The Alien Anthropological Insanity Of Ancient Esports Transcripts

RND/ to consider the critical perspective of a visiting alien anthropologist from the impossibly distant near future, and the near impossible difficulty of trying to culturally interpret ancient eports video transcripts – sample text as follows;

in north america circ might be the hardest opera to ill apart from hitting flick after flick after flick the real magic with circ soughing is just how well setup he is every round with energies to best fraggers anchoring be cirque fugly and daps synergizing a variety of ways to both cover him and dangerous parts of the map while also using him to fall back safely as we can see with stringent communication circus offered up seamless transitions to and from each angle as well as the freedom to explore a hunch because he has 100% faith in his teammates positioning with coordinated utility and a deep game plan circ is able to implement a number of looks at a versus very strong attempts at pushing him back interestingly enough in situations where the site is run over circ will usually fall back for the retake and even then uses his teammates to have the most impact possible now heres one of the coolest set pieces that energy do that allows surf to clear out short beat and stairs all while only focusing on himself ethan mollys short tunnel so sir can cleanly run up and smoke the expected short molotov next he peaks behind it without hesitation to make sure its not some aggressive play de wardes monster then ethan neighs door on his call and he ills config backstairs calls that b is clean for the rotate and gets back to a and time to ill the plan protocols help circ look like a mastermind but as awareness is paramount to his consistency as well even in high-pressure situations search on the ball in terms of understanding whether or not hes safe and finds creative ways to pick apart swarms without eating the flick though hes got that in spades as well hes a role player and a star and energy make it difficult to open him up its clear that energy value his impact at circ delivers by maintaining a delicate balance of aggression and awareness its remarkable to witness this level of maturity and a player whose can only imagine how far energy will go with the attention to detail theyve implored with circuit the helm thanks watching the video you got this far you see me so you mustnt enjoyed it and we have more for you because you check it out over here over there videos everywhere

this is exist but not n ip exist phase exists playing against his previous line up right here in ecs season its not every day you get to see a player outplay his old lineup but we actually got that chance right here in this round so why dont we go ahead and take a closer look this was around where both teams wanted to take over stairs and that quickly turned into a for v in ni ps favor an interesting moment for exists because hes already learned a couple of things the first thing you learned is that ni p and stairs which means they may have sent someone short this is a common pro level set up because of how easy it is for both the stairs and short guys to help each other out secondly hes learned that forests the other player typically abbey had died in the scuffle this information while fresh is when it is most useful so here a key frag comes up as track and extends just enough that exists who is patiently waiting can ill him get right also pitches in some info and sends off another clue by spamming monster in hopes of a lucky trade but its no good and exists proceeds to use that gunfire as a lead this is a central moment because exist seems to know that there is a chance here to end the round but conversely he must also know that he can be easily blamed for overextending if hes wrong if you pinpoint what exists here is now it becomes clear where his head was at get right is making a plate awards short and also lightly by himself because we know to potential b players were lost already calling on his memory of how ni p have fought for short control in the past may have influenced his confidence in what play get right was going for as weve seen them fight in waves but anyway he pulls the trigger and slides through the smoke here carefully making sure to entertain any doubts for the sake of safety once hes eliminated most of the potential side angles he completes the flank on get right leaving him dead in cold blood can use that what just happened after this they have two gay men ip a bit more than theyd like to because the aum was left back and spawn but this plate was definitely a cool moment that deserved a second look exist has shown himself to be one of the very best subs you could possibly ask for especially when filling in for a shadow as great as olafs although his time is limited im sure were all looking forward to seeing what more face can do with exists and hopefully this wont be the last time he can get crafty against his old team hey stranger appreciate you watching the video and if you are craving some more weve got a couple more in the back try to click right over here or here go ahead you wont hey stranger appreciate you watching the video and if you are craving some more weve got a couple more in the back just got to click right over here or here go ahead

denying vision outside with an e box and sandwich smoke is a cost-effective way to seduce the defense into making bad decisions for just you can turn a small choke point into an intimidating one and still have three smokes left over for a nice layered execute for years teams have been throwing these two standard smokes as a means of baiting grenadines selling fakes and even creating misdirection finding new ways to innovate with these two already important smokes is critical to keep the defense guessing as transmeta evolves over time this round from phase and ecs this season showed us an example of that innovation with a deceptively simple lurk plate from rain and niko naturally this round starts off with a sandwich and e bog smoke the idea here is that the standard outside smokes will appear to be a distraction as the core of phase move towards iv since the two smokes outside are called first it seems to virtus pro that this round was about taking attention away from ivy when in reality phase are about to abuse t main and the vision that these smokes block off now this area that reigns about to take for the offense is highly sought out because it compromises a lot of these positions outside and because snacks in this match had been so persistent about denying control of it phase have had to become more creative on the approach so niko flashes rain out as soon as theres commotion at ivy completely concealed from any of the eyes of virtus pro this would normally be the point in the ground where snacks would peek back with an op but its too distracted by all that iv presence the denial of vision from their sandwich smoke now comes into play as rain takes his final few steps towards heck as soon as the op shot from snax is heard here at ivy we can see rain processing how he can most safely play this and waits for snacks to make his rotation around to old bum before calling for a flash from his support player in team maine now although bialy manages to trade this whats gonna be surprising for virtus pro is how rain managed this lurk imagine being virtus pro and seeing these two smokes after this round they can mean anything from a two tiered execute to a fake two inside and now even a quick heck lerk is on the table it takes a fluid sandwich player to know what they can and cant get away with when the smokes come cascading over the site and on rounds teams dont want to play close up theyll risk being opened up to plays like the one that range is made the e box and sandwich smoke provide a number of offensive options that are all staple in the meta and its clear looking at the simplicity of this lurk that theres more innovation that can be had its a cheap investment that seems to have evergreen value on this iteration of trane and im sure its only a matter of time before we see their value be pushed even further hey stranger appreciate you watching the video and if you are craving some more weve got a couple more in the back just got to click right over here or here go ahead

kenne ass is a player that has always and will always be in the conversation for best opera of all time he truly is something else possible spots in there he goes not advice he wasnt they connector there he is at moments in his career in particular during his time on clan mystic and then on the underwhelming but still fabled titan lineup was even feared by players like olofmeister i mean this guy has and has had the sauce so its kind of come full circle we have existence who was hung out to dry by the ten other top baguettes in europe and is now on a team with him shocks jocks his best friend and the fresh blood of body who seems to have kind of squeaked past scream during the whole roster shuffle so what effect does this have on kenny is it gonna be kenny s is that level of performance possible to replicate this late in the csgo i mean online at ec s hes played extremely well lots of key games and those very familiar mind-bendingly fast flicks and positionally within the system that shock sled isnt doing a whole lot different within his team on defaults he hangs out with the core of the roster typically throws his support grenadine and comes in third and that really hasnt changed with existence hes even got the aum sometimes which i find a bit strange for an opera but just kind of shows that hes been playing for the men round in the post plant where id say hes actually quite artistic with the way that he slides in and out of fights but again this is kind of how hes always been used in a recent interview kenny has said hes never disliked the way that existence ran his teams even though players in the past have felt differently this is probably because kenny has always had the longest leash and the most freedom and the best support around him so itll probably be on kenny and not existence to show us it you can bring back some of that level statistically kenny s is still recovering from his february spike but in the ec s finals a lot of us were getting flashbacks maybe hes in a comfort zone honeymoon period new system of which some of the changes are less clear but one way or the other i dont think it would hurt to have kenny s carrying the torch for france out of the darkness proving that you can have a stable successful top french team with just one key star player instead of four hey stranger appreciate you watching the video and if you are craving some more weve got a couple more in the back just got to click right over here or here go ahead

hi im launders and welcome to the pilot of playbreaker breaking plays broken down

every episode will consist of an overview followed by player povs and then grenadine lineups so that you can understand how top tier strats and then use them yourselves

today well be looking at flawless double fake that pulled off on cloud in the group stage of iem katowice the key points in the round will be: skadoodle getting faked out times rendering him useless on the other side of the map

how the b fake is sold by early round nades from neo and follow up smokes that block autimatics line of sight on b apts that ultimately incentivize skadoodle to stay there long enough that he cant rotate back how n thing gambled on pushing top mid for info and how if pasha had made any noise whatsoever how the round would have likely been compromised and probably easily won by a quick big flank

now lets watch it play out

skadoodle starts out the round by going to window hearing pasha shoot connector with no top mid smoke in sight giving him a good reason to post hope for a bad flash or careless peek until his attention is drawn to a by the right side site smokes thrown by snax and taz

he then momentarily considers the potential for a b hit as neo had thrown a nade and molly a few moments prior and fully rotates into ct after not immediately hearing a threat

its at this point neo and byali throw the rest of their nade sets into b getting skadoodle to completely buy into his initial fear that it was a b hit all along effectively pulling him so far away from the action that he as an awper is made useless because of the rotation length and potential threat of having ct control and peeking him

heres the initial nade and molotov from neo that both helped to sell the follow-up execute as well as discourage anyone from jump-spotting or pushing for information too early which wouldve definitely ruined the fake and probably lost them the round

