The Real and the Honest: UFC 229 Kebab VS M’Donna

RND/ to consider the classic, extra low-browed UFC 229

UFC 229: “Kebab VS M’Donna”

– in the context of MMA’s apparent “reality and honesty”:

“I’ve been doing this for 18 years and I couldn’t be more disappointed. I should be in here bragging about the pay-per-view but I haven’t even looked at that or talked about it with anybody. We should all be celebrating how when you put on the right event with the right guys at the right time, it works. It was a very good week for everybody. It just sucks to end it like this, instead of celebrating we’re saying ‘that was pretty sh1t’.”
– Disgusting [sorry, disgusted] UFC president Dana White, speaking after the brawl at UFC229

Yes; only being worried about press coverage impacting future potential PPV revenue rather than the fighters themselves, or crowd safety – feeling unable to brag about how much one managed to horde in one’s sweaty fat fists, systematically doing everything to ramp up ‘bad blood’ aspects of a fight merely to flog tickets to a spectacle of bloodshed – does indeed seem awful

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