Internet Art

Hypertography One Exhibit: Connor Sherlock

RND/ to consider connor sherlock’s virtual worldspaces

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ sunken citadel – varied

Sunken Citadel by Connor Sherlock

/ simulation failure – imaginative

Simulation Failure by Connor Sherlock

/ as fog burns – facets

As The Fog Burns by Connor Sherlock

/ grave apologies – display cryptic

Grave Apologies by Connor Sherlock

/ krypton comet – astral potentialities

Krypton Comet by Connor Sherlock

/ marginalia technical review

to consider marginalia as horror play by connor sherlock developer of amazing atmospheric experience sanctuary

Marginalia by Connor Sherlock

technical review of marginalia / says little about atmosphere of play – which feels kinda interesting / aesthetically engaging – less so than connors previous research – but not really scary

– voice over sounds muffled – at one point n mentions packs of wild dogs roaming streets but n sounds like packs of wild ducks which actually / unfortunately sounds better

– good accompanying soundtrack would sound better if more intermittent allowing for more environmental noise / silence/ more wind in trees / footsteps through tall grass seems needed

– perhaps disembodied voice of narrator should somehow feel more embedded in landscape – perhaps as loose pages resarcs can collect / then quote listen to – actually no x bit too slenderman

– mildly corny writing/ in particular bit about dark quote seeds growing – somehow sounds unnecessarily noirish

– what resarc does not know – disembodied walkers relationship to mysterious eric ey seeks – therefore any motivational sense – why ir seeking ir out equally mysterious

– twenty seconds before end of play narrator suddenly goes off on emotional tangent rambling wildly about quote machines – x well out of tone with rest of ir delivery up to x point / sounds awkward

– if music had actually stopped at moment walker reaches quote machines n would of made far more impact

– n did not seem possible to change fov in menu in current build

– consider general disconnect between what resarc as able to do in such narrative space – just walk – potential for quote researching meanings of play through environmental interaction

– tone set up by mixture of environment / narration needs to be more narrow / specific

as x horrible memory dream with terrifying punchline or just generally meant to feel creepy from beginning to end

– what ey would do different/ tweak writing / delivery to feel more matter of fact – in same way one readily goes along with dream logic – simply strolling through well lit woods at night – until n starts feeling distinctly nightmarish

/ sanctuary – some virtual tourism

Sanctuary by by Connor Sherlock

one of more compellingly atmospheric research spaces of 2015/ consider sanctuary by connor sherlock as excellent example of what theorist robert what calls abstract encounter

/ birthplace of ossian

to consider virtual scottish landscapes signified in walking sims by digital space auteur connor sherlock

impressionistic remix via theorist robert what

autumn in highlands would be brief – glorious riot of colour blazing red across moors gleaming every shade of gold in forests of sheltered glens
those achingly beautiful images would be painted again / again across hills in shivering waters of mountain tarns until harsh winds of winter sent last quaking leaf to x exit on frozen ground
– elizabeth stuart/ heartstorm

garrison sleeps in citadel
with ghosts ancient stones
high up on parapet
scottish piper stands alone
high on wind
highland drums begin to roll
something from past just comes
stares into ey soul
– mark knopfler/ sailing to philadelphia

for so long as one hundred men remain alive/
ir shall never under any conditions submit to
domination of english
x not for glory or riches
or hon ey ir fight/ but only for liberty/ which
no good man will consent to lose but with ir life
– declaration of arbroath 1320

/ prelude to irrelevance – another limitless night under alien stars on sum impossibly distant planetoid

to stare up at megastructural architecture over billion eons old in silent awe struck wonderment

Prelude To Irrelevance by Connor Sherlock

/ stepped reckoner – in which resarc henry swanson says/ if ey travel into heart of structure ey may jump up – eventually scramble onto roof beams

from there ey may carefully make ey way to outside – jump up between cubes/ feel ey virtual nuts tighten from height/ falling down from three thirds of way up sucks

