The irony of IGN Editor Filip Miucin plagiarizing reviews for Games Industry Copypasta

RND/ To consider the acute irony of (now ex) IGN Editor Filip Miucin caught plagiarizing reviews:

– In an all but creatively bankrupt industry worth $115 billion (queue evil laughter / cheap lightning fx) where flagrant copy pasta clones get pinched off year after year into hungry, uncritical open mouths – with of course now obligatory open worlds, dumbed down ‘optimized’ aka consolized mechanics, microtransactions/ season passes, DLC, DRM, loot boxes and pre orders – stuffed full of spurious and repetitive, gamified stirofoam packing peanut like ‘content’. File under: bad yokes, default shovelware templates, useless public secrets.

So what if some underpaid and overworked editor – probably bored right out of his gourd by having to oh-so gushingly, enthusiastically review some BS lo-fi indie synthetic nostalgia platformer clone like it was the (next) coming of imaginary baby gaming Jebus – simply took the quick cliff notes version of another review and presented it as fresh sparkling New!tm – hey, just like ZE_Industry does with every guilt free backwards churn of its worn wooden gamedev handle.

In a tired world where mass Edutainment arrives and departs like the listless strained passing of stamped out McCancer Burgers through a billion obese Amerikan asses, and nobody even remotely remembers to even forget, so bloody what if some otherwise uninteresting dolt working for some equally despicable industry face plate decides to travel the path of least effort possible – as opposed to whom?

In which it appears the violent internet drama about this apparently most unforgivable of [ctrl-c / ctrl-v] crimes – because its all about ‘fx in garmes churnalism’ dig – is actually the only reason anybody even read skimmed any recent clickbait articles about Filip Miucin (sorry who? Wow look shiny – now ray traced!! – strips of videogame paper busy fluttering in front of our glazed eyeballs.)

Here’s the mighty Jim Sterlingson with his (by well now practiced) sthick on the whole sorry, sordid micro-affair – why, by changing just a few words about it’s almost like he was talking about the hole industry itself – “As pointless as it is senseless”, indeed dear Jim.

“It’s like video games are a particularly lucrative career – since you can make megabucks doing it. I can perfectly understand the perfectly honest motive of getting in, making as much as you can and getting out.”
– Paraphrasing Jim Sterling on Plagiarism [/Video Game Capitalism]

As regards to the threat of disgrace and perpetual humiliation Jim Sterling states: “In [a plastic public display of -RW] unprecedented unity, almost all the pundits and critics involved with games coverage have come out to shame and disown this guy – because there truly is no grey area when it comes to literary robbery.”

Huh. Almost as if (unconsciously speaking) these ‘wanking fuck snakes’ with their ‘clammy red hands’ want to appear as somehow remotely concerned with anything other than cold hard cash (eg. art / truth / love / life) – talk about running oh-so standard industry ideological damage control routine 1.0.

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