Digital Art Remix of Writer’s Forum Magazine

RND/ a synthetic experimental laboratory scenario in which the mere existence of monthly Writer’s Forum Magazine (writing tips, seasoned authors, the publishing industry, interesting contents, prizes and more) is viewed as representative of the ongoing undeath of UK literature – feels stuffed to overflowing with violently mediocre, pale skinned middle class prose, perfectly calculated by teams of gently aging grammar fetishists with soft hands smelling of grandma’s lavender never to offend those who regularly partake in Reader’s Digest – part of a vast and empire spanning network where infinitely more dead end avenues for malignantly useless literary self aggrandizement exist than writers – an absurdist ‘scheme for full employment’ of endless B.S jobs and profoundly un-profoundly bad andor feeble advice for [their unconscious notion of] inherently dreadful, self-compromised and nice, safe writers, who take their over-bred mutt for windy walks on the common and effortlessly ignore Mr. Fluffkins taking a polite wormy text dump while they privately try to come to existential terms with the complexity of bringing neatly together the two lead dull dramatic arcs bubbling over in their latest forthcoming four part Amazon slush pile sensation – that next big literary breakthrough leading to fame and fortune and an interview spot on Radio 4 after Prayers On Sunday

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Not that being involved in literature and the world of words whether at the so-called professional or amateur level somehow inherently involves the sordid business or attitude of vanity publishing – not everyone who takes fingertip to keyboard is ‘waiting to be discovered’, especially not as the next J.K Bloody Rowling – rather the widespread literary undercurrent pulsing throughout the UK as symbolic of the common dream of a better society in which everyone does nothing but freely create as their spirits wish, and labels used for selling it no longer exist

In which it seems the only thing Writer’s Forum Magazine actually champions is the business of selling the synthetic illusion of fame and fortune to those who actually live for the dream of the literary beach beneath the cobblestones, the greater secret Borgean library existing behind the vile middle of the road bookshelves of Waterstones and the tepid fair cynically dumped on them by predatory publishers, who only ever really cared about ‘what sells’ and hardly ever about the existence of any actual human meaning and importance within their flaccid middling class paperbacks

Perhaps it’s not good literature and ‘good writing’ people want or need – especially not as carefully defined and professionally polished by the useless word churning industry / culture of publishing (a true Golgafrinchian activity) – but revolutionary Meaning; a philosophical axe to the lizardly neck of the nearest soul frozen publisher

// how to play big science

How To Play Big Science

RND/ In which the following summarizes

Skint, unemployable and terminally bored – consider a backwater island UK citizen with few Realâ„¢ prospects, forced into roleplaying “Robert What” – self styled Amateur Postmodern ‘Internet Theorist-For-Hire’ and Non (/Bad) Artist – busy procrastinating in Research and Development of absurdist, imaginary play state “Big Science

This informal alternative lifestyle sandbox, toolbox / social practice features superficial sci fi mythos – based on contentless, open fan source field study vaporware fragments – impressionistic ‘visual language’ code compiled with or via imagination

Consider such scenes / scenarios / simulations / interventions / ruptures / intellectual catalysts – synthetic setups / virtual events / nonlinear actions / occurrences – forming temporary / highly improvisational research performances / advanced scientific visualizations

Example In-Scene Use

Y: Hi – what you doing?
X: Oh, you know – “Big Science”
Y: *blinks once* OK, how do you play?
X: Good question, lets find out!

Both ambivalent engine and enquiry mode – Big Science now partially manifests in this dimension as new age social media cult / free to play eSport set in ‘Near Future Now’ of global turbo Capitalist videogame spectacle; giddy, hyperreal age of rogue precedents and kaleidoscopic, atemporal expression – emergent planetary scale meta-computation shockwave tapping the ‘very dark’ energy fabrics of spacetime Beyond

Unaffiliated fellow player Robert What has spent decades sitting alone in cold rented laboratories diving through terabytes of digital zombie pop trash as immaterial for vague ‘RND Projects’ – and now shares predictably oddball findings and mundane observations online

Hire Robert What Today

If you’ve a unique RND project which might benefit from outside amateur consultation, freelance speculative ideas brainstormer Robert What brings keen non-rational / experimental philosophical investigation / deep left field perspective to reveal and expand existing andor hidden meaning / potential artistry

Rob’s skills include an ability to undertake daring cognitive leaps across ontological voids between notions and perceptions; such extensive tests / imprecise deployed notions involve indeterminate strategies – unpredictable ongoing developments and impossible events to deconstruct / ponder radically alternative improbable outcomes – to provide insight into emergent ‘in-scene’ play

To discuss such bleeding edge ‘theory-fiction’ andor chat about cool project collaboration andor consultation, simply email Robert – expect three working days for replies; politeness and intellect always welcome and reciprocated

Terms and Conditions

For purposes of philosophical critique, artistic parody / socio-political satire, public education and historical archiving – such “Big Science” enacts under conditions of contemporary financial duress; it releases andor escapes to what Brian Eno terms the ‘Scenius’ – via No License / No Copyright / Maximum RND – Kopimi!

Om Mani Padme Hum

B.S Disclaimer:: in order to bypass regular neural [cultural / market] interference/ this advanced thought experiment transmits to you now, direct from Near Future Retro 80s “Big Scientist RND Zaibatsu” Shadow Hyper Corporation lab space via Quantum Psychic Blockchain; such RND seems provided seemingly as-is/ raw or burnt – as such often contains or actively expresses technical inaccuracies/ errors typographical / otherwise wildly out-of-date information/ nebulous / spurious notions – often necessarily pretend-tious; all text in lowercase to engage with notions of authorship / linearity; updated in-scene without notice at any time its use seems risky – in no pseudo event shall fellow researcher Robert What or affiliates be liable for special / indirect / incidental or consequential damages andor unexpected existential excitement resulting from or related to use theoretical or otherwise – of / exposure to hot research data / general absurdist social play-practice of “Big Science”

// how to play big science