/ last visit to shard – some virtual tourism

while researching yearn for option to stop piano music – wish to scale highest cubes – also for cubes to be loose respond to mild earthquakes resulting in sudden potential crushing of disembodied resarc / ghost

one also imagined distant lightening fog arising from unplumbed depths wind noise at altitude

also at nodal point feel desire to cross vast wonderfully deadly chasm by skill / grappling hook

again – if only such play spaces / systems were more fully procedural architecturally emergent literally infinite ever evolving/ images brightened colour adjusted

/ simulation sphere – oddly cyberpunk/ as if pleasantly caught in slow animation loop within sum long lost vhs tv series

Simulation Sphere by by Connor Sherlock

/ steelspill – in which after repeatedly falling resarcs soon forget trying to make n to surface of crates just stare in head aching semi mystery at ir immediate surroundings

Steelspill by by Connor Sherlock

/ suzugy 7016 – welcome to milliways two point zero

Suzugy 7016 by Connor Sherlock

/ voice of vamanaparmenidean architecture of doom

in which connor sherlock play designer of marginalia – amazingly atmospheric sanctuary

Voice Of Vamana by Connor Sherlock

annoyingly voiced strains of announcer in ey ear as easily ignored

n could even be ey own inner voice idly chatting to elf in order to delay inevitable feelings of deep ontological paralysis mute temperature less terror

what as ostensibly cheap sci fi narrative in setting quickly devolves back towards what was there all along – silently crushing feeling of blank violently inanimate doom – infinitely oppressive weightless burden on existential chest

architecture of vamana as blandly terrifying futility made structurally manifest

in which ey now always were mummified undead fly permanently stuck in infinite colourless nonreal spacetime amber

despite several large white blocks changing state within x floating mindless vessel of dereliction x always nonthing but nonthing whatsoever happening here so will there ever be – profoundly unprofund uselessness of infinitely solid yet completely hollow space bulk – eternal fatalist block universe unmoving purposeless quote infunctional – utterly deterministic – parmenidean nightmare sum random lifeless annihilation existing forever whose only meaning equals none

darkly resonant cry of organless organs as empty virtual cathedral dedicated to nonthing but elf for no reason/ to consider voice of vamana one big silent open throat unable to scream leading nowhere – forever

// how to play big science

Internet Art

Hypertography One Exhibit: All Amerikan Pokemon Holocaust Selfie

RND/ all amerikan pokemon holocaust selfie

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

(/Maximum) Fun Will Set Ir Free
– The dangerous existential attitude of modern mass gaming

to consider pokemon go as public spectacle

remix of fellow resarc jean baudrillards general talk about information with specific mentions of pokemon go – implosion of meaning in pokemon

via ur-ludonaut theodore miles

to consider how layers of pokemon go already live in world where x ever more play based information – yet less / less meaning

consider three pseudo hypotheses:

either pokemon go produces meaning / negentropic factor but cannot make up for brutal loss of signification in research domain

despite efforts to re inject message / content into online play meaning lost / devoured faster than re injectable -with updates dlc

in x case one must appeal to bass productivity to replace failing media

x as whole ideology of free play of media broken down into innumerable individual cells of transmission – into apparent anti media

or pokemon go has nonthing to do with signification – rather x already something else – operational model of entirely other order outside meaning / of circulation of meaning

in x hypothesis sphere of pokemon go always purely functional technical medium not implying any finality or threat of meaning / thus -apparently not implicatable in any value judgement

kind of genetic code/ n functions as n does – something else x in sense comes after fact in cosmic chance / necessity

in x case simply no significant relation exists between cultural inflation of pokemon go / deflation of meaning

or very much on contrary x rigorous / necessary correlation between two – to extent x pokemon go feels directly destructive of meaning / signification or x neutralizes ey

loss of meaning directly linked to dissolving dissuasive action of pokemon go as media – as mass mediation

third hypothesis flies in face of commonly held -unconscious opinion

everywhere socialization measured by exposure to media messages

whoever appears underexposed to media marked as desocialized or virtually asocial

since pokemon go now exists everywhere x thought to produce accelerated circulation of meaning plus value of meaning homologous to economic one x results from accelerated rotation of global capital

