameplay the gameplay what did you think truthfully now you do not like it flock the game tell me that thats cool id like to read those things even though you told me very bad things from the previous video even though i was quit a few parts i was right anyway just tell me if you thought im crazy and you will really like what you saw thats cool please tell me the comments um definitely well be reading every one of yours and i will reprise that while we pry and i will reply to all of them as well anyway well i dont think im done now please like and subscribe i really do appreciate you guys now before i also end this video i want to mention that tomorrow i am actually going to have a review on assassins creed odyssey and that review it took time for me to make but yes i think its gonna be worth it because its a special type of video i think i did anyway i really hope you guys take a look at that just make sure you hit that bell annotation – and not miss that specific video but im still gonna have a few other videos popping up in the future as well and yeah anyway i was just wanna apologize one last time im really sorry im brilliant sorry that this video and drop being a little bit too negative and i just want to express my true feelings about this game what ive seen so far sure my my opinion may change in future or in few months until games releases but right now thats this is what i think as ive just said anyway well im going to let you go have an awesome day guys i really do appreciate it huge again on my channel and my videos and yeah have a wonderful day

hey guys whats up its me francis yeah and i wanted to do a little reaction video to a – to the new fallout 76 trailer okay because i would show you the trailer like a lot of people doing reaction videos but i dont want to get copy strike like they did pewdiepie okay so im not gonna do it off because i dont want to get a copy strikes ill tell you the trailer makes the game look pretty good yeah in trailers watch it its a real good trailer for longevity sex and it looks like a real it looks like a real fallout gaming if you watch the trailer five or six times that i watch the strip ten times if you only watch it five or six times youll pick up on stuff like reclamation day its a day that they all leave the vault for the first time okay and this is only 25 years after the big warts this is like right at the beginning of fallout history did you like before any other game seemed to take place you know thats dummy really started big game this game looks really good i like fallout okay i want to play this game i mean dont get me wrong todd howard i would rather be playing a new elder scrolls game but like he says you got out of smokes online thatll tide you over for the next decade or two or whatever till francis is flockin dead then well make the new game next when i got to thinking back when they were defending elders choice online being the only way to do all destroys anymore they said they didnt like single player games much anymore they dont want to publish that no more they wanted to move into games is this service they wanted to be able to sell you microtransactions and subscription fees and expansions they dont want you to play a game for a little while they want you to play that game until youre dead of course i try to explain to todd that you know if he makes a new outer scroll game every couple of years i will buy that and i will buy some dlc for it – and who make just as much money if not more but for some reason that goes right over his flocking head did you see that fly fly by did you see him im gonna get you im gonna get you got him but thats when i used my brain and i figured it out it theyre not gonna put out a new elder storge relations in the online game then why would they put out a fallout game alright if this was in the core series we were called fallout 5 not fallout 76 okay this is some bullshed online game i said that on twitter theyre making now francesc theres no way theres no way this is gonna be a core game well you say that in the comment section below and you come back here after iii and see what a dumbass you look like cuz this is not gonna be a core game its gonna be some battle royale thing its gonna be a flockin card game or worse maybe like some online survival piece of shed well you know whats really interesting about this by the way theyre advertising this game already okay and if you go to the patels your website you can order you can pre-order this game as of right now nobody even knows what the game is they havent even said what the game is or you can still buy it dont you think you should be able to at least know what the flocking game is before you put your money down i mean i know theres people out there stupid enough to do it alright but todd howard you shouldnt be such an asshole that youll take their money oh but francis im a fallout farm ill buy anything but fallout on it i dont even wait for the reviews you think im gonna wait to see what this flocking game is i dont have a camera – its all out i dont know if that was a rock and dont get me wrong im gonna buy it – okay im gonna fall out farm – im just as flocking stupid all right but im at least gonna wait to find out what that game is before i put my credit card information into a website dont you think that at least do that well i said even honestly be mad at todd howard for trying at this point you know they probably got 20,000 50,000 pre-orders right now hes probably plenty of people out there with more money than they got since ok so go ahead todd howard do whatever you want but you mark my words okay the game that you pre-ordered its not a core entry to the series okay its gonna be a guarantee what its gonna be its gonna be some sort of base building survival game minecraft clone okay so i hope you enjoy it i hope you enjoy ill be a joint i mean im gonna enjoy this i mean that would be pretty fun honestly the base building in game was pretty fun you know im just saying come back and you know im right you sons of batches

