Photo-Fiction: Combined Images And Stories

SCENE 000: INTRO SOLARIZATION RND/ In which an attempts has been made to forgo the effort required to tell a story, or even express meaning. What remains as mere ‘telling’ – description without much direction. Loose narrative webbing. You had eleven megs of text standing by – a whole folder of research concerning the conjunction … Read more

Alan Wake: Dumbest Writer Alive

RND/ To consider the mere notion of Alan Wake – proto / ur-dumbest (/bad / pulp) writer alive: Part of theorist Robert What’s forthcoming book “How To Stop Being A Writer.” 2104 x 3804, screenshot from Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. In which the actual nightmare is the very notion of “Writer Alan Wake.” If any … Read more

Digital Art Remix of Writer’s Forum Magazine

RND/ a synthetic experimental laboratory scenario in which the mere existence of monthly Writer’s Forum Magazine (writing tips, seasoned authors, the publishing industry, interesting contents, prizes and more) is viewed as representative of the ongoing undeath of UK literature – feels stuffed to overflowing with violently mediocre, pale skinned middle class prose, perfectly calculated by … Read more

Alien Man: The Iron Philosophy Of Henry Rollins (book cover)

RND/ To consider the front cover of a free ebook in development. “Alien Man: The Iron Philosophy Of Henry Rollins.” Shoutout to the art of Rick Spellman for what theorist Robert What calls the ‘Burning Son Of Truth’ tattoo. If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light, … Read more