Sable Videogame: Widescreen Virtual Photography Screenshots (PC)

RND/ To consider widescreen virtual photography screenshots of Sable videogame 3440 x 1440 .jpg (PC) A perfectly serviceable and beautiful looking game, offset by painfully slow desert hoverbike travel and a lack of genuine threats – other than rapidly increasing terminal boredom. A sterile nonplace of fetch questy repetition, despite its rich worldbuilding. While impressive … Read more

Serious Sam 4 Noclip Screenshot Photography

RND/ To consider Serious Sam noclip virtual photography screenshots: 3440 x 1440, max settings, .jpg This somewhat boring, repetitive yet perfectly serviceable game seems perfectly suited to remaining in the ancient era which spawned it. Most likely to elicit the response “Gee, they don’t make em’ like this anymore.” Just wait till the next Steam … Read more

Hyper-Gothic Megastructures In Quake Map Honey By CZG

RND/ To consider noclip virtual photography of ‘hyper-gothic’ Quake map Honey by CZG – .zip available: 3440 x 1440 .jpg Download 82 HD textured Honey mod images (317MB): Quake Enhanced: Dimensions Of The Machine Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshots Blame! Megastructure: Tsutomu Nihei Cyberpunk Manga Waifu2x Abstract Encounter: The House Of Asterion NaissanceE FPS Megastructure … Read more

Quake Enhanced: Dimensions Of The Machine Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshots

RND/ Consider 1440p noclip Quake Enhanced screenshots – .zip available: It’s quite remarkable what a title from ’96 can still yield in terms of intense architecture and gothic aesthetics. While I often found the game itself repetitive in terms of its dim enemies, the setting could not have been more evocative of – as Brian … Read more

Black Mesa Mod: Noclip Screenshot Photography Art Exhibit

RND/ To consider widescreen noclip screenshot photography of the amazing Black Mesa mod: 3440 x 1440 .jpg edited in Gimp I particular enjoy the shots of the desert. Virtual Photography Exhibit: Global Videogame Capitalism And Its Existential Threat. Pseudo Liminal Kenopsia In Videogame Spaces: PC Screenshot Photography Hyperreal Military PC Videogame screenshot photography exhibit Recent … Read more