from the future [music] cheeseduck intro aside what are we gonna talk about today well today were going to talk about fallout 76 now i have a number of issues with fallout 76 but the first one and the most pedantic one would have to be the fact that its named fallout 76 now this runs into two categories one is the point that fall 76 implies that there was 75 other ones now this of course might end up actually being true in the future because well i mean as time progresses and as people continue to play watered-down sheddy games their brains become youll continue to become retracted and stunted and circumsized and therefore just eating it all up and fallout will just have a large series of flocking mobile games and nobody will flock and give a shed anymore but yes i know that most of you really but its based on evolved fault 76 well yeah i mean thats true and this runs into my second reason why the name is stupid and that is ultimately is the whole game take place in valle 76 well no it doesnt and therefore why the flock name it after the vault lame why dont we just name the skyrim online i mean elder scrolls online why do i would just name it after some random flocking cave in the game like in fact why dont just call it random cave the game like that thats ultimately the same logic its flocking retracted so but thats pedantic i know who cares right its just a random little nitpick all right reason two is that this is on is fallout on line 2.0 yes 2.0 i say this because interplay had already or interscope or who is an airplane earscope knows interplay yeah and her scope is a record company anyway in a play had already started making a fallout online and because of some pedantic ass flocking legal loophole flocking the nesta was able to take control of an entire ip that they never flocking created namely and fallout so at the end of the day like its kind of like a final nail in the coffin for interplay like a final batch-slap if you will because this 576 now i want to point out though to the what fallout is and this is another point that i have it is fallout is and has always been or at least was originally a role-playing game a single-player experience now you might be saying well how do you know like theres some stupid shed like heres the thing okay fog was originally named fallout a post-apocalyptic role-playing and those who literally literally the flocking title okay sue is fallout 2 theres literally literally the title okay so then you have fallout 4 which is just a watered-down mess where the shooting was flocking ultimately made by people from bungie which speaks volumes in of itself they attempted to ripoff mass effect 2 did a terrible flocking job and what i mean by that is actually the the dialogue system and then they threw in some flocking minecraft and some flocking call of duty level perk system nonsense by removing skills entirely so they ultimately the end of the day like theres nothing i can say about the festa thats going to be positive here in respect to fallout nothing because we follow for which shed so what do i expect fallout 76 to be other than basically fought for online so its its its kind of bothersome to me personally and you have to understand too if youre coming at this from the perspective of i play fallout 3 and then the rest of them just like really they come on ok look cuz i hate it whenever you got these all these flocking fallout fans and their first flocking game was fallout 3 im sitting here like are you flocking kidding me like youre gonna call yourself a farm and then youre going to pick bethesdas first attempt at watering down an entire franchise youre gonna pick that as your as your essence as the basis of your argument in respect to fall out like i watch this video the other day what this guy was talking about fell out 76 and and because this is this is this whole thing is a game unfold right so i was watching this guys video obviously well i started out playing fob 3 in the new vegas and then for baba and im like cool did you ever play fallout 1 did you ever play fallout 2 no oh okay well then your opinion is kind of irrelevant and i know you might be saying letus ism and your damn flocking straight so the other thing and the last thing the final nail on the coffin so to speak for bethesda here is that they just batched about dice making an online-only game they literally just finished by my group of mine at the time it was hypocritical anyway because of skyrim online elder scrolls online but also it was its even more hypocritical because then they decided they were gonna then flocking be like oh were making fallout online i mean they come on like im here are you flocking kidding me like is this is this is this a joke this has got to be a prank because like if you like the thing is fallout only exists realistically within fallout 1 and 2 and new vegas fallout 3 by the way isnt terrible its mediocre but it was an obvious attempt to water down the franchise and and i think partially a lot of large issues a large part of it is is it literally due to laziness and to approach the largest common denominator to get the most possible buck another thing is you have to understand is that people who are hardcore fans of fallout are because thought one is kids is put in the same light as baltars games as in being the most influential rpg of all time same with baldurs gate alright you have to understand that those two games are the grandfathers of every single rpg that ever followed the fact alone that we got all these whiny flocking munts youre like i dont want to think about all these numbers is representative of realistically how much valued largest common denominator has it is representative at the point that they dont even deserve the came that theyre being fed they dont deserve to play fallout because theyre too flocking stupid to comprehend what two plus two equals theyre too flocking retracted like it again yeah this is elitist ism you damn straight if you cant do flocking basic math you really shouldnt be playing rpgs because if you do then skyrim is just for you or how about zelda the 3d versions that give you flocking little tutorials in the very beginning of the game because they assume youre too flocking stupid to figure it out on your own so i think of the day like you can sit here and you can you can say like you can you can just complain about fallout 76 if you want and because im doing it too but honestly speaking if youre not coming from the elitist perspective the hardcore perspective im not even going to listen to your flocking opinion and the reason im not going to listen to your opinion even if it supports mine its primarily due to the point that all youre going to do is try to make fallout like fallout 3 or worse youre gonna try and push fulop to be more like fallout 4 which is fundamentally one of the worst games i have ever played in my life i mean the very fact alone i could use vats before i even believe it like just at random like before i can even get the flocking pip boy is ridiculous the notion that the pip boy doesnt do this is ridiculous i mean like is this some magical flocking power now is is my character in every single character that i played prior to playing fallout 4 and it are they just flocking are they just like bestowed this one magic power are you serious because keep in mind fallout wanted to also have the same ability three called it even in name they called it vats so basically at the end of the day the whole point is simply this fall of 76 fundamentally is a complete shed concept it is hypocritical is a final is its a slap in the face to the very reason fill out even existence in the first place and this is ignoring the point that fallout is actually a a flocking spin-off or a spin-off rather any flocking numb spiritual successor to wasteland so this is ignoring that entirely the point is this the festa just wants your money they make broken sheddy ass flocking games the laziest way possible flocking cookie cutter nonsense just so you can poke the flocking button and get the corn you flocking tool