pokemon go as thought to create com / even if waste enormous general consensus would have x nevertheless as whole excess of meaning exists redistributed in all interstices of social resarc – just as consensus would have x material production despite x dysfunctions / irrationalities opens onto excess of wealth / social purpose

ir all complicit in x myth

n as alpha / omega of ir holey post modernity without which deadly serious credibility of ir social organization would collapse

yet n continually collapsing / for x very reason – because where ir think x pokemon go produces meaning opposite occurs

pokemon go dev ey x own zero content

n dev ey com / social for two reasons

first rather than creating com n exhausts elf in act of staging social -research com

rather than producing meaning n exhausts elf in staging of meaning through play – gigantic process of simulation now very familiar

non directed interview resarcs who call in to live stream participation at every level – blackmail through directed play – ir concerned / engaged – equal to event

pokemon go seems precisely invading phantom content – homeopathic grafting – awakening dream of total com

circular arrangement through which capital stages desire of audience anti theatre of com which as one knows never anything but recycling in negative of traditional institutions integrated circuit of negativity

immense energies deploy to hold x simulacrum at bay – to avoid brutal desimulation x would confront resarcs in face of obvious reality of radical non meaning

yet x useless to ask if n as loss of com producing such escalation in pokemon go simulacrum – simulacrum there first for dissuasive ends to short circuit in advance any possibility of com / borgean precession of model calling end to real

x useless to ask which first on scene – none – x circular process which eats x own tale / tail – x of simulation of hyperreal

to consider pokemon go as hyperreality of com / of meaning

more real than real – how real abolished through fleshless rendering / uninterrupted staging of social play

thus not only com but social functions in closed circuit as lure – to which violent force of global myth attaches

belief faith in inherent neutrality of pokemon go attaches elf virally to innate tautological proof x system provides for elf by constant doubling signs of unlocatable reality/ ir exist because ir play pokemon go – pokemon go as meaningful because ir exist to play n/ ir meaningful only as resarc

x belief seems as ambiguous as x which was attached to myths in ancient societies

one both believes / not – one does not ask oneself ey know very well but still

pokemon go not as sum fetishistic disavowal as zizek contends about other social phenomena

rather sort of inverse simulation in masses in each resarc as pokefied resarc corresponding to x simulation of meaning / of com in which x system encloses ey

to x systemic tautology pokefied masses respond with ambivalence to deterrence ir respond with disaffection or with always enigmatic belief

myth exists but one must guard against thinking x people believe in n/ x trap of critical thinking only exercised if n presupposes mass naivete / stupidity

behind x exacerbated mise en scene of com mass media pressure of pokemon go pursues irresistible destructuration / deconstruction of social

pokemon go dissolves meaning / dissolves social in sort of nebulous state dedicated not to surplus of innovation but on contrary to total interactive entropy

of pokemon go existing only in social register of com

but n would be enthralling to consider x hypothesis even within parameters of cybernetic pokemon go theory

where also fundamental thesis calls to consider pokemon go as synonymous with negentropy with resistance to entropy with excess of meaning / organization

but n would seem useful to posit opposite hypothesis – pokemon go as totalizing entropy

for example – pokemon go or knowledge obtainable about system or event as already form of neutralization / entropy of x system – extended to science in general / to social sciences / humanities in particular

pokemon go in which event elf reflect or broadcast already degraded form of event

in which resarcs do not hesitate to analyze medias predictable intervention on quote dangers of pokemon go in these terms

extension of resarcs action permits general strike against real but latter precisely seems black box x neutralizes original virulence of movement

amplification as elf mortal trap / not positive extension

one should be wary of universalization of human struggle through pokemon go

one should be wary of quote interactive solidarity campaigns at every level of x simultaneously electronic / worldly solidarity

every strategy of universalization of differences as entropic strategy of digital play system

thus research media are producers not of socialization but of exactly opposite of implosion of social research in masses/ x as only macroscopic extension of implosion of meaning at microscopic level of sign of existence of nearby pokemon