further this planted the seed in skadoodles head that “oh it actually was b” as we noted with his indecision after watching him rotate out of window a little bit ago

now the double fake begins

right side a site smokes are thrown by snax and taz at around a minute forty byali and neo follow up with theirs about seconds later and automatic is drawn back to the site long enough that byali and neo are able to sneak out of underpass safely

now the first engagement of the round begins with automatic going for but if we consider that he was pulled from a way more favourable position earlier its apparent that these smokes were the only reason that a trade was possible in the first place

beyond this engagement we see that the aum going down with cts on the wrong side of the map was enough to discourage c from even attempting the retake but before we wrap this up we cant forget about the fact that j cole went platinum with no features and that cloud had complete mid control but were late on counts due to a lack of information brought to you by the walk key

heres something that would be a very understated part of the round if you hadnt watched the demo

if neo and byali dont walk underpass on this execute automatic wouldve instantly called out the a split and probably wouldve shut down connector by himself

also if pasha took one step after all that time sitting back watching the top mid push passively n thing wouldve been able to fast flank and call that it was a right away

in conclusion there were a obviously a lot of cool things to be extracted from this one round and probably even more if you go watch it yourself

if you liked the video please make sure to share it and before i go as promised here are the smoke lineups used by in this double fake

today we look look at a t side default that turns into a delicately orchestrated b crush from cloud

our topic of discussion will be abusing the man advantage with map control

im launders and this is episode of playbreakers this is round from the group stage of the pgl major where cloud beat north on mirage with a stellar t side despite losing both pistols

in this round well look at how cloud setup after stewie finds ills early on followed by the adjustment that north makes with msls information and finally why cloud sealed this up even though north made a smart adjustment having had only players to work with

so to set the stage mid default from cloud nothing special from north

n thing throws a smoke before they walk underpass in order to cause a distraction and limit norths line of sight at b

we know that smokes into b can be used to lure cat players back to the site

in this case it didnt seem to have an effect but maybe it would have if magisk was more aggressive in the first place

once stewie gets into connector hes faced with one of the strongest crossfires of any map between ticket and cat

they dont smoke connector with the hope a ct might walk into this fight a little unprepared and are rewarded

its common on t side to look for fights that are even / as ts can stay grouped with the aum and pick a site together but cts have to fan out across the map making each individual more valuable

so at this moment if they have ills and are setup for an a split why not hit the site? the reason they dont is because stewie got one of those ills on cat

if it was their intention to hit b they would have

a however can have up to players with more on flex meaning that rushing in couldve jeopardized their advantage completely

with this in mind and their newfound connector control n thing becomes the most important player on the map for c

because stewie hurt their stairs player n thing knows he can advance quickly and maybe catch an extra player off guard

when nobody peeks he works his way into window which well later see puts a neat bow on the round

also although it isnt relevant to this round because cajun was too wise one subtle advantage of n things position here is being able to hear players rotating

typically you dont walk through ct when going from a to b and so even just waiting in this position can tell your team a lot especially if they throw smokes to bait rotates

at this moment north have made a very interesting adjustment in response to going down two players early on

msl began at under balcony and moved towards close a ramp but when stewie hurt his jungle player he felt unsafe about the prospect of an a split and so pushes into a ramp and holds for control

he hears skadoodle drop and a few seconds later and tells cajun b to rotate

it looks like he assumed that if this a ramp player made noise and nobody has pushed connector even though two of their players right there they may have made other plans

in a round where they still had alive a drastic rotation like this might not have been called but it ends up being a smart move

cajun b walks past the back of window and watches it with conviction from market

now we can really see the impact of having a man advantage and how even though msl has gotten some info its not enough to save the round

c with mid control get autimatic into ladder room n thing ready for a window flank and shroud to basically bait any last attention to a- doing his job whether he gets a ill or not

the frags arent all that important

even with two players here expecting b the aum is safely escorted through b halls and neither splitting player pushes their choke point a moment too soon

n thing and autimatic both activate themselves once stewie and skadoodle are spotted giving k nfig and cajun too much to worry about to be able to justify covering alternate choke points

simple stuff but regularly messed up when pro teams arent communicating at a really high level

as the igl im assuming stewie deserves a lot of credit for this round

the farther away from your teammates you are the more difficult it is to keep each player in line with the bigger picture

the key to a round like this working is nobody overextending gaining more ground safely and finally timing your pushes at the perfect moments

this round is an ideal example of why having map control is constantly stressed by pro players in interviews even though your average player doesnt know what that really means or looks like

a big lesson from this round is that v s are lost when individuals over extend because they lose sight of the bigger picture

this is what it looks like to be points on a web even when youre each individually juggling threats across the map

thanks for watching liking and sharing the video – and shoutout to everybody whos bought a shirt

[music] okay hello everybody on youtube and twitch this is mel sports vs

the renegades at iem sydney and we are not here to dog the boys in fact were here to highlight i think some of the great plays that renegades made because this games came so damn close and i guess i dont know if i should spoil her or not

i mean i feel like a lot of people know the result of the match at the end of the day but maybe we just dont say anything and talk about it as it goes on very strong very strong map for for mousesports i personally dont think that this is a very strong map for the renegades i feel like they have a lot of stuff that they need to work on as my personal opinion watch them play other teams at ecs but you know to a pistol a pistol to kick it off its definitely the right way to do things you still coming out with not a great series are mad for him overall but come in coming close to the end of the game we saw i saw the some of the rerun of this match and he had a few very important ills very very very important ills so adr is one thing but i dont think that its everything as we know nifty obviously those fast reactions a good crosshair placement finds one easy head probably talked through the pistol round and then on the first eco i can go for intros and stuff like that so yeah renegades have moving into the into the last couple of months suffered a roster change was they suffered because they lost nifty to liquid and a nifty was sorry theyre all they lost nat fly to liquid and that was a big l i feel like but honestly theyve recovered well jacob has added a lot to their team and i think natha is very special player and it was gonna be hard to replace but jacob has definitely done a great job definitely done a great job and theyve had a shaky online season overall but what matters more than land nothing here in sydney they have a you know crowd that crowd advantage but i dont think its that big of an advantage and i definitely think that it cuts both ways you know even when the crowd is enthusiastic for you they can just make it harder to play in general because theyre so loud i mean i dont want any other way i think its obviously fantastic to hear the support of your nation if youre confident when youre playing in a land setting but certainly they had a good time on overpass and just a good land overall because theyre a good team and i think that much is definitely true so a lot of players spotted on banana they make the hard rotate back i dont think we have x-ray on so im gonna throw it on and hopefully that words and i need a way to be able to turn that on i forget what i have to do big john by x thatll work maybe maybe somebody can help me out im pretty sure that this is supposed to work plus radio ok unlucky i dont know whats going on ah ok ok that should work we should be good i think we have x-rays on now sorry for that small delay look at robs our offices hair looks like its about to fall off have you guys ever try to balance a broom on your finger thats what it looks like thats what it looks like with rosss hair mmm-hmm boost it with a wall you can see the cross two logs pretty good head angle should be somewhat safe this is obviously an angle that can get nated really easily right on the corner molotov actually comes out first hes not gonna move off it thats pretty interesting i mean they he doesnt have a lot to lose because the systems go so its nice that he actually stayed up there sometimes if you dont respect a grenadine you can be offered up a frag and on a rifle round that might not be the best idea but on an eco like this you should you should take more thirty to forty percent fights more use more thirty to forty percent fights are justified for sure so another anti-eco out brent gets playing these quite well i mean mousesports are playing into their hands because theyre pushing up early some teams respond definitely differently to pressure being in a v playing passively etc some teams if you dont you dont give them that open and ill and antico theyre gonna make a mistake as i get scared some teams will be fine when you hard rotate here we have that graveyard and sight stack rafa comes out with first ill three actually hoes definitely appreciate the arch blitz i feel like teams dont do this enough sending people for the wrap is very important and this round could get turned on his head its actually sunny as soon as he hears jks take a step he finds he sees an opportunity pushes through that smoke no problem but at the end of the day i think whats most important is three ills that robs got that would have been too successful of a couple of anticos for them gonna have to do what they actually mousesports dont have that much money chris j with the mp there theres no one in the world whos better that with an mp than chris j part of a reason i mean the gun is actually a laser at for a while it was hard to justify its like why not buy an um its got really high armor pen and its whatever bucks why not buy an empty nine and the impelling is still really good so very relevant but the um pn mp is actually really strong too especially versus rifles if you have to do that its one tournament recently where chris had so many ills or some immediate hauls pop drop sitting in small pit or im sorry big pit and goes for two stays alive this wolf crossfires maintained ste co with the fall masuka himself and it wasnt actually a hull swap it was a lane split and i really really hate lane splits just to really hate them its like one of the one of the fundamental approaches to inferno is like including a lane split into your play i think that if you have in certain situations like if you are low numbers meaning you dont have enough smokes to smoke library arch or if you feel like theyre gonna do a double arch set up potentially as a read a lane split can be good but in a v i think if youre gonna go towards a the with the crossfire between pit and and site is just way too strong and you should try to avoid that at all costs and try to spend some effort pushing the arch guy back if you know hes there so that they dont feel so comfortable standing on all these angles on the site oh my god i minimize the game standing on the site on all these angles looking down like this right you dont want this default guy to be able to take this head angle over default while this while the pic crossfires here its so strong its so strong smoke this smoke this push the arch guy back to here send three arch send one hauls to take contact lets send the smart guy holes because hes got hard position to play and then ive seen renegade to do this listen if t down lane with the op and thats perfect so one one-way teams commonly respond the pressure is if somethings getting pushed they push the other thing dust to if theres a mid to be split sometimes if people started pushing be tunnels when they know that is probably three out mid to in tune to be through the tunnel and so theyll push one half of the split to make it a little bit more fair and without the extra arch presence you remove the need to do that jacobs sitting here at the bottom of banana this is a very precarious situation i think jacob has the i has the understanding that there might be someone who has push but chris has gone all the way through i have no idea if he was just checking on radar to be able to know when to spam or if that smoke was just coming up and he decided let me just put some bullet down but it seemed like he was confident that someone was there it certainly seemed like he was confident hows the crossfire up admit so what can renegades do smoke off arch to take mid control and the ulcer is actually gonna have molly to delay this this is nice not only that but he goes ahead and petes mid and because they didnt actually put any pressure there hes its basically cancelling out that smoke oh my god and i dont think he lined that up on purpose but he still exploited it hmm and thats pretty much where you call it not gonna be an easy frag to get the surround becomes drastically harder when you lose the opening ill when you lose banana control and i was gonna say like no sports vs