fault 76 is gonna be i believe no micro job that whoa what the flock am i talking about i was looking for something else i was looking for the multiplayer aspect to it what was it i had it loaded up i dont know where the flock is i dont know what the flock it is yeah but as the recently confirmed a couple days ago that fall at 76 is entirely online now what oh flockin in hell god damn it and you know look fleets and longtime listeners i dont know if you remember this fleets but i said a long time ago and fall up before fallout 4 even came out i dont even think you were working or working with me but if people go back i told people early on that the death of fallout the death note was really gonna be when they went online and i warned everybody and fallout 4 dont flock with that game because the second you do youre given bethesda incentive that fallout that fallout should go multiplayer because the second they put in that minecraft bullshed that building element is this it was this gigantic red flag when i went oh dear god theyre gonna make fallout multiplayer and sure enough everybody talked shed everybody told me i was wrong flock all that cuz i was right i told everybody this the thesz is gonna flock this up and put it to multiplayer and thats exactly what theyve done and i just cannot agree with it because now fallout his turn has transformed from a single-player isolated experience where you were actually the hero of the wasteland to an online multiplayer survival adventure ooh what would i rather play because online multiplayer survival adventure game how many of those exist in the ether of video games right now pleats what a number now how many quality isolated single-player experiences do we really get that come from big studios not a lot no not really not much especially if we type of not a lot to blame most of the ones that i call triple-a once they ever call the ones a mostly that i can remember that are good or indeed cannot supply this is just its a gigantic problem for me and i know a lot of other people yourself included you and i disagree on this man which is why i wanted to talk to you about this topic because its actually interesting to talk about cuz you and i have a differing opinion you still are willing to get it im telling people dont flocking touch this thing we already gamers we already flocked up allowing fallout 4 to make money now bethesda has it in their head that its ok to go this way youre okay with im getting game for a different reason and its not even is its not even a game i plan to get i have to wait that suckers on sale for really little price before i actually be like okay im gonna get it my reason is is its all based on pettiness because because my family was raised in west virginia any game thats kind of based on a place that im familiar with in real life i like going there to see and hey whats what what do they do that was different is what they said theyve portrayed is actually portrayed accurately okay this is the video game what youre not gonna get them most of the time oh yeah of course unless youre talking about assassins creed and and the historical accuracy outside of story and what actually happened within it yeah theres very few games that are lord loyal hows that dynasty warriors in total war no specific games that we all cite as the major big ones but i get your point also your point if thats petty of shed and i know and i love the fact that you know this one or something you want know something about fallout 76 i dont like yeah thats thats what this is just turning into shed i dont like about fallout 76 or white trash people one of the things that im just not keen on with fall 76 outside of the big spiel i just went on when you die in fall at 76 you dont lose your items but you just simply respawn at a nearby location so what happened is pete hines the senior vice president and game director todd howard they both confirm that theres no death punishment and i go in my mind i just go are you out of your flocking mind why what the flock man you got to lose something is theres no theres no death penalty theres not a money penalty are you kidding i dont get it i i dont i dont understand why theres no death penalty of any type there should be some type of penalty for dying in a game when its a game thats thats bait when a games promoted as a survival adventure shouldnt staying alive beyond one of your number one it should be your number one on your list of things to do in a survival wasteland environment adventure game thats promoting that you stay alive and flock around the pve monster environment then you can also flocking play against people flock me this is ridiculous its just its just upsetting its upsetting because ive been playing fallout for a long time and the way its going now is utterly disappointed i just dont like it i cant i cant really say anything else about it its just dumb i just feel that if you dont punish somebody for dying then it just no no what why should they care fallout it doesnt even sound like fallout anymore hi there im rum and apples and youre watching an end card i know its stupid they should probably subscribe like click the bell thing and then click another video thats floating around the video screen i cant promise its gonna be good although i should promise that however i can keep talking and just get trapped forever in a loltube video move click something no seriously click something click

what up loltube i wanted to rant today and make a video about why i think fallout 76 its gonna be trash my main complaint has to do with the weaponry now previously in the fallout 76 series i started playing a fallout 3 so thats where im gonna start speaking from in fallout 3 a lot of the guns were trash and throw aways but you get energy weapons almost immediately and you can actually build your character around those energy weapons and theyre actually decent and in fallout 3 youre actually role-playing that when you have a conversation it doesnt show your character and break immersion fallout 4 ruins that this is why they started using the tricky wording of single-player dangers right were gonna still make single-player games yeah youre gonna make single-player games but before you made role-playing games see the difference like there are tons of single-player games that arent necessarily role players right i have a problem with them changing in that vernacular because its deceiving and what theyre actually doing is breaking all immersion from role-playing and just given you single player games and fallout 4 but notwithstanding my main complaint is the guns alright so lets say fallout 4 is in the year twenty to forty seven that is over 200 and what almost 20 years from now right yet the best gun that you can get in the game is the ak-47 made in 1947 almost a hundred years in our past 300 years old in fallout 4 three hundred years old that should be a starting throwaway gun not the absolute best gun you can get in the game from the nuclear