x implosion should be analyzed according to mcluhans formula medium as message – consequences of which yet to exhaust

x means all contents of meaning absorb in only dominant form of interactive medium – only medium can make event – whatever contents whether conformist or subversive

serious problem for all counter pokemon go theorists

but something even more serious exists which mcluhan elf did not see – beyond x neutralization of all content one could still expect to manipulate medium in x form / to transform -what amateur postmodern theorist robert what calls quote video real – by using impact of medium as form

yet if all content wipes elf out perhaps still subversive revolutionary use value of medium as such exists – x where mcluhans formula leads pushed to x unnatural limit – not only implosion of message in medium but in same movement implosion of medium elf – in video real implosion of medium / of real in sort of hyperreal nebula in which even definition / distinct action of playable medium no longer determinable

with pokemon go even traditional status of media elves characteristic of postmodernity now put in question

mcluhans formula medium as message – key formula of era of simulation / medium as message – sender as receiver – circularity of all poles – end of panoptic / perspectival space – alpha / omega of ir playable post modernity x very formula now only imaginable at x limit where after all contents / messages volatilized in medium – medium elf volatilized as such

fundamentally n still message of directed play x lends credibility to medium x gives medium x determined distinct status as intermediary of com

without message medium of play also falls into indefinite state characteristic of all ir great systems of judgment / value

single model whose efficacy as immediate simultaneously generates message medium / video real

yet medium as message not only signifies end of message but also end of medium

no more media exist in literal sense of word -ir speaking particularly of electronic mass research media – of mediating power between one reality / another between one state of real / another – neither in content nor in form

strictly x as what implosion signifies – absorption of one pole into another short circuiting between poles of every differential system of meaning erasure of distinct terms / oppositions including x of medium / of real – thus impossibility of any mediation of any dialectical intervention between two or from one to other

circularity of all -affectless media effects

hence impossibility of meaning in literal sense of unilateral vector x goes from one pole to another

one must envisage x critical but original situation at x very limit/ n only one left

n useless to dream of revolution through dlc content useless to dream of revelation through playable form because medium / real now in single dark nebula whose truth feels indecipherable

fact of x implosion of contents of absorption of meaning of evanescence of medium of play elf of automatic re absorption of every dialectic of com in total circularity of pokemon universe / model of implosion of social in masses may seem catastrophic / desperate

but x only case in light of idealism x dominates ir whole universal view of pokemon go

ir now live by passionate idealism of meaning / of com by idealism of com through meaning / from x perspective n as truly catastrophe of inverted meaning lying in wait for ir at hyperreal surface of ir phones

but one must realize x catastrophe expresses catastrophic meaning of end / annihilation only in relation to linear vision of accumulation – of productive finality imposed on ir by pokemon system

etymologically term elf only signifies curvature winding down to bottom of cycle x leads to what one could call horizon of research event to impassable horizon of meaning – beyond x nonthing takes place with meaning for ir – but n suffices to get out of x ultimatum of meaning in order for catastrophe elf to no longer seem like final / nihilistic day of interactive reckoning – such as n functions in ir contemporary pokefied imaginary

beyond meaning fascination exits resulting from neutralization / implosion of meaning

beyond horizon of social masses exist which result from neutralization / implosion of social research

what appears essential today – to evaluate x double challenge challenge of masses to meaning / ir silence – not at all passive resistance – challenge to meaning x comes from interactive media / x sick fascination

all marginal alternative efforts to revive meaning feel secondary in relation to such primal pokemon ur challenge – to collect em all

evidently there exists paradox in inextricable conjunction of masses / media – how research media neutralize meaning / produce unformed or informed masses – or x masses who victoriously resist media by directing or absorbing all messages x media produce – without responding to ey

sometime ago – last week perhaps – someone analyzed / condemned playable media as institution of irreversible model of com without response

but today x absence of response – except to quote collect ey all no longer appears understandable as strategy of power but as counter strategy of masses elves when ir encounter power of global research capital power