navi i cant remember what tournament it was as recent but that was once some of the most high-level inferno that weve seen a professional counter-strike in a long time melissa last i was marseille yeah i was marseille and thats because most sports know how to play men properly they know how to play banana properly this should be a very hearty side for renegades who certainly are exploitable money-wise theyre not looking too sharp were running out to early b i guess its kind of a force they decided to just go headfirst through smoke with the ump and dont actually find a ill did they save money on this round it looks like they didnt wow okay these rounds really arent gonna come for free there is an argument though to throw in those banana rushes with your with your lead spawn because they can beat a lot of the early molotov damage if that if that malli goes down and your best bond is running the entire way they can depending on what the ct spawns work is the same guys are gonna go be every round that you can get lucky and get ahead of it you can also smoked the last molotov and try to push through and it can get a little bit random but because cts theyre actually throwing more than one written aide usually theyre throwing them all top down is throwing a flash throwing a nade and theyre doing it in certain orders it actually takes some time for them to get set up and if you dont respect that you can sometimes catch somebody off-guard its a pretty incredible frag for nifty around they probably shouldnt win and chris is looking sharp as heck very confident bursts of the a kay what were gonna have a timeout see this is around where its like i guess because they have the op they wanted to dip by behind it but now theyre in a really weird spot theyre actually for run loss they save this next round theyre gonna try to pull up some kind of eco strat whats very common to do here is a hauls pop or you can get super close to where the aum is throw a flash from layne that pops like around here and then have all your guys try to jump out with a smoke on the balcony the smoke works in a bunch of ways one of those ways is it stops you guys from getting molotovs you cant molotov a smoke it also makes it hard to see from as a cts like which sort of switch spots you have to watch on the smoke can someone jump out like this like get wrightwood or can they get into pit are theyre just gonna jump straight up this way you know and this was one thing that snax does a lot by himself because he trusts he geo jump out and many different in many different ways and its hard to stop so as er takes a spawn again a right-click flash to delay him from moving and sunny as holding his ground and poor is looking good support flash goes in and he wasnt a fine spot with all that hp you wouldnt expect them to move this is a super strong way to ill people who try to shoulder peak especially when you have that off there and chris can fall off first stiga can be right behind them to get those ills if they decide to wide swing or trade and they continue to be aggressive and again chris can fall back easily you can kind of see where the communication lies with crescents tico like if hes gonna decide to go aggressive stick who knows exactly how to support him and basically goes off the sign of his gun hit or miss a good flick from oscar we have seen drops the already a very consistent graveyard slash hit player but i mean you know this is to but mousesports have so much more money than the renegades sir any gates are gonna have max loss next round but they you know im certainly they want to opt interesting to see here is mouse ports have all prioritized one a chi grenadine over two flashes man i was quite the flick hub innate into all to finish what he started some people some people would have been scared off by that spam chris he saw he saw frag in his minds eye this is a really tight spot oh my god of course he hits that noscope no friend in sight malta behind him to make sure that they couldnt help him out and another disaster for the renegades as they basically get melted in their default each frag following the next definitely one of those situations where you want to see what would have happened if this one ill went the other way but even at the point where as err could have hurt chris j i dont think that there was a chance for they say not a good chance for the renegades to win its very powerful for an op to use a smoke down and mid to peek into the stairs at boiler kind of crack peek it and check for anybody walking down because its not often you send your off as a eraser into into halls you have seen that duel happen though it was kind of weird a tcs it seems like its just becoming meta so some teams are sending their off there to ill the other oper who might otherwise be playing arch we could see the pre-emptive smoke to allow oscar to fall back it also kind of disarms the erasers who are coming through and there it is swing is out three people are spotted oscar is lucky to have hit that fine head and remaining men have been exposed on their way to be their offices he does sits in his pit plays his position and the pause is called this one is a pause to figure out what they should do here on their next rifle round so two things would definitely want to see more of they did the a split with our trap on the anti-eco like to see that on a rifle rounds another thing is a legacy delayed banana control theyve gone aggressive on bananas so many times and most sports are smart about this i mean theyre gonna use not so much utility versus the renegades on banana just because the writing is have been rushing it over and over again loosing their player right away so this is this can be kind of a mind game but if im mouths words im not throwing that many names down banana and if im the renegades im not taking the data quickly just because theyve been this should be conditioned to taking all of that early made damage they kind of i feel like most sports have like kind of a free round well they dont have to use too much you theyve actually decided to spend use the majority their players to go up alt take it slowly i definitely want to see them come back to the banana before this round is over wouldnt wouldnt totally be against it you know a straight up our trap if they want to go for it just dont do dont do a lane split here but i definitely like this approach we see like all these utilities getting expelled from mel sports but yeah okay theyre gonna executing right now but yeah i didnt yeah okay theyre gonna take back control this is great now they go back to b this is good this is good chris is actually started to fall back its very standard flash to push him off for the damage for free and it seems like mouse boards have just feigned it they they were hoping that no one and push all the way down so this is a great play from yeah great play from mousesports showing us why that much map control pays off but oh boy you know this this is a lane split they did do a good job of making it difficult for steek oh and this our first eco and robs to play together with the smokes down on pit the issue was that someone threw a flash that ended up favoring ste cohens d co when he was on blind could get two ills almost got three so there is definitely a world where in renegades get the trades on the side we get an after planet situation but not sports when the win the round off the back of good information and oh and also robs abusing their lane smokes that ones kind of unfortunate but i think we see renegades moving in the right direction now earlene a down banana my mouse board same thing like not too many needs right away they really havent even eaten they havent even be used i dont think im all tough for offices that a he used his so this is great utility uses from from mel sports from mel sports who they know that or any kids are really scared nothing theyre doing is working they also know that they are low if they decide to buy because im not sure if they got the plant last round it seems crazy that theyre able to get an off with and all these needs without it but i dont remember them putting the bone down but either way they had enough money to get this hmm and from here what do they do its a nice its nice adjustment nifty going halls at the op can be unexpected great combat offer up close you can be very consistent in unfavorable situations but im a sports being very careful here not to do anything more than they need to testing mid a little bit but now ive actually decided to fall all the way back so a bunch of map troll simmons conceded never a big fan of this but i guess because they have to ops that actually helps them out so a top banana theyre gonna hear this banana clearing flash theyre gonna get some info mousesports have to decide to tighten all the way up this is a weird situation seconds remaining and were a little bit low on nate but sunny still got his molotov so i got to run through this four shots missed i wont actually matter that much or will it sonny somehow gets opted i dont know from where or oh my god nifty off this teammate thats what happened not enough time to put the aum down so i guess in a e i mean mouse wards not seeing a ill decided to slowly turtle up more and more and that actually made renegades kind of uncomfortable because clearly they want to execute a little bit earlier but they also seem to want to get a ill first and because they werent able to find one no matter how hard they tried that just played into mousesports his favor so it was a good call for them to fall back and recede into their safest angles and i think when the time was down as well as it was they just thought alright well youve crossed this threshold in time where if you go now were probably gonna be able to get enough trades to make this difficult to plan at least but were not gonna give you that easy opening ill so you can rush our side so they kind of starve starve them out in a sense mousesports calling a kris i guess calling a fantastic game were gonna get by the half by interesting kind of going for two / wives where they get a couple of aks hourly panetta controls not looking too crispy but as our finally is finally is able to get a ill at least some banana try not to say able so i try to avoid just now because i say able and it doesnt say it sounds weird like you dont really say that conversationally as or is able to get a ill strange thing to say so its such a weird thing that else casters do you say we say things in ways that you wouldnt say them normally but i mean i guess the casting is it isnt necessarily natural but still i want to say that work secures i could say secures yeah you guys can be my at thesaurus hmm sob hit works out they i dont know if if we just saw an off go down in b but thats one reason why its he might might use a might might sacrifice information and sitting there spots as opposed to go and look and clear things out and look for ills but because it mouse ports is money and the fact theyre gonna move in the last two rounds they know that they can just any ills they get are going to dig heavily into the very shallow pockets is that the renegades have but actually not actually now theyre actually just falling back i think they they definitely have enough money to buy no matter what so why not go for these ills oh i see so theyre not giving a way to push out and rops is actually going to be the one to kind of just be hops across ct spawn now one matters so if im five miles i dont change much if im the renegades so we do now oh i make sure i dont get fast flanked effects now if i want to go a so i might do something similar to the last a take but instead of kind of fake clearing banana definitely at least clearing the bottom banana this area close left and also over here by the logs instead of just throwing the flash and then falling back because mousesports took full advantage of that last time whoo they leave okay chris use here this actually gonna work a lot better if they do this we know that they are here to try to take top mid control i hope for the renegades they they dont necessarily get a ill they dont get hurt they in the clear out top mid but it seems like mousesports will probably fight for it while tops come down this is the shine opera way or anyone away from trying to peak boiler sonny making sure that this wont be free as our runs through the smoke but its a