world dlc that should be a throwaway gun but what do you have mostly pipe pistols and crowbars they give you a minigun right away but they lowered its damage so much that its useless and i think nobody would disagree to that even if you maximize in too many guns you can barely get 16 damage per hit out of the thing and thats late-game in other words its useless most of the guns in here are useless most of the melee weapons in here are useless look at fallout 3 with mothership zeta extremely viable guns man and tons of them tons you go to a mothership zeta you wont be able to walk out of there without a packed inventory and you will throw away every gun you brought there because there are nothing compared to the energy weapons you get tons of ammo its crazy it is crazy what you get and in fallout 3 you could go to the pit dlc and theres a cool melee weapon its like a saw i forget what its called right now its been a long time viable even in late-game viable in late-game and fallout there are very few weapons that are actually viable you got the tommy gun that has an explosive thing you get from whats that six name right outside of that vault where you get the overseers guardian the overseers guardian that explosive tommy gun pickmans blade the ak-47 and the cutlass you get from nuka world are just about the only good weapons in fallout 4 most of the time i play on xbox because at least there you have modern firearms mod and it adds all our modern firearms which are 200 years old to them you know and but it still makes it better at least we have many more viable guns now my argument would be the guns that are in mass production now are the guns that if nuclear bombs hit right now we would have tons of these guns laying around aks and 16a our platform guns because thats what we currently make tons of different types of pistols and all sorts of other guns would be around a nuclear bomb isnt going to just delete them from our reality thats not even possible ok so war war never changes and they show dudes walking down the street free war and what do you see them carrying energy weapons wearing power armor now explain to me why after the bombs dropped we come out with pipe pistols pipe pistols its insulting its insulting to anyone with a brain you know i mean theres been nuclear events on this and on our planet and theyve killed millions of people in towns all the guns that were there are still in those places theyre not just deleted from reality thats not how like itll delete people but its not gonna delete guns only if theyre in like a one-mile radius where the temperature gets a million degrees maybe it might burn them maybe not but regardless its not just gonna delete them all from the world theres still the gun thats in mass production pipe pistols are whats not in mass production that doesnt even make any sense those would be everywhere okay so lets get forward to fallout new vegas now i know the bethesda wasnt the main producer maker of this game but still its in the fallout franchise and as far as i know its canon and in there oh my god so many viable weapons you can play them any stage of the game still viable think about lonesome road dlc big mountain which is my favorite look how many cool weapons there are leer and tesla cannons i mean it is just bananas think about the gun runners arsenal hyper fusion micro breeder whatever the heck it was called thats my favorite pistol dont even need ammo for it rapid fire pistol amazing amazing fallout 76 its just all turned into trash yeah most of the time youre just looking for any gun thats decent any gun i mean you could get a pipe pistol with like an explosive thing on it and thats what youre fighting with so im fighting 200 years in the future with like civil war equivalent guns i dont want to play fallout assassins creed civil war thats flocking stupid man i dont care what anyone says i play future games to have future weapons right i mean i dont play future games to have past weapons and almost every clip ive seen of fallout 76 gameplay is so flintlocks pipe pistols pipe revolvers that its insulting its absolutely insulting to have a game in the future and have all those past weapons now melee weapons i could understand because a tomahawk is always gonna be a tomahawk its always the same level of useless usefulness right theres no melee weapon thats superseding what a tomahawk can do but a flintlock every projectile weapon including a bow and arrow can pretty much supersede a flintlock weapon so explain to me why why theres to be gonna be flintlock weapons like what does this fall out pirates of the carribean theres gonna be flintlock weapons and and and theres no bow that doesnt even make any sense like a bow would be more viable in that case because that anyone can make a bow and arrow you dont have to get powder it does it just it boggles the mind like theyre gonna have primitive weapons but not the more viable primitive weapons like blunderbusses and crap dude that is crap i dont care what i dont care i love im one of the biggest fallout fans and i always have been i put thousands of hours into almost every one of their games ever since fallout 3 and it absolutely hurts my feelings to see this franchise go down the drains the weapons which is half alright this game is its an rps role-playing shooter both of those things in that definition have been ruined recently since fallout 4 fallout 4 its no longer role-playing in any choice you choose takes you to the same thing right like so if they give you a choice you know anything that you say to them out of the four choices it shows on screen this has been shown time and time again many loltubers have shown this any choice you choose choose goes to the same dialogue they might have a little bit of different thing that they say but it gives you to the same place theres no role-playing there is zero role-playing so that part of rps is out and fallout 76 looks just like it right everything theyve shown gives me no reason to believe its absolutely any different in the slightest so the role-playing is out well okay so its a role-playing shooter what about the shooter aspect well that turned into trash too because in a shooter you at least want good guns right well thats all turned into trash now too because you dont even have good guns you have civil war and previous to the civil war guns lets flintlock pistols have been around since 15 1600s man why are we using that in the game two hundred years in our future over two hundred years and i dont care fallout 76 is a hundred years before new vegas that should that would only mean that there would be more of these energy rifles fusion rifles and all of that crap still around that would only mean that there would be more of them less of it would be destroyed or used up or broken or had been in combat i mean there would be factories where there would be just tons of the stuff the aek was made in 1947 and the the bullets from the ak-74 6 2 by 3 9 there are war houses out there with a billion rounds in it of that of