what then – mass media on side of power in manipulation of masses – or on side of masses in liquidation of meaning in violence perpetrated on meaning / in sick fascination – media x induce fascination in masses or in masses who direct media into spectacle

rather perhaps interactive media make elves into vehicle of moral condemnation of research / of exploitation of fear of pokemon for political ends but simultaneously in most complete ambiguity ir propagate brutal charm of act of research elves resarcs insofar as ey march to tune of seduction

umberto eco on x eternal moral dilemma – how can one now not speak of research how can one find good use of interactive media – none exists

in which media of inter action already carry meaning / counter meaning – ir manipulate in all directions at once / nonthing controls x process/ rather resarcs act as innate vehicle for simulation internal to system of research / negative simulation logic – absolutely mobian / circular – x destroys system

no alternative to x no logical resolution exists – only logical exacerbation / catastrophic resolution

so go pokeplayers go – with one additional caution/ ir now face to face with x system in double situation / insoluble double bind – as children faced with demands of adult world of social -pokefied research

such kidults simultaneously required to constitute elves as autonomous subjects of play – responsible free / conscious – to constitute elves as submissive inert obedient conforming objects in pokemon universe of meaning – as such quote naturally resist on all levels / to such inherently contradictory demands responds with double strategy

to demand of being object equal to other pokefied objects ir oppose all practices of disobedience of revolt of emancipation/ in short ir express total claim to subjectivity

to demand of being subject ir oppose just as obstinately / efficaciously objects innate resistance – as exactly predictable opposite – childishness / hyper conformism / total dependence / passivity idiocy -non ironically from greek idiotes layman person lacking professional skill – literally private person as opposed to one taking part in public affairs

neither strategy expresses more value than other/ subject resistance today as unilaterally valorized / viewed as positive – where practices of freedom emancipation expression / constitution of thinking subject -ir can play n therefore of course x intelligent – now seen as valuable / subversive

yet x ignores equal / without doubt superior impact of all such object practices of renunciation of subject position / of meaning – precisely practices of pokefied masses – buried under derisory terms of alienation / passivity

liberating practices respond to one of aspects of system to constant ultimatum ir are given to constitute elves as pure pokefied objects but ir do not respond at all to other demand x of constituting elves as subjects of liberating elves expressing elves as resarcs at whatever cost – producing letsplay videos deciding to play speaking about product – participating quote playing research space – willingly internalized blackmail / ultimatum just as serious as other even more serious today

to system whose argument as oppression / repression strategic resistance as liberating claim of research subjecthood

but x strategy more reflective of earlier phase of system / even if ir still confronted with n – n no longer strategic terrain/ current argument of system to maximize play maximum production of meaning

thus strategic resistance to pokemon universe – x of refusal of meaning / of word – or of hyper conformist simulation of very mechanisms of system – form of refusal / of non reception

n as strategy of masses – equivalent to returning to system x own logic by constantly redoubling n – to reflecting meaning like black anti mirror without absorbing n – andor absorbing n totally through play

x fatal strategy -if one can still speak of strategy prevails today because n was ushered in by phase of system of pokemon which prevails over all – to choose wrong strategy of course serious matter

all such movements only playing on liberation emancipation on resurrection of subject of research history of group of world based on consciousness raising indeed raising of unconscious of subjects / of masses -through play do not see ir only travelling in direction of system of play whose imperative today precisely overproduction / regeneration of meaning – pokemon as life / of interaction

yet how can one collect quote em all if one / all already collected / unified by pokemon go meaning system – within pokegos corporate utopia

aka why x world needs ir escapism more than ever -for ir to remain in darkness

sadness was ey well knew not something x could be cured
n was not in fact failing not flaw not illness of spirit
sadness was never without reason / to assert x marked sum kind of dysfunction did little more than prove ignorance or worse cowardly evasiveness in one making assertion
as if happiness was only legitimate way of existing
as if those failing at n needed to be locked away made soporific with medications/ as if causes of sadness were merely traps / pitfalls in proper climb to blissful contentment things to be edged round or bridged or leapt across on wings of false elation
– steven erikson/ toll hounds