date man you heard the reload and thats exactly what he wanted big oof a great setup for male sports smoke no this goes down to fame the beer at but its actually not going to you be useful at all because we have a man holding down ct spawn making sure no one can go through and another round where because mousesports go and tested on banana they have no reason to rotate out early player spotted and all his tough spot to be in cant really expect success in a situation like this with a move like that again almost had the right idea almost had the right idea surprise that mess ports dont clean up moving into the second half so thats thats also actually gonna be quite interesting for me for me poof i said big oof thats the biggest its one player whos not scared of anybody who doesnt afraid of no one thats oscar this guy always has a deadpan look on his face never looks like hes about to hit the fastest flick of his life until someone appears on his screen and then does and never never has respect for any team hes playing against which is always good for mouse for its sunny with the yellow push through ct spawn very warranted considering they have they had a man advantaged chris shays here something you throw in once in a while you its similar to pushing a jungle smoke on mirage on an a hit where you can do that once or twice per half maybe but you dont do that you just dont do it every time and heres a situation where theyve been so dominant every single round okay lets throw one in lets just throw in the cte flash push to the smoke its very strong its hard to stop it works especially well when theres a lot of time id love not a lot of time remaining on the clock im gonna fast forward to do this cuz my ghetto demo you i could hit next round i know i could sunny says have fun its very good manners yeah still it from the halls its not necessarily trapped this is a tough decision whys it such its such a tough position of being you want that ill but you dont want to get slapped and for the glocks they have all these different depths and angles that they can play with to try to shoot you and you just dont want to get hurt in that situation or its an easy a hit not sure about sports through that second spoke it would be kind of interesting go straight jumps across to make space jks looking for the jump up cant secure his ill need more words like that able secure hit me with some more synonyms please ooh retakes on nifty catches the jump shot i swear you might you might have a better chance of living and not jumping away from nifty and uh the gloves not very good is it but in the hands of sunny and might be not quiet still a wins the pistol again he had low stats this game but he has some very very important ills lock some smokes down ate his ass you still owe ate his ass i dont know and i dont think im gonna be able to say that if i cant say i dont land i probably shouldnt say it online sunny failed quite badly there uh i mean he had health i dont and he is the glaucus thats tough i mean he needs his teammates to stay alive so that he can fly walk walk up closer and then shoot i am i am i am a charity pistols for renegades right mm-hmm thatll help crack spotting mid pull the pin play as i like to say where you use this you just delay the smoke as long as possible im making sure you have info first so theyre just throwing it blind versus valuable seconds off the clock you stoves got his spoke as well so now theres only a couple of avenues that they can come out of easily nifty doesnt have a ton of support but because they have banana control they can flank him very quickly so friends spotted niftys gonna decide to play on the inside of the smoke which actually works out quite well since the arch milk is still on you can make sure that hes not too far from his teammates and what was that jes phase up hop the drop for oscar full smg button open nifty hes got a nifty got a foam thats actually early banana nades and fast rotate off its three people there no damage is actually done just by playing it ultra passively i like this from sports would like to see this early and a half from renegades just staying away from bennifer a little bit and this is a strong crossfire they got three here – uh i like this from the renegades i was gonna say the smgs could be in danger but oh boy yeah and their minds oh boy i dont know if mel sports know of jks being here it looks like they might so hes gonna actually just go all the way back seconds up i like it continue to jump spot for information they can have hard rotate over to a i like renegades in this round a bit of damage dealt its gonna be hard to get this plant where any guys are playing it nicely as are oh my god really did want that ill but there is still a cross fire going on and you would think that these are easy frags and it certainly is so yeah its good round good round from rng on their bonus round tubes no less so no even if they lose one theyre uh theyre theyre still going to be in a pretty decent spot lets get through this mousesports i think took a took us took a breather just to talk about talk about their economic situation and its a pretty passive default kind of from both sides at least excuse me yachting im not even tired i dont know who i am yelling i think its cuz i just ate ive got the itis again i like using these i like them using these sm cheese and just getting very very far down banana i like it a lot this time they dont have a third player for support but they also arent quite as aggressive and if she gets his ill in mid thats a big frag his ankles just deep enough look at that a couple of nice head shots not a single player dead from the renegades for the renegades no single player hurt rub both boards not a single player dead for the renegades i said i just the other day in the same context of my friend and for me its super racist what i only knew it from a chappelles so show sketch i dont even know where i know from might have been the chappelle show it just means that your that just means that youre tired because youre full thats what i thats what it what hmm is it an a hit no what is it its all a ruse theyve actually done this to play it back to be and leave ste coe amid to be able to hear for rotates no ones coming down mid however but this is gonna allow mousesports to fight inside the sight only worried about ct and construction and play banana and use that angle against ct without that player being worried so its nice theres now gonna slowly move off of his angle but they put appropriate pressure on that aum plant this is this is looking like what a retake it could be solid oh as it comes back the awareness i think he actually heard but now its oscar v with the op on ct as er just barely peaking trying to get a little bit of damage in if he can get it with the m and now hes peaked a little bit wider to make it uncomfortable for oscar does handle it nice and nice he does he does nice he nice does those good dont be dropping out on the stream thats what i thought look that heck that is seriously what thank you for the reso graduates the condition of being lazy no i dont know i dont know everything doesnt have to be racist i just think thats just flocking ridiculous somebody informed me that that was racist okay yeah i know you agree im not even like making fun of you or anything i just think the whole thing is crazy that should happen so much right and niftys nangal we talked about from the first half hmm and its kind of calmed down she was on the other side of the table which has turned its actually renegades getting the opening ill every single time wow nice shot wow nice shot very well done and everybody is bringing food to the table right now but especially as a what a rock-solid k a three-fer for the boys hi another yuko but whats easys anythings possible have we seen a nico i think weve seen one i think weve seen do we even see one im not sure im not sure if we even saw one eco round one we may have renegades gotten to be less out something like that fastlane hit no ones actually here to stop them nassers now just caught kind of out in the open as you still oh goes down on top of the balcony all three players on a get melted alive im elated i cant test it jes makes a bit of presents probably want to hold on to that nade get that glorious pitt nade the ex god made in the pit oh my god that didnt that was now worth it that was not what oh okay it was it was fine i mean they didnt win yet the games not over you can burn through this cash fast and he probably could have saved that him for probably wasnt worth it for what he was trying to do could have crouched over to the side throwing the need in the pit helped and aumed blow them up but through the nate early stuff around a little bit too long every death matters men every get matters nifty getting real aggressive a mid but oscar is three aware he absolutely knows that there is a chance of that hurt going down but could you expect sunny to go through a smoke into the front of a molotov onto banana versus cts with no teammate left over just to get the trade i mean online you would you expect that i didnt but now that he got the trade its a strong its a strong position for mousesports ive got a lot of utility left as well now lets see how they handle banana / mid versus how the renegades an old banana / min most sports making an early rotate out see this is this is good i mean you have two options on tv side if youre down in numbers you can make a gamble rotate or you can try to push something with your teammate to get info both have their advantages both are totally totally justifiable and theyve actually made a great call here wont matter however jks moledo from second oranges as theyre sitting in construction and was also last seen here it doesnt seem like he plans to make any moves anytime soon melted eviscerated emulsified how would you feel if someone talked like that about a year our nathan jeez hmmm carefully placed nade lands nearby steek oh very well done you dont know how much that damage means until the rounds over but maybe well lets keep tabs on that okay stick ohs now at that means though one shot head from the m one less bullet from a spray that much closer to dying so what im trying to say and renegades theyve gone somewhat passive they still have eyes on mid however as er now get small topped off seconds up and theyve got control of everything very distinct difference from the first half this is not something that amount of sports would have left the renegades do to them no gambles to rotate either and they have a player left at mid so this split should be successful jake um is pushed into an awkward position but the hold is quite good and the mall taubs are in the in the actual in the wrong places no ones that quad one gets bounced off they dont have enough time to get in or plant tell them they relied on uh it relied on the sight hold but the side hold was good i think a cam actually got blind but fortunate enough to stay safe female sports didnt have enough gate maids going into that who knows and if youre not going to peek all the way down into oscars territory and again were seeing a lot more of the s were seeing a cheese period from the renegades on ct side none on the t side ever always prioritizing two flashes in the mall table im not sure if nifty was able to see that gets caught on the palette should have put out pulled out his pickaxe and destroyed it and a very very strong multi forsake them cant get any kind of angle to spot this arch cross its actually a readjustment into the lane split which you know how much we hate so lets see how it goes there it is crossfire comes into effect you still owe goes down in the pit as er has actually repositioned nifty from the corner of a smoke at moto is still alive but not well hes at half hp as there also gets hurt this will certainly be a tough position to deal with rops in the big pit to be moving around and oh wow hes flushed out of his position nifty hits his op shot oscar one beat two catches the shoulder of jks and now those that niftys on the other side of smokey actually shot and mate presents two off shots traded and missed nifty goes right for the defuse because he doesnt think also he was gonna stick around but he does and hits the noscope easily to this spell death for the renegades we dont know well maybe we do but we dont know thirty fourteen eleven four mousesports