that ammo which would still be there after a nuclear attack billions of rounds why do we have to make every bullet that we so we get its so bogus though it is so bogus also are we gonna be forced into power armour fallout 70 or fallout 4 ruined power armor in my opinion before power armor was just an armor youd wear it and and its just like any other armor it didnt require a fusion core or a power frame ever since it required a power frame now all of a sudden its a real pain in the butt to get into power armor to get out of it you want to change something your armor you have to get back out other people can get in it if you go underwater you can actually lose your power armor if you cant get out because it doesnt work right underwater slows your movement down there are so many factors about power armor that in my opinion completely destroyed power armor and it looks like fallout 76 is gonna force us into power armor if you want to be viable for the pvp combat youre gonna have to wear power armor it becomes probably gonna be the strongest armor in the game and youre just not gonna be able to withstand the onslaught of trolls without it which i think completely i mean if it didnt have enough nails in its coffin this is really just gonna trash it now on 476 to be fair i did see the 2 millimeter energy rifle but that has always been a throwaway for me every single game of aw that i ever played and theres that that rifle ive never bothered because its absolute trash its trash it fires so slow listen when we make advances in gun not only a flintlock would not be inferior to an ak-47 if it didnt have its low of a fire rate the whole reason that we got bullets all in you no primer shell all one bullet instead of just the cat the firing cathy and then the powder and the round all separate that was an advancement to speed up its fire rate now if if we didnt if there wasnt the case you know the street no we dont use bows because not everyone could fire that as fast if it wasnt the case then we would that way we wouldnt consider that an advancement and they wouldnt produce it you know theres not gonna be an iphone 10 and its got to be shedtier than the iphone one right my point being that why would you have an energy rifle like that two millimeter number one it takes up half the screen which i cannot stand they dont got the proper perspective when youre running around with a gun youre not holding it against your cheek all the time i mean but the perspective that in first person is just ridiculous with a lot of these guns they dont even get that but that two millimeter shoots just as slow as that flintlock pistol so whats the point then you tell me other than be an energy weapon that costs you way more to actually fire the thing so its all downsides almost it might do some more damage it might not i dont know because they showed people in power armors it seems like thatd be pretty late game right you got power arm you got the supposed to best armor in the game yet they still have pipe revolvers and pipe pistols what is that mean that means that basically what we have to look forward to that the best guns in the game are our pipe pistols and revolvers and crap if thats the case im not even gonna buy this game its stupid i dont i dont play past games but mostly its all future for me if i cant you know i dont look towards the past as as coolness that much right who does i mean theres some coolness in there right like you know shinobis and samurais and shed in a period thats dope right but the problem is is that that would be in the period right whereas these games are not in the period even so say flintlock was cool in the pirate days well this aint the pirate days these are the days where we already know the tons of different energy weapons exist we know that theres an aliens out there with all these dopes energy weapons and when you do that dlc you bring back you know a hundred of these things right so its like once you know that the stuff exists that flintlock isnt cutting it man and we all know that they exist these are just a few of my problems with fallout 76 but uh i mostly want her to address the weapons issue and i just dont see how its gonna be fun how is that gonna be fun running around with such crappy weapons its like monster hunter with flintlocks you know whats up the gun and thats exactly what it looks like monster hunter you know you get four people and you go kill the big baddies look just like monster hunter fall out but monster hunter had cooler weapons yeah way cooler weapons man the melee weapons dope every one of them looks amazing giant swords the bow is huge even the cannons and they dont even take it long to reload as the flintlocks and they do you know the same amount of damage to the monsters in the game so i just really dont get it i think its gonna be bogus and im hoping that im wrong if thats the police prove me wrong but every every single thing that theyve said has given me reason to believe that they are in fact and not gonna prove me wrong every clip ive seen its just so much you know and another thing is is youre not even gonna be as if as if it wasnt bad enough that you got all these bogus weapons and theyre not gonna feel powerful in that way in the other games you could keep gaining perks until youre maxed out fallout new vegas maxed out at 50 with all the deal seeds i dont remember what fallout 3 was maybe 30 maybe 40 50 i dont really remember its been a while and then in fallout 4 here you could go up to like 380 i think its max level youll have everything in all the skill trees but look how powerful you get even notwithstanding that the weapons are basically sheddy at least you get fast firing big capacity guns late-game like this but this is from a mod of course because itd be almost impossible to get this gun in real game but notwithstanding you get that powerful and have 200 year old guns in fallout 76 youre maxed out on the perks you can have at level 50 through park cards you can only have a certain amount in each category 15 points per stat right whatever it be in the special 15 points worth of cards in each one so even though you can keep leveling i dont i dont know what the max cap is even though you keep leveling what difference does it make your perks are maxed out so youre not even gonna get that powerful so there nerfing you in several ways the guns took a real node dive right into the ground to 2 to 300 years old guns from fallout times 300 year old gold i mean a flintlock pistol in the fallout in the 2200 year plus its a six seven hundred year old gun six or seven hundred years old and youre telling me that those are gonna be less rare than the energy weapons that were in mass production at the time of the fallout go flock yourself bethesda go flock yourself okay and then they nerf you on your perch too i understand this pvp game they got to find some way but both ways thats literally every way that they can nerf your character and make them just i mean were gonna feel like were playing with like our grandparents