The Future: A Dead Cyberpunk MMO Server

RND/ To consider the future as a dead cyberpunk MMO Server:

Images via Steam Community, ‘Dystopia’ game – 3840 x 2160

In which that long dead (and basically shitty) retro future contains semi-transparent virtual melons, the password is always ‘0123’ and the server is astoundingly empty except for anonymous hard core neckbeard players with gamer tags like ‘Powda’, ‘Neon Man’ and ‘Super Jesus’ who know all the good camping spots – and when asked what the key binding to Rock The Vote for the next map (because they won’t play anything except their favourite, “Gibson_Haxx”) always deadpan tell you “ALT F4”, like it was both comedy gold and their own mint coinage.

As sites for investigation by digital archaeologists, ‘Dead MMOs’ are fascinating for what they tell us about an electronic culture of advanced postmodern hypercapitalists – their techno-romantic ideology, their (ridiculous) shared dreams and collective delusions. Empty rebels and low tick rate data pirates, washed up an a rapidly bit-rotting digital shoreline, all but long abandoned by the evil cyberpunk mega-gaming corporations which cynically switched them on for microtransactional Whale profits.

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