seems like a halt spot is about to come out and you still those down here in the pit gets that first hedgehog critical frag to hit but oscar comes out with the fast trade nifty now all alone on the site hits that first off shot the second one is easy and the third one is simple as well and now this is a man who just needs to put a one in that because that was some wonderful off shots that worse that work those were some wonderful off shots that were secures those ills chris j blind versus blind and the teammate who isnt easily what takes them down secure secures a ill and gets the trick i would i need more things how do i need more things to say ezal handles business deals with them ills him frags power owns him take some of the questions get some abab some boobs him hone yeah power ownage thats what bones dance for so lame okay the jks with the defensive ag grenadine actually very impactful i got to stop saying barry too after plant city ation nifty so patient so deadly so quick and the round isnt done for him back to the well for nifty you can use quite actually you dont want to use any substitution for very just want to remove it just want to remove it whats that kind of voc whats that what is that um type of word its like its like a supportive word but its pointless no its its jits not like i guess you could consider it a hitch word or crutch or something but very or really theyre words that you just dont that that shouldnt be in any ones that you should you should probably replace there are tons of charts for ways to avoid seeing very for writers and stuff really id like to see a pronoun is like a proper name an adjective yeah no im saying like no nevermind yeah forget about it oh my god thats a valium all talk right there and easy cleanup and the boys are back renegades after this one will just be two away from actually closing this out its a very unlikely situation dont say very they papa thank you cons or appreciate that i think i have the vocabulary some of it somewhere in my head but ive got to create that spider web that spider that spider web of connections in my mind to be able to call upon all of these different things and ways to say different things im doing these guys with casual cows helps to break those habits as well i think hopefully let the rapid ill yeah yeah dexter hmm critical round seeing chris j call some very crazy stuff in the final moments of games said very good ive seen chris j call crazy things in the final moments of games it sounds so much better hectic hectic arch controlled be wrapped fake strats that one is gonna bust out this time all i cant because they dont have enough utility to do that they dont they just that they have to smokes in a molotov theyve got to keep it simple and they probably want to veil the thought that they cant as well sting lives obviously the most important thing for them right now ste co swoof barely gets away with his life here that was uh sniff he had held oh one nifty goes back to watch them when he sees if he held that angle for one more second he would have been able to ill ste co he is gonna be very upset with her hes gonna be upset with himself nobodys very anything hes gonna be upset with himself but here he is nifty so consistent from this position hits that first fry get no problem however it seems like hes alone save calls for the renegades already oh my god where did you still go i wasnt done that flick was unfair yikes jacobs hurt but theyve got money to buy at least and there it goes to round numero round and this is what it all boils down to thats it cant change anything okay the other team is just as nervous as you are if you got to just play your game do all the things you did in practice remember your training but dont be afraid aggressive smoke down mid nifty throws it down himself so he can hold onto alts but thats most obviously a huge towel the teams gonna share this information but as we can see its bought the time they have to clear it out be certain that no one is around jacobs gonna see the smoke cascading over the b site into ct and push him into a new position its actually following bat falling back into a similar setup actually all of renegades have actually fallen back into a similar setup as we normally have seen them i dont know if most sports are me fully aware of how they rotate based on if someones a ct and they smoke it out but its actually chris and again not afraid to call stuff like this in late round situations to come out to beat not only that but get it ill he doesnt get away quite safely just yet opportunity here to get to but jacob is too good going to be a ton of pressure put on him as he gets that first head and expels the last of his utility moves himself in a second oranges and its taking quite an aggressive angle goes for that initial pre-fire head on sunny and ross goes to trade but also takes quite a bit of damage nifty super close to just nailing that aum plant on an off-the-cuff push hoping that his muscle memory wouldnt deceive him and here it is the retake is on and again this could be for all the marbles oscar trades a dink for a ill and heck take that however nifty takes it back and you still up moving into water from ct is able to both ill rops and ste coe crossfire gets taken down and were going ot again those are this important ills mean however you covered what however you serve it up those are important ills its got heat here and them the first pistol those ills as well [music] two more thing two more importance around round and round one name two more important girls two more important rooms name two rounds that are more important aim to more important rounds to aim two rounds that are more important oscar here aiming for the jump peak prix is pre aiming for the jump peak sunny experiences the afterimage flash of the bottom of banana i think hes off the corner of a smoke may be an opportunity to spot a foot but there isnt anyone quite there you still trying to get in a bit of a rhythm with the shoulder peak a nifty on a very common but still see decided angle you think hed win this duel hmm and see the pellet five past is that a pellet in and off if its a shell with an awful it would can you call that a pellet no all right theres a well placed and well times malta looks like mickey wants a little bit more before he leaves dont know if somebody got hurt there it looks like that flick might have been good and here it is getting quite aggressive hes all alone no rotates to help him out i mean whoa youve got four up here they really maybe hes telling them i think its gonna be i think its gonna be eight but its not its not man its gonna be beat and now youre locked into this position a slave to the pre-fire teammates are quite late but because you went for youve done your job and a kind of counterbalance is the amount of time that they have to waste running here but as we can see theyre pretty pretty aware the fact that there could be an opera quad but the flash being offhand was still not enough were gonna see another a magical retake from the renegades got the potty heat and set up on b and it looks like theyre gonna stay style word even body are you reviewing that three after this no might do that another day tomorrow or something its very random pickup yeah but hes done well fake him wasnt really oh thats a really good player one point he was just uh i dont know man i still remember jacob on ld be the ruby no lgb that wasnt my favorite items yes heck he was hello say again he was good back then hughie and he went in pure norwegian finesse the golden days right lux the golden days thats poor so they smoked a lot the weakness is if youre all from a quad but its an interesting called control smoking allows them the the freedom to peek a little bit more it looks like theyre both going to take this round and be a little bit hectic with it my goodness that was a i dont want to say a risky way to hold on to b but it seemed like because they had that smoke down there like hey lets get in front of it and tried to come through feel like there was a lot of ways to die doing that we obviously saw one of them but now this is just very unlikely i mean you still oh was unfavorable in that engagement and this one is wow those are a couple of strong frags nazzer has them here theres absolutely no way that they can lose this round oscar going wide because he knows he needs to but theres no chance once again you still oh just dismantling the crossfire between poole and banana i feel like you run that retake in the v ten times they win that twice maybe with you still oh you win at four times its a pretty decent name the meta of crossing to boiler is pretty crazy pretty no no pretty no really no very is crazy what a couple of ills that was and he is weve seen him play that exact same angle more than once monster stuff from azov as uh no way in heck mouths words witness not a chance on earth hmm it cant happen right nifty is in the power position it oh the flicks no good right into the malt ah but it doesnt matter it was all but is it fair its not fair to say a molotov got extinguished if its just if it just runs out that doesnt make sense right to be extinguish means that it has to be forceful its all right id say the molotov want to say run its course that sounds weird to the molotov molotov faded expired mmm expired feels like i guess its kind of its almost like personifying it like it died or something burns out try not to be picky but that just sounds a little bit strange to me for some reason i guess faded but faded be wood faded work for a malta theres a fire fades no more show for the flames did you say that the fire depleted because that i dont feel like deplete is something to use when you run out of water some kind of liquid thats that i think it could be depleted i dont know deplete it feels like it just needs to run out or something that doesnt really something along lines of run it scores exhausted and the flames of exhausted i think that makes sense dies down that makes sense yeah oh yeah as the flames died down ceased yeah okay there we go the frags dont oh chris from emo damn with the three frag its actually got four in total looking for the ace but as theres peaks just a bit too tight a tiny bit and theres no safe plant without a smoke we tried to drop one on them but with very little time left you can sacrifice one person to go and see hes gonna commit wither i feel like wither is and that might be wrong but i feel like wither is when for something to wither away i guess i can only think of in a specific example of like a tree withering away like the leaves wither off of a tree or would that even make sense a linguistic stream yeah kind of this is almost like a this might maybe it turn this into a commentary workshop whether is when a flower dies specifically gonna be used for any other multiple uses for please hone my english at own it hmm like nikkis off skills so i need my casting to be like niftys opping ability young nesquik monster signals for the boost and ste co obliges doesnt isnt high enough to see the cross back to mid but they safely fall off of it after making just a little bit more noise doesnt matter though first eco and oscar doesnt expect anybody to have gone that wide and now its just raw alone on the site versus four you cant do this theres no way you should read more flock you okay how do you know i dont read im just kidding youre right we what kind of stuff would you be interested in reading i actually do read sometimes im reading the zen art of motorcycle maintenance right now what was the last thing i read i cant remember it was a good one though i learned a lot of words too bad he doesnt read cat thats funny the zen art of motorcycle maintenance yet crossfire up in mid and then i control from mousesports flash out of boiler and sneak oh strengthes strafe is straight sit over top of the fire to avoid to mitigate the amount of damage that i could do then smokes can go i think that might be library but i might be mistaken looks like the wraps in plate sunny with a well time molotov to complement his teammates and actually pays off for a frag nifty also gets fired out of its spot and everybody in passive positions on the site but oscar going huge with that deagol unbelievable ill right there well the second one to boot i dont think its really about motorcycles at all yeah not really its a its a its its philosophy