you know like a 80 year old woman running around you know shes all crippled up shes got a walker with a flintlock strapped to the front of her walker with tennis balls on the pads there i mean are you flocking shedting me its insulting man it really is insulting i think thatll do for todays rant but i gotta say but thats not i dont know where your head is going it really doesnt make any sense its like i heard todd howard say well my idea was that every player could be a real player a real life person and then everything else is just like we had no ideas for it you know like whatever we can do to just sort of make them feel like its a were doing something here it just doesnt feel that way to me im sorry im a highly opinionated person however i do think that these opinions are hold water they do have merit and it just bugs me because i have been a die-hard farm a loyal supporter and i just feel like at every turn they crap on theyre real fans and try to bring in new fans that they dont even know what these guys want you know well we know that theres a big pvp market yeah okay but crap on your fans and literally you know we get a fallout game every 10 years or whatever it might be and theyre gonna spend that time and make this pvp game theyre not gonna go to their their core following thats a bit insulting too its like okay but dont call it fallout you know im saying its like little wayne said about mobile rappers okay but dont call it rap call it something else you know call it future past with flintlocks you know call it that that would be excusable for me but when you take the franchise that i love and turn it into crap its not i cant just thats hard to swallow you know what i mean its like imagine if when whats-her-name from who wrote the harry potter books she made the new harry potter movies still in the same harry potter universe same dynamic you know cool animals cool magic sane universe well why do i feel like they tried to pull a bait and switch they call it fallout but its not the same universe never in a fallout game has there been a flintlock pistol never never not as far as i know i started playing at three so there might been and wanted to but those look like pretty much trash anyway so i just feel like its a total bait and switch its not its not rps its not role-playing shooter its not role-playing and its barely a shooter so its just a total bait and switch its just a total crapping on every one of their loyal diehard fans and then its taking you know we all dont have ten years more to live to wait for another flippin game you know which is why on a fallout 76 he announced oh well we got starfield in an elder scrolls 6 in the thing you had to mention that or you knew people were gonna lose their minds because you just spent the last two years developing a game and in the franchise that had nothing to do with any of the franchise from before barely barely even the same universe barely its only the same universe because you wanted to use the same engine and style almost you know and you already got that made not be you know and so it really i dont know man it just drives me nuts it drives me bonkers thats most of what i have to say sorry if this came off a little bit harsh to anyone i know i can be very opinionated im very outspoken but uh thats how i feel i feel like its a big slap in the face from todd howard and bethesda sorry but i mean hey im a true farm ive been one for a long time and if you dont want to hear what i got to say thats fine but its like you know where the core that you expect to buy the game and to get everyone else interested well i gotta say im barely looking forward to it its almost like in such an insult that im almost looking past it like okay so whens the real fallout gonna be out but after fallout 4 i really am not sure it might have just they might have killed themselves fallout franchise might have killed themselves because that were no longer playing future games im playing with a hundred-year-old weapon in a game 200 years from now a 300 year old weapon in this timeline 300 years name another game like that name one even if they you know we used boats for thousands of years theyre not using a 300 year old bow well in here were actually using a 300 year old gun its unbelievable it if people survived the nuclear war theyre gonna survive with the i with the known technologies at the time believe it or not if they have the known technology to continue to build gunpowder which was a lucky discovery how come they dont have the known technology to keep building energy ammo or energy weapons it doesnt make any sense when this stuff would be everywhere electronic components metals elements are gonna be everywhere you know i mean theres mr. handy look at the full up for intro oh you know unprecedented you know developments sit boys and mr. handys and you know nuclear cards and all this and now and now were back to flintlocks not realistic sorry thats my opinion im sorry if people dont agree id like to hear your opinions in the comments below what do you think if you agree or disagree but i think ive made my case and there are more things i have to say that i probably didnt cover because i get pretty passionate about this subject i spend a lot of time playing these games i mean i really look forward to a new fallout and now i got away six eight years who knows how long for the next one and i dont know if im gonna live that long so it just bugs me to no end so thanks fallout for practically destroying a franchise that i loved and had so much potential and not even understanding the core dynamics of your own games and the categorization of your own games role-playing shooter its no longer role-player its no longer a shooter im ronen barricade thank you for listening and im out peace

what the rpg is i dont care about the magic bullshed explanation from a gameplay perspective it looks dumb it feels really dumb and goofy and lazy and this is a bad implementation of that its like honestly just felt stupid using it because it was so dumb and so cheesy and yes you can use this in pvp as well as pve on top of this were just myriad bugs that i found there was this awesome moment where we found like god rays coming up from the ground which we nicknamed todd rays where is that light coming from like look at this like can i just ask okay tell me where that light is coming from okay its like you know what todds like you know if people like god raised god raised out of the flocking earth the water was totally flocked i dont know just bad ok by the way guys were back at some water were back at the water in case you missed out this is the water ok moment ago we had the todd raised now we have the water enemies would just appear randomly or disappear they behave super weirdly theyd get caught behind things whatever else theres so much popping in this game as well like i know its not a bug i know its more of a graphical thing but youre just walking around and then all of a sudden boom just so much shed just pops im in front of you youre