RND/ To envisage a plastic parody figurine of the psychotic white serial killer character “Ellie”, from post-apocalypse simulator The Last Of Us I & II.

The Last Of Us Part II can be very disturbing. Enemies feel lifelike as you stab them in the throat, and watch the lights slowly drain from their eyes. Blood seeps from wounds as bodies lay on the ground, staring back at you. The people you fight often call each other by name, adding weight and meaning to each life you take.
– Easy Allies Review

How such an image might symbolize or open up important political discussions about White Violence in video games, especially given the people in The Last Of Us – like the self righteous psychopaths in The Walking Dead – act like ruthless right wing survivalist prepper wackjobs. (Almost as if they wouldn’t even really need the flimsy excuse of the world ending to act like they do, and simply love murdering people.) Where exactly are these ‘philosophical questions asked about the cycle of violence’ promised by developers Naughty Dog? What a joke. Mere batshit power fantasies R-US part II, more like.

I’m gonna find, and I’m gonna kill, every last one of them.
– Ellie, The Last Of US II

2628 x 1523 .jpg

The Last Of Us Part II: Ellie, Sociopathic White Serial Killer Edition Funko Pop Painting

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