its just a series of its like a story with a series of analogies and philosophy its good stuff another off rag for nicky hes not done yet i think he heard that reload as well but i maybe he didnt maybe even because it is land its hard to hear bullets being peppered through the smoke i dont like anyone has druthers play can you say pellets or no peppering and would be like tempering bullets to a smoke hmmm retakes on mousesports looking to looking to attain mappoint their hopes might be dashed first caught first player from the cons rap gets hurt niftys actually got to oh my god for and total one more guy left over its rops your resident a tanker and he dies too just the aum if nifty planted that aum you deserve these pellets only come out of shotguns then what are they called bullets okay what do you call projectiles i could insist i could say i could also say projectiles in certain situations the whole thing is a cartridge or around okay who say firing rounds unloading rounds firing rounds this is helpful hmm nifty dont know how it happened but it happened robs weve seen this adjustment before people in they flash out sometimes they jump into the pit in the way that hes facing but this time theres too many people to make that gamble the instant and it looks just just like that no actually theyre theyre racing here so metal laser ill say here here racing racing place in were gonna do one of these every day so as soon as land heads will be insane every day that we every day that we stream at least all right back into the game to renegades win this they win i cant believe oscar didnt take that shot i think you might have quick switched a little bit too quickly and nifty who really wanted that engagement was happy to take it but so i was oscar im sure he heard that flash bounce and thought all right lets risk it for the biscuit but off of the back of this renegades become a little bit more impassioned and have actually overstepped their bounds nifty coming across that line of fire into the line of fire of oscar its actually put himself in an even more aggressive position that office really roaming getting value out of it and now that hes in library but smoked out theyre worried about him but not concerned to the point that they need to make an adjustment everybody else has pitched in mel sports are the first team to get to in the first half of the second ot has completed has concluded and with that to one half the renegades are wait a second yeah i was two in a row so renegades got to my sports one so for any gates one plays it cant remember oh she is so confusing but not for sunny this boy is fully torqued prepared ready [music] excuse the ambulance oh thats a ill that might have come a little bit too easily for the mousesports for mousesports nobody is nobodys here in time and thats the value of illing an opera quickly is that there is no chance theres no theres no chance – theres just no chance to win i mean if you if you ill the opera be so low and the erasers are brave enough to follow up and hit the site right away theres there the retake is so unlikely because you give up and up for the after plan you can also make it extremely hard to even get a cc to get ready for the retake you dont know if anybodys in construction or if you can get there youve also got to ill the guys on banana and yeah thats how we saw that play out just now was how you normally would see that play out hard to keep it fresh as the rounds roll on nifty in a pretty similar position to what weve seen for a lot of the rounds here on cd side for for the renegades where heck peak mid and fall back getting too aggressive got him got him punished to the point that hes never gone for the for the oscar frag and in mousesports his very passive default they havent they havent bothered doing anything but waiting as sonny works on banana mousesports fall back into into their default as they do at frags leaving the pack by a giant margin what a comeback this has been already : to : but you know everything resets mentally economically its a new game well be exact first oranges malta gets thrown down somehow j cass finds away in the ct and has an opening to let go of his malta but jacob who has been so good in that position cant meet his teammate halfway and get the ills they need to such a strong execute overall putting a lot of pressure on these rotates as well another round were renegades just go to passive on ct fall victim of the trap of having having to retake with even with equal numbers isnt something youll do very often again the fortified crossfire from ct and banana is good theres just no way to win the without a lot more utility which is part of the reason why you work on a default as well because lets say you plant b but you went in the beginning and you cleared brackets and stuff say oscar throws a small table from arch as earth roses all to malta from lane and then you go back to b and you take me and they come in well guess what they dont have molotov story takes so you can sit in quad now theres a lot of options that open up for you when you do spend a little bit of time trying to make sure that your opponents use their utility really was something that cloud did really well especially at the major a major renegades on the backfoot need one to simply tie nezzer heres these footsteps for sure actually oh my god lines up that flash beautifully with his teammates calls are on point the communication and the teamwork looking absolutely fantastic oh my god four frags at the end of the day and even gets back to his comfort zone on that angle a torch to find the final – unreal im sure the crowd could have be any more proud number three you can see the radio the radio the the the the signal wow would it be off im gonna cut off what i had to say cuz it wasnt important and thats nice its probably got the highest hsp of any offer out there nifty somehow always lining up those instant ink off shots another damage dealt this is a one way that people are throwing where you can see feet of anyone crossing oscar knows he wants him i mean he knows niftys there and he is the kind of deal he loves but he realizes that this ones just uh this bet is not worth takin so that was that was putting your life savings on conor mcgregor right there he wanted it he believed but he would have gone broke they wait patiently with – stinkos gonna be used as bait has an aka but only hp malta catches them on the way out and now nifty is just gonna try to hold down lane no teammate here to help him out what a knot flick from him straight up and down no problem unbelievable to the left take it easy sonny goodnight shut it down stellar performance have we said that yeah i was almost a beyonce reference to the left everything you own and it hasnt stopped yet the bass good however jacob bacon was found his uh found a fan of very keen spot at sandbags only comes away with one but every time they go one for one at this point its going to lead to the w renegades seemingly seeming more hyped than ever seemingly more hype than ever seemingly seeming at more sharp c sharp seeming given up on that one and again this smoke doesnt work so well theyve actually put the whole wall down so the the jump up is actually going to be hard to get anything out of a nifty also from ct to support his teammates and it looks like this be exact its no good i dont know if they had enough smokes but it certainly felt like there was just too much information for renegades to work off of and having someone in ct was uh was not good for them not exactly sure how how they wanted the one of the cts to interact with their smokes but from the placement of it i dont know i i just i dont know what they wanted to do what they wanted to get out of those smokes not why didnt they use the smoke in ct certainly the ones who used one to get their offer off the angle j guys isnt often pick up the op so is it gonna be aware of the danger of peeking into this it looks like not but they actually not it dont say actually it they they throw enough utility to justify taking the fight and it looks like most sports want to move quick off this oscar smells blood but j ks has a still this big green gun the flavor is a bit different but the shots are still the same thats amount of k jks oh thats nice thats refreshing thats just like drinking a big sip of nestea you know like in those commercials where they fall backwards into the pool thats what that shot feels like for an empty right now its games over right yeah the boys really loving off this smoke i guess its a kind of a ghetto spoole smoke but thats gonna be it right here is not a chance that chris j can actually win this right no tries to push through it and thats thats a wrap i think thats a game as i came over no it should be are we done do we okay they need one more they got three in a row okay jesus longer this games goes on the more likely i would think that mouse sports could win but why did you take off your weed and competitive gaming video i think its on there somewhere its like unless hitter something but its probably in a playlist we just organized the youtube so theres less of most of the fluff fluffy stuff and what could be the last round of the game right here and now rob sitting in the pit looks like a halls pop has come in their way this is maybe the round where nifty goes out to lane we saw this actually previously go down and they throw a couple of things at b just to make sure and off gets pushed off great great a chi grenadine though to kick things off and drops here in the crossfire puts up his it holds up his end of the bargain and hits to clean heads everybody else gets melted as well i think they i dont know if they threw in arch smoke or didnt want to or what but that was a little bit strange would have i feel like i would have liked to see everybody could bit into that situation but we did it no sports take it to but are they just prolonging the inevitable are they delaying defeat are they simply poaching the flock poaching you can see that yeah all right ill look that up after you poach would mean to steal but you could save oh just poach a fire at another way you could say fire gets thrown down lay inside to make sure no ones no one can keep a regress and nifty again its making a little bit of presence here on banana i i hope we dont see another straight short / lane / porch hit instead but it seems like that thats that might be whats happening robs again gonna be use the smoke in the same way that he did previously dont know if theyll get a ill looks likes nico nico will be good enough pray for three but as a in a b now seconds up seemingly going to be able to get a plant dont know if anyones gonna push here this is probably a good position to do it just one players creeped up chris j gets hurt no chance to just close it out right there and then however this is not the end of the game is it jesus i dont think you could save osha fire safe oh sh1t oh yeah you cant say poach instead of steel right could post something but whats that called when you step ok if i use a poking a fire like if you because you could take like a poker like a metal poker scope you stoke the flame right thats what it is isnt it stoking yeah ok thats what it was alright ill be sorted that uh my brain is happy we sorted that out is this gonna be the for fright as theres been a heavy hitter for the renegades in this match there is certainly going to be a deep hole in the offense moving forward into this round minted up and robbed just above the fire almost completes the spray transfer very nice attempt but it still counts for a lot hundred and ninety damage to be exact jks is low within one bullet of death from anything as renegades group for the beat hit nippy makes his way in what a fantastic shot almost totally blind not even sure if he ever saw chris j on his screen in that moment unbelievably mustve mustve sigh i have to say must have seen him mother was just the most fantastic intuition and adjustment of his mouth ever but here it is oscar the big player gets hurt and nifty he cant be stopped but sonny wants to prove us wrong takes him down jacob abusing the shadow from emo as we saw him in this position before illing chris j and winning the game renegades have locked it up and nifty had ills nifty jesus thousand viewers thats safe thanks you thank you all you guys for by all of you guys for watching [music]