like where the fun and all that come from ok so like as i said i dont make these videos often i do and im not the kind of guy that wants to like you know fearmonger around you know of some upcoming game or whatever else when ive only put so little time into it but this games out in 15 days this is one of the worst betas ive ever played in my entire time playing video games and its from bethesda theyre one of the biggest most well resourced companies in the world when it comes to video game development they can do a hell of a lot better than this and they have absolutely not done this and now there are no models to save them because the mods dont come for at least another year theres microtransactions theyre already in guys but all this other stuff that ive talked about thats not in yet you know like field-of-view slide oh no no no no microtransactions yes filled a few slider youll have to wait for them do you mean i think its really sheddy i think that anyone that has their pre-order available i would strongly recommend cancelling it if youd still like to get the game later on shell fine but wait for reviews and wait till you see a good chunk of this play out if you really like this experience cool good on you thats great i personally think that the product here is substandard yes you might be able to make your own fun in this game but the game itself seems pretty incidental to what that fun will end up being because right now it is a very rocky very barren very broken product and i dont see 15 days as being enough to turn this around and end you know make it a real product that is gonna be like yeah cool this is worth $60 $60 by the way like if this was worth $30 like most those are the sandbox of all the games id be like ok fair enough lets just do this but $60 for this it just seems like robbery and you know maybe theres a whole bunch of other stuff out there that comes later on but i do not think the fundamentals are there i would very strongly caution people against pre-ordering this the pc port is terrible its atrocious and i really hope that you know it gets a lot better anyway let me know what you think in the comments below i will see you guys later [music] thousand bucks or whatever on a computer i did so flocking bad like incredibly bad like i so bad that im making a video on it right now yeah so i dont really do a lot of impressions or preview videos i generally like to make sure a game is out and ive played a lot of it before i speak about it but ive played the fallout 76 beta on pc just then for four hours and i played about two and a half hours of the xbox version before and i just really feel the need to put this video out based upon how unbelievably garbage this game is shaping up from at least a performance perspective and thats separate from my own personal view on some of the gameplay and design elements so lets talk about the technical first and then we can talk about the gameplay second because i think thats a bit more subjective my rig is a geforce gtx 1080 ti its got a i seven five eight to zero okay its got 32 you ram its got everything its im a this is what i do for a living so ive invested a lot of money in my computer its a good computer so i started trying to run this in windowed mode at ultra settings at 2560 by 1440 and i couldnt get any more than around about 20 to 25 frames while i was doing that so then i dropped all the settings and eventually got it down to like you know medium settings and it still wasnt great and then i had to switch it over to full-screen mode and at that point when i had the game on medium settings running a full screen i could then get it to around about 30 maybe 35 frames per second thats atrocious given how good my system is now will make the very important point that your mileage may vary because i know other stories of people who had fantastic performance or at least pretty good shroud i heard was streaming it he got like 120 frames and dropped down to 80 some times but hes on an rt x 20 atti which is obviously just like another step up right the fact that he dropped down to 80 frames at all on a game like this a game engine this old just shows you how sheddy this is okay and thats before we start talking about you know how it runs on consoles where it was literally getting down to 12 or 13 frames according to digital foundry and their analysis so from a very basic level of consistent frame rate performance this is already a huge red flag for this game number two as someone who has a pc i have an ultra-wide monitor theres no ultra wide support in this whatsoever i did not see any options for managing my refresh rate so that i have a 144 hertz monitor and it just seemed like it was locked 60 hertz unless theres some option that becomes available when i have something specific plugged into and it didnt like my monitor or something that was not available for me and so i was stuck at 60 hertz even though ive got a monitor that does a hell of a lot more than that theres a very limited number of graphical settings available to you and no field of view option like no field of view at all and what ive learned is well which was discovered by the reddit is that your ui is actually tied to your field of view so if you try and manually change the ui in the backend itll actually just push the ui elements off-screen so you cant do that theres no workaround available for that at all no field of view available in this its just this is crazy to be honest the very fact that my machine is not able to run this game that runs on an engine that is like nearly a decade old is ridiculous like its truly ridiculous and even when it does run it looks like ass on the xbox when i play this i was stunned and i was like man this looks like a ps2 game some of the textures that i saw some of the foliage that i saw was so bad it looked like a ps2 game this is water right here your that guys look at those effects beautiful stunning 2018 oh magnifique yeah but i thought all right theyre trying to do something with the consoles theyre trying to push something i dont know lets just given the better for the doubt maybe whatever i thought of pc its gotta be better it looked better but not by much look at this water by the way this was the same on consoles look at this water guys its 2018 and this is the water effects that we get look at it look mario sunshine had better water and water effects so often i was just walking around this game and i was just remarking how ugly it looked like it looks flocking ugly and i dont care about graphics that much but i do care about laziness and i guess i care about these graphics in the context of how bad this performance is and how little has effort it seems has gone into this game the other thing ill say is that no effort has been made whatsoever to take the clearly console specific controller scheme and do away with that and make it so that you can play this for this game fully on a keyboard and mouse as you play this game you will discover so many buttons are used needlessly because they have