American Truck Simulator: Noclip Virtual Void Photography

RND/ To consider some nocip Virtual Photography screenshots of ‘American Truck Simulator’s voids. Vast, sprawling electronic desert nowheres. Signs of eternal passing. Lonely wind through tall wild grass on the highway’s verges. Post apocalyptic gaming for the discerning postmodern nomad. 3440 x 1440 .jpg Deserts, Screens, and Empty Smiles: The Vast Wastelands of Jean Baudrillard’s … Read more

The State of New Void Amerika

RND/ To consider your welcome to N.V.A – New Void Amerika: a ‘dark paradise’ celebration. Don’t forget to wave that flag and MAGA! [1] Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £10M – contact Robert What today for details. — New Void Amerika (GENERIC RAP) Special delivery of naturalized bigotry, cash on delivery – … Read more

The Real VR Void Future

RND/ To consider an obvious mashup between oh-so standard gushing, uncritical industry promo interview [1] for V.R “Hyper-Reality” Studio “The Void” [now defunct] – and passable synthetic retro 80s cheesefest horror flick “The Void.” [3] The Real V.R. Void Future In which the blandly predictable, pedestrian symbolic link is: that the near future of V.R … Read more