[music] hello and welcome i dont want to say that anymore no more hello and welcome what up this is the youtube cast height which hi youtube were gonna go over twitch tyloo vs faze clan at sydney in a best-of-three series i think this was map i think this is matt this is matt one i guess because we would see the yellow bar is bill gun we really flocked this up early like right away just like just like just like tyloo right there on the on the ante for spy and already down to three king dedede has the flank locked down and this is gonna i mean it actually doesnt force phase into that awkward of a situation because they they at least have guardian here so i think theyre just hoping that somebody overextends in guardian and get some nice one digg so that they have the opportunity either go back or get a gun but title you are actually playing this quite carefully which you normally dont see from tyloo who are a very uncaring teams based on how uncared-for they were tyloo would be number one but it seems like its a different day for tyloo much more prepared to play against tier teams on the big stage and a lot of it for them is simply having a bit more discipline a big thing for them is as things that are as simple as trading or not moving when they know they have a good spot tyloo very often would just get too aggressive or not having any respect for the mid round when they are either when there are up numbers and instead will continue playing with the aggression that you would have on both sides as if it were b or they were playing like they were down a minute they wouldnt think about our were down a man was our setup whats our adjustment they definitely took a little bit of time to learn that one thing they had going for them is they got they got hamers some of the best amers bar none that was a thick grenadine all the way into a main and and somebody doesnt care who hes illing as long as people die theres a truly a savage speaking of savage he owned a team thats good right now hes on the from what i understand savage is on the second best chinese team its all right that we were right now the best chinese team but my favorite players are always savage lovey zou king where are those boys maybe well see them at the face at major oh you flocked up you done flocked up you dont flocked up a a ron that is a big fluff but its good that they didnt continue with the boots a lot sometimes well just theyll make noise and theyll think ah well this is what we wanted to do so well go well go over the boost and then theyll get hurt because somebody heard them but at least there they didnt continue with it instead they decided to trade for a main information and been tet and holding the line down from white box with a fantastic m a spray oh and eco hose has no idea that somebody is this close but its being careful enough actually and just as i say that let me call this casters curse not all down dd theres only two up for phase hmm captain no captain no catherine captain mo says no surprise they won the previous rounds i dont think that nikko is gonna get caught off guard like that again and i think i think them pushing for information was very standard it was good and it works you wouldnt normally i think its good that also that bent thats playing highway i think thats a really great position for him or he could fight squeaky he can fight a main cross he can help a main and then hed also fight mid so theres a lot of opportunities for him to get ills and he is truly the star of this team so i like the positions i like this set up where b is a little bit harder to do to retake so theyve stacked it more heavily and they have some mid support with xx create in inside the vent i feel like few things are more terrifying than sensing nikko crawling up on your angle maybe kerrigan maybe vent at maybe guardians and they dont get it going think about how different the round would have been if nikko hits the head shot on him offense just think about that that part of the site completely wide open everybody swinging and fighting highway and and truck and nobody from the cts are able to rotate it oh there was a very small chance that guardian got the ill got the plant and even smaller chance theyve won the round but it would have been a big dub for them to at least get vaughan money lets see what tyloo do i saw something holding up a phone at sydney and it said tie lose and it had the old megalo picture in it might have been a sign i think it was a sign actually an op dual one from guardian we saw on inferno if you watch the actual match accurate accurate haha if dj khaled could pronounce his name at at accurate had a pretty fun time opping versus face versus guardian he definitely had a reasonable impact hmm also thinking emoji right there see thats a very small misstep by a man named its the guy youre sending in to make the most dangerous play the round and hes blind because of your own flash you cant really you cant really analyze past that i mean he threw his second flash hes still committed which is good but he wasnt recovered from being blind when he went in but no matter actually matter now thats its its a be hit i thought that tyloo were still in a pretty powerful position to defend versus a it looks like its gonna be would be site b main smoke goes down this is kind of interesting i think he just wants to try to keep the erasers in here for as long as possible where they dont have to search its always kind of pretending to go for the retake its an interesting safe position hp somebody anybody title ii lost the mid-round and mmm have decided to get to ops as an adjustment its not uncommon to do its not a bad thing to do its very powerful especially versus a very default ii team like phase its gonna be mad openings given to given to any ct side offers if theyre smart enough somebody lurking around the smoke at a main and in front of the squeaky door sometimes i wonder who actually wins this fight more consistently oh my god he decided to go in no flash hes got his teammate here at accurate accurate on highway and he has a flash but instead of asking for the for the flash he decides to just go and its one of those things thats hard to justify like why what is the value of not going when you can have a perfect pop flash from a player who doesnt even have to move from this position will you do the other maps no i dont think so give their tyler maps nuts a day at least somehow its a four-on-four been tet as they come out of a mane gets one in the side thats rain going down now continues to spray into head shot nikko last man standing one b can he do it hes got the a k but hes the red time he has no chance to plant and hes got to fall back into the one taps beautiful stuff captain mo doesnt want any of that its always impressive to see how calm ego can be in those situations oh be main pick and nicko straight up missus tag is out captain mo gets – hes found a great position to multi frag here but guardian is ready for so ready the trade is ready it is ready and waiting somebody gets hurt on the cross they know that there was another player there that was kind of interesting i mean its not often that youve seen nico miss a shot like that popping her otherwise but it was a solid round from mo despite that yeah tyloo or given phase the hands right now on a map that phase decided to bring back into their map well they decided to make it a lot stronger im actually trying to recall a veto here but i i dont want to do that now i dont wanna do that theres a time and a place okay ben tete in that position that fur for rain automatic loves to play under the under the boost and dd gets aggressive at beat theyve actually got the double push going out its its extremely strong i dont think theyll expect that somebody is falling back into the site so this might cause a problem for exists dd just trying to make sure he gets away on low hp dd understands that theres a threat now there isnt actually a good way for face to capitalize on this situation exists would have liked to or we would have liked to see exist or run out but at least theres that two ills on read health its actually addressed moe all alone with aum control its probably sweating right now because this is an opportunity and a half but hes got to figure out how he wants to play it the longer he waits them the more worried hes gonna be about big flanks and phase splitting up and thinking too much and you dont want to let that happen in the bx situation especially when you have to play the waiting game but hes looking for this opening frag its not coming to him seconds now up guardian straight up peak sum and wins the duel seemed a little bit slow on that one oh i was trying to i was trying to remember a veto from the past that phase showed when they wanted to take cash on its a while ago but for this one okay so phase removed over past highly removed nuke i want to write a phase removed over past thats interesting facebook cash and highly picktons right now wow you would really think that face have the upper hand in the veto and thats kind of unfortunate for tyloo im gonna move it along keep it going – ups again its like a desperation – opss accurate doesnt even have armor this is something they wanted to a very popular comedy main boost thats going on can be quite dangerous especially in this pop-up theres a lot of people will sit in sun room when they have nothing else to do and theyll just hold this boost the very rare boost you know it comes along once every once once every game if that but its worth it if you have nothing else to do know somebody finds the appropriate time to squeeze out of that angle offense leaving bent at alone in a to be a three before i should say trying to abuse the corner of a smoke that was thrown from phase but kerrigan was too wise to the plan and now theres pretty much no hope left over they really bought on a prayer they would love to save this off and this is when this is one of those situations where oh that actually matters quite a bit nico got a head timings a little bit there viewers thank you guys so much for the support im just a small casual cast wow i never thought id see those numbers dont feel like thats a little low we can get we can get up to we can we can do k who wins this find out right now he has this jump spot oh hes the goat hes the god hes a goblin hes beast dee dee goes for the pre-fire maybe thats a secret shoot early then you look fast oh oh my god wasnt the most graceful of deaths not even really sure why how i know when whats the other one where we know where why or how guardian is just a bit too scary due faze clan need to reinvent themselves they have started to come back things are working whats the first call to action aums it be main with one other player you cant actually see that there is a intention to go anywhere quite yet it seemed like there was just some support they know that tyler were gonna push for information and response to make control its just very predictably what most seams will do in general so i want to know if faze are gonna go for a mid and fake it or if theyre gonna commit and how theyre gonna deal with the push tyloo have doubled up on highway its looking a little bit crowded over there theyve actually now left it and havent pushed an a main but they do have a lot of information posting the op up here is pretty good pretty good move from from tyloo i know that phase theyve just been basically having nikko come in here by himself and make sure no ones doing anything funny there throw that nade deep its not gonna be good and exist it dies with the aum so tyler theyre definitely gonna be concerned about a in fact all three players that be are leaving theyve evicted the site inaccurate is about to get fired out of his position at forklift somebody has a lot of pressure put on him but im not gonna tell you who there is no hope now for him and maybe tyloo as well as captain moe potentially the leader of the team dont know if the name has anything to do with his position how to do how to do a whole lot more trait trades potentially could have been a bit better their information was definitely on their side they had everything going for them the op down the op with the ill and the in division on a main that rotate to forklift maybe it was a little bit weird from accurate and yeah thats tough you always want to you always want to credit the team that gets the information whether or not they lose the round you know but its definitely one of the trials of playing against phase that you will lose rounds like that got everything going for you still lose so what the car is past accurate in a you saying accurate i dont know why accurate in a very familiar position and forklift last seen last spotted does that mean that hes gonna get molly it out again i mean it is the antique oh no id probably throw it here smokes with a cross as they come out he stays a stale word now pops his head up like its groundhog day and gets put back down bedtime for accurate accurate accurate accurate i keep saying accurate oh my god been listening too much dj dj khaled the best around to ops again accurate never needs armor he doesnt care he just doesnt oh double flashing a main instant first ill for somebody thats pretty good and thats a shot you need to hit but clearly the aim punch had an impact oh one tap battle from exist comes out ahead and another one bent em all heated up his position that was a weird wide swing from truck i think that claire has been abused more than once mrs