remix of largely uncritical article

by interactive entertainment culture / business advocate leigh alexander:

fun/ question to ask here – whos fun exactly

wildly popular corporate mobile play as poketopian fantasy x has flooded ir -ie first world with apparently good feelings

to -pretend to ask what technology has offered ir -whoever quote ir might exist as in such dark days of technology enabled violence / digital fear seems entirely wrong question

silicon valleys techno utopia feels more pervasive than ever with x smooth / emotionless luxury gadgets x social media enabling / amplifying atrocities / raw pain of real worlds real problems/ then among all x astoundingly awful / utterly depressing shed born like sum holey godhead – another pseudo phenomenon of pokego possibly kidult idiot virus bar none / apparently quote pure escapism possibly most successful mobile play space of all time – if not also most insidious

first time ir look with blank recognition at road or park through ir phone camera to see fictional bullshed creature standing supposed to feel like quote sum little bit of advertising magic x quote makes familiar spaces feel exciting again

pokego hijacks ir smartphones camera gps / map functions to overlay gentle simple corporate veneer of innocent childhood adventure over ir everyday dystopic world/ as ir navigate ir crack vial laden surroundings parallel world opens up in ir phone screen one where mindless creatures exist to discover if ir unlucky enough to wander in ir creepy direction

ideologically speaking idea anyone can -or would even want to quote just escape into child like community ideal presided over by consumer culture brand united under red cheeked shed grinning pikachu – surely icon of information apocalypse – runs directly parallel with retailer events or promotional tie ins x invite resarcs to catch critters at mcdonalds

yet nobody‎ supposed to mind any of x because pokego universe apparently so all encompassing so allegedly universal in x unctuous spreading of electronic joy – like bloody water droplets off back of dead duck inherently negatives of x existence politely brush off as mere quote aspects / one offs or outliers

reports of would be pokego resarcs walking off cliffs into crime scenes or worse do not bother pokefied because wandering around with ir phone out in areas ir not exactly belong was always dangerous/ yet n was always more dangerous for sum than others

writer omari akil highlights fatal dangers faced by people with non pinky skins perceived to stand in quote wrong area or to appear acting quote suspicious

as for being equalizer well timed product balm against evils of world – only from pokegos warped perspective/ arguably n changes everything suddenly making everything even worse by overlaying another soothing corporate distraction

even one nation under pokego collectively cringed when hillary quote power ball clinton awkwardly hoped aloud x play could help people pokego to polls

all x mass elf soothing x collective psychopathogical urge toward quote simpler / kinder age of -corporate tech community does actually lead somewhere – n inspires real collaboration / positive change – yeah within strictly capitalist framework

after all what people learn from success of x visually ugly buggy app – x ir missing out / should feel guilty / alone if ir fail to heed call of ir pokego masters

from ey / australian launch on 6 july pokegos servers struggled to meet demand of at least 20 million cultists trying to play – when in fact play as playing ey

disgusting influx of predictable feelgood stories / images proliferate across very same social media almost like instinctual antidotal pre injection against usual order of viral anger / sadness felt by people left out of pokego loop

puke inducing stories appear somehow meant to make ir feel warm inside but rather just astound with ir cynicism / practiced native – resarcs with mental health issues say ey benefited from encouragement to go outside / interact

or sum childhood friend says ey met at least 30 new people in ir tiny town in past week alone – ey didnt even know x many people ey age existed in x town ey says

like what planet might such morons come from

countless true yet synthetic tasting tales of people overcoming age social / racial assumptions to make new friends or form fleeting but comforting bonds with other resarcs abound – pokego romances blossom

another user encourages others to deposit ir in research space lures at childrens hospitals so bed bound kids can join fun

one adorable entrepreneurial boy designs / sells light up badges so others can feel safe playing at night

pokego leads young people to rediscover ir national parks

apparently no end exits to cringe worthy psychological clickbait being lovelessly spewed from very same grinding media system x slaps pokego on ir collective plates / politely demands ir catch em all