not taken the time to develop a proper pc ui and thats perfectly exemplified during the build phase right when you put down a cabin you got to build things theres all this this really cumbersome menu where i need to use the z key and the c key to change something i need to use the arrow keys up and down to change things theres literally a keyboard and mouse that im holding in my flocking hand and im not allowed to use it i need to like press these weird keys to scroll through options because they were too lazy to take the console controllers and and provide me with something like they should have provided when im using a keyboard and mouse i got so mad at that point when i was playing that when i saw how lazy that controller but uisce framework was i like it to pause for 30 seconds to compose myself i was like are you actually flocking serious so thats that and i think thats a lot of the technical aspects out the way knight lonely people gonna say hey man its a beta right its coming out and 15 days or whatever but dont worry theyll change all of this bullshed theyre not gonna change dont change a few things but the stuff that im talking about there a little of that is gonna change before launch and even if you are an optimist i would say to you you are a fool if you put your money down for this in advance of reviews and shipping and alike you are a full a damn fool more so than pre-ordering normally which is pretty foolish this seems very foolish you need to wait to see how this thing actually runs at launch because right now it runs like us okay it runs like absolute us so please be aware of that beyond the technical stuff theres definitely some concerns i have about how this gameplay loop is shaping up first of all theres no npcs what this does is it makes the world feel very empty all of the time now fallout is meant to feel empty i know that ive played the other fallout games too but this one feels particularly empty it feels completely lifeless in fact because interaction with other people in games like this really helps to break it up and create a feeling of like world building and substance and something but right now all im talking to are robots and all im hearing are these holotapes things playing that just drone on forever and ever and ever some of these hollow takes go for like six or seven minutes im just people talking about the most boring shed and somehow this is meant to be immersive the decision to not have any npcs i think was a very ill-advised decision and also it actually has very serious story implications because so often youre gonna be like you get a quest thats like hey go find phil phils gonna teach you how to do something youre like alright cool ill go find phil but guess what you know theres no npcs in this game you know that everyones dead so you know that when you get there youre not gonna find phil youre gonna find phils holotape it gets old really fast i promise you that like seven times now its like go see margaret go see phil go see eggbert i dont know and you always know what the outcome is theres a corpse lying on the ground theres a hollow tape there you start listening to the hollow tape so that already really really sucks now pvp is in many respects the heart and soul of what this experience is its its the core of what a lot of these open-world sandbox survival games are about and what im seeing already is that this game is compromised too much on that vision and pvp is just really shed and boring as a result i met one guy who was in a house i shot him like 80 times it didnt do anything drugs blood hey buddy yeah buddy come on buddy you wearing a dress lets go buddy buddy go flock yourself he says come on man come at me bro so i cant do anything to him right now nothing his tarts arent even attacking me by the way and now theres until he eventually shot me back after he had all his tarts set up and then eventually he managed to kill me and then i could somehow go and get revenge on him then after that and i got revenge by just killing him like shoot him in the face twice while he would have his menu open here we go ready rip rip rip didnt even do anything because he was in his menu at the time he had no idea what was going on and then we did this three or four times he swore at me a few times which is kind of funny and that was it like that was what pvp was because what the developers have not done is made a commitment to say we are going to make a pvp game with tension inherent around it were gonna build rewards around that were gonna build risk and reward frameworks what theyve done instead is this awkward compromise where pve players are probably going to be disappointed because theyd like to just get on with their business without being hassled and pvp players are going to be pissed off because theyd like to be out of pvp and they just keep getting ignored by pve players its very similar to something like the dark zone in the division where you have two players with very different objectives and goals meeting in a space and then having to just kind of awkwardly coexist with both of them not being satisfied with whats taking place again your mileage may vary i played this on my own its possible if im playing with a whole group of people its a whole lot better but let my experience be emblematic of what this might be like as a solo player and i know a lot of bethesda fans are solo players so definitely keep this in mind at a very cool level though theres just a problem with gunplay and conch enos and performance with regards to the actual combat system it doesnt feel good to fire a gun in fallout its never felt good to fire a gun in fallout he didnt really care that much before because it was about the story in the world and the rpg and whatever else the factions all that shed its like the witcher we didnt really care that a combat sucked it was about all the other things but here the combat is a core part of what this game is its arguably the core part and it really does feel sheddy and clunky and bad and i never enjoy pulling the trigger in this game and its a big problem for a game like this thats holy shed thats if youre not aware is the auto targeting system available in fallout games that basically lets you select a body part so that you can then do you know guaranteed damage plus chance of a bonus damage etc etc works perfectly fine in a single-player game in a multiplayer game youre like what do you do with it dont worry guys thats his back its just the worst most memed version of it possible the way thats works is that you press the q button it will automatically target an enemy and you just pull the trigger and it will almost guaranteed hit them or hit them based upon the percentage that you see when you target them so your gun doesnt actually point at the thing that is aiming at right so like i could be targeting something and my gun is pointing in another direction but i will somehow still hit that target it looks flocking ridiculous i dont care

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