small mistakes that were seeing that her that thats allowing face to really just pry open the a site and katham oh once again on the rotate niko is immediately going to take him down after getting that killer would have been a long shot to win the round but they gave it a shot i think they could have won a few more of these rounds a day certainly if we go back and look at them look at those rounds again some of it has to do with trades but some of it has to do with free rotator ills i think is a big sticking point for for tyloo when they start to lose a sight the the rotations in seem to be a little bit unsafe and its a unfortunately takes getting punished like this by the best players to make those adjustments it probably sucks being besides actually you know besides the praise that you get it probably sucks being the best team in your region if youre trying to stay there were trying to become better because you dont have anyone that can drive you upwards and like teach you discipline into pistol number two and i thought it was gonna happen right we thought we thought it the calm before the storm the mid bust is imminent two to three players up on top of the boost with the aum to run out mid spot ones eat sandbag is actually gonna come in handy now and raining is waiting to activate but carrigans here at highway doing most of the legwork for phase with a couple of clean heads captain mo with his full maid set and glock cannot stay alive so kerrigan i mean he was at the how you see that round play on most the time is because theres so many people swinging on kerrigan he should probably only be able to get one and then you have rain to pop up from the sandbags start shooting people in the back of the head but either way the set up was really good to deal with an a split like that captain mo up on the boost and down off the boost carrigan sends him flying theyre gonna go forward again see how nikko handles these door shenanigans certainly doesnt seem i think i open it oh one spotted he thinks its nico but its not stray bullet wont be and an overall very successful anti-eco sad state of affairs for tyloo they had a dog in this fight had most their rounds early in this in this game they had most of their rounds jesus they almost won although all the rounds they won in a row how far we far and how fast weve fallen fayes showing us their world beater cash and you know what all those guns a lot of great stuff on cash today but but phase have just been too too strong too strong individually honestly and in the mid round as well i mean decision making its been on point but some of the setups and reactions for tyloo made sense oh my god i mean i understand it because if he goes through the glock heads hes gotta get three and by that point guard hes gonna flick on him no problem he has a knife its instant i know the thought crosses your mind that if youd go for the knife theres its theres so much baggage along with it like everyones gonna think that you were trying to be an asshole but theres definitely situations the knife has higher percent chance of getting a ill than the gun id say that was one of them good flashes out a main oh whats going on here somebody actually gets gets a frag at mid opening ill instantly traded back by rain niko going to carefully place a grenadine on anybody else exiting as most wings wide across the site it doesnt seem like anybody from phases aware that this threat is a possibility and been ted just off of game sense alone spams on aum wall and ills niko whos holding the op and an angle rain is he going to get flash into default they carrigans gathered from information for him but at the cost of his life and now rain looking for two cant do it leaving guardian all alone from an auxilary position just hoping that somebody would cross the site and they wont do him any favors a solid round solid ground overall simple a split as the thing about cash almost anything can work but thats thats a round they needed to win because that was a oh sorry that well i thought that was the second in a row so heres heres that round that i was just talking about that they won interesting to see phase address in the same way as tyloo picking up the double lofts as soon as they lose definitely curious how they handle their defaults on teesside seem like everyones just making sure that theres no pressure take matt patrol away from them there what you could call a free map control a main b main but i wouldnt be surprised at phrase do im not surprised that tyloo are waiting well let smoke goes out you go throws a flash and either / or smoke or it looks like a smoke in response as rain pushes through b main they pick a great timing to do that im not sure what the tell was but i think it might have been the the smoke out towards they said hey here lets go for information mid to be smokes gonna be used to cross but guardian wont respect it puts himself all the way out there strong position and oh my yeah definitely look like a good move from guardian who recognized that if he tried to fall back he would die so he went on a very aggressive angle to see if the pre fire would come out come on game was there and now its inside the mind of accurate accurate low hp hes on a head angle it can get closed off oh he does get at least one frank but speaking of frags the frag grenadine comes and lands right behind him now would have been noted in something else that would have been something else : thats not that doesnt constitute a buy if you ask me but you can get c zs and you cant complain about being able to buy cds so lets see lets see him captain moshe probably should have got dropped one by dd so they could have evened out the money a little bit i think that moe is also the one whos gonna be hopping but maybe somebody else is buying it for him overall tyloo looking a lot more sharp than they normally do capital one two three [music] those smokes were like so nice for the cts if if for anybody highway i think they maybe wanted to i dont know maybe they wanted to run out through forklift and push the push them on highway but they didnt do that so maybe somebody who had a good gun died i dont know but that looked like those are actually really good smokes with cts to fight the cross you know like what do you always want to do when youre on highway its try to smoke i started shoot people over toxic barrels on on top highway very common position to hold versus people boosting up its not and terribly it looks more uncomfortable than it is i think but its certainly not that easy of a position to play usually very high fracas ition but as chaos ensues rain has already made his way into checkers this is just named a new and incredibly valuable information the only reason that a guardian even has to stay here is because they dont know that its not gonna be a mid take and there it is kerrigan looking for his jewels and goes one for one id say the still favors the cetys oh baby that would have been a meaty flick if you hit it hmm and didi actually backs up right into the crosshairs of another offer on the team its actually guardian this time so i dont think they expected that adjustment to come out and i dont blame up bent at doesnt care holds down the spray and its very good about it nikko actually goes all the way out there to find that ill and now that the trades are done with rain looks like he wants to speed this one be blowing up and actually runs up highway throws the mall table down but somebody is totally prepared what was this round indeed i was a little i was a little crazy exist is temporary i think i think he exists as mentioned recently something about finding when he finds his new home what hes gonna do oh i think already didnt wanted to take that fight i dont think he wanted to lose it though olaf had some personal things he didnt he can talk about and take breaks unfortunate its pretty good player won a couple majors moreno said that ola still has pain in his wrist really wonder why you didnt just say that and damn nico where the heck you been brain found that very cute off-angle hes holding on tight to it as well new opponents as they come through in alternate doorway in the and the de facto b main flash from checkered goes down but an accurate doesnt want to doesnt want any of this hes going most coked for the rest of the ground maybe its also an issue i wonder why he said that it was like personally she doesnt want to talk about that was also his opposers risk with your play of arrest or hurts either way its sad seems like deaths deaths approached the doorstep deaths approached the doorstep of shot of tyloo of kailua deaths approached the doorstep of tyler you throw in a couple of cross moves versus this boost though sometimes you can trade this if people come out and clear it but when theres noise coming through the smoke and you dont have all that much utility only got cz is you know thats a very strong position for smokes to deagles did somebody just buy a deagle and then drop it for a cz smart man hes planning to win its a better man than me and this could be all she wrote guardian locking it down at b main from checker theres no molotov to push him off and the flash is gonna be a huge tell in fact a molotov from his team to cover to cover his fire but it it its a and off givin up to dd and the trait comes out versus the mid rotators but two players have already made their way into the site rain it snacks and in return tyloo have taken van control this is actually a nice mid round from them a korea is also in a pretty strong position now that theyve threatened to go back to mid he has the aum hes gonna spot a rain and unfortunately for him rain ducks right under his scope and thats why you always aim for the duck so when they crouch you hit him in the face by a shirt a stored up boxer gg i hope you enjoyed that game im glad we get to watch some of these sydney games back and thats it for me [music]

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