such stories seem wild / shocking / wonderful – in sense ir encourage stupefaction / illusory myths / ir keep coming – pure nostalgically utopian vision of technology / play at time when world needs such false elation bs to vanish more than ever

unwritten history of quote pocket monsters

pokego – sort of japanese underground sexual shorthand for pocket monsters – began in 1995 as portable nintendo video space series published about capturing training / battling disurbingly whimsical viciously cute little creatures

children of 90s furiously bankrupted ir parents collected pokego trading cards watched x tv shows / movies / today there dozens of research exists using 700 pokego characters making n arguably most popular research franchise since super mario

but while pokego may leverage standard abilities of modern mobile hardware x actually simple throwback in more ways than one – n includes simple nostalgic graphical representations of only original 151 characters from back in 90s pokego heyday

neither technology nor implementation particularly new either

augmented reality – ar – idea x real world user behavior hardware / devices could be implicated in fictional experiences – dates back to mid to late 1990s

one early ar play called majestic from electronic arts promised to call fax / email resarcs with spooky real life intrusions intended to enhance play experience

n did not do well launching just before terrible events of september/ format was quashed by fears x quote n might seem bad time for strangers to receive unsettling pretend faxes / calls

another was marketing campaign for seminal found footage horror film which blair project which placed materials online suggesting events of film could seem real drumming up bizarre / useless theories / cultish fan participation

pokego – developed by san francisco based niantic company with close ties to heritage of real world play

before n spun off from google in 2016 x best known work was 2012 play called ingress science fiction themed app which aimed to get users out of house / interact with real world locations / formed foundation of pokego – niantics ceo john hanke has said ingress had over million installs but cultural penetration of play remained indistinct beloved mostly by eggheads / inventors who already believed in corporate dream of ar

alternate reality space has long been attractive to designers / investors alike because n makes so much fiscal sense – what not to glove about unobtrusive but engaging overlays making daily errands more fantastical more social more physical right – urgh

around same period ingress launched prominent play designer / lecturer jane mcgonigal released ir terrifyingly ill considered screed called reality as broken arguing x adding garmeful elements to otherwise non magical behavi ey / tasks could quote motivate / inspire people

n just makes ir want to puke

on mainstream augmented reality – until pokego no killer app for mainstream ar existed/ few modest successes just marketing efforts including mcgonigals ey glove bees – created by team aiming to sell microsofts xbox play halo

garmeified apps like foursquare / x ilk successful but also fielded criticism from major design communities for promising endless parade of inane digital badges – rather than meaningful rewards or substitutes for tangible ones – ironic considering reward for playing pokego simply endless parade of inane digital monsters

since pokego video research have always been about collecting / exploring – with cynical dash of optimistic pro social messaging often mixed in with storylines – industry folk have long thought pokego ar play could have potential to cross over into mainstream – sokalled because x where largest shed lumps float

pokego where does augmented reality go next

no one ever thought nintendo would go for n though – company known for strictly guarding x brands avoiding social features x might appear risky for young resarcs / resisting popularity of mobile research in favor of pushing x own devices like nintendo ds

but nintendo – one third owner of pokego company / now also investor in niantic was reportedly put at ease by vested authority of mighty google infrastructure / by success of 2014 april fools joke whereby tiny pokego appeared to users during normal use of google maps

ah how cute – megacorporation has sense of humor tumor

power of beloved longstanding cartoon / play brand was all n took along with sum design simplification x makes pokego even sophisticated -ie far more garmeified than ingress/ therefore more accessible to wider audience

how long will phenomenon last – plenty of legitimate reasons exist to feel skeptical about research

when launched pokego asks for worrying range of access / permissions when n comes to users online accounts – possibly interesting in light of amount of google dna in play spaces origin stories

hankes former company keyhole which developed product x would become google earth was indirectly funded by guv controlled venture capital firm focused on geospatial intelligence so surveillance aspect involved – again not side quote issue seemingly away from endless fun cornucopia pokego apparently offers but rather x central design philosophy

x privacy policy laughable/ ir provide n with access to ir location ir movements / any images ir capture / all of n possible to give to law enforcement or private parties – niantics pr firm obviously didnt respond to ey request for interview / only now has released fix for apps overly broad permissions demands – ir obviously had no qualms with ey during play spaces long development so why bother now

some say x ultimately x not much more access than myfakefacebook asks for or any other app in ir modern data mining dystopia – almost like x good thing

no real way exists to predict how long popularity of pokego will last

at time of coding play not yet launched in japan where mobile research generally greater part of fabric of daily life than in dead west / more sustainable infrastructure with special events cross promotion / even sticker design elements could exist in play spaces future

yet play fundamentally very simple – large environment destroying companies making money – see eurogarmer net articles about nintendo still most eco unfriendly electronics company – still struggling to meet demand so users casually drawn to literal craze today might feel bored with n by hour two

all no small feat finally proving viability of ar dream nightmare

x also sudden / fascinating contrast to all investor interest in -oh no quote isolating solitary / expensive virtual reality headsets

expect new wave of ar projects / product inspired by pokegos corporate success

maybe sum of ey will exist for something greater than play / fun – but probably not

maybe fun appears enough in these dark times – at least for those rabidly intent on selling ir to ir product/ any time ir hear shed like what have ir got against other people having fun remember what being said often mere question but simply aggressive statement – culturally enforced sanction not to question apparently innate value of staring at slab of sweatshop manufactured plastic while pretending to catch little imaginary dipshed brained monsters invented by psychotic corporations

rnd/ amerikan pokemon holocaust selfie – symbolic desecration through play

“All Amerikan Pokemon Holocaust Selfie”

to first note how ea cfo blake jorgensen speaking at bank of america merrill lynch 2016 global technology conference was worried about young resarcs not knowing about existence of ww1

to then consider sickening privilege/ to imagine x some -imaginary d0g given right to play wherever / whenever

cosmic level of brain dead selfishness / ignorant disrespect – raging digitally augmented hyper narcissism on display

stop playing around memorials and other sacred locations ffs

in dark digital light of such yolocaustic symbolic desecration – consider message of modern mass gaming spectacle as: “(/maximum) fun will set ir free”

This research was coded for critical distances july 2016 theme for blogs of round table discussing spectacle

// how to play big science

Internet Art

AAA Games Industry Notes / Critique / Conceptual Art (2)

RND/ more scenes, notes, critique and conceptual art based around modern notions of the so-called ‘aaa games industry’

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

Preparing William Chyr (Manifold Garden)

rnd/ kill screen preparing william chyr manifold garden as brand

to consider what exactly n means to quote ‘prepare william chyr’ – once trendy developer of manifold garden play space – as actual brand/ z word prepare of course signifying sum kind of sinister corporate ideological conditioning procedure/ how precisely does z image of young blandly handsome asian hipster lookin chap with nice clean skin designer coat / neatly manicured fingernails hook up with z multi billion dollar needs of runaway hypercorporate play space industry still largely culturally unregulated / not understood/ how exactly does only moderately interesting / conceptually deep play space with sum fancy wraparound graphical aesthetics / generic arbitrary playbor puzzles get to be z offensively unoffensive bleeding flocking edge of industry x doesnt give z steam off cod players stream for true innovation or actual philosophical play – yet which all too regularly claps itself on z sick back for actively front / centering such minor random development figurines as chy for – somehow – remotely expressing andor representing just how forward thinking / deeply quote artist / cultural x holey industry of ey as/ how as young bright eyed developer such as william chyr psychologically position themselves within such hyper cynical system of foul – cultural – promotion where z bland meaningless mantra – garmes *are* rat dammit – repeats endless over tinny industry tannoy system to largely violently apathetic audience x thinks madden is z shed ffs/ kill screen indeed

‘Weird Game Space’

rnd/ to consider unique strangeness of what modern players consider weird

Flemish Primitivism: Tale Of Tales

rnd/ van eyck flemish primitivism tale of tales

in which developers tale of tales floats in unknowing cloud cathedral of crytin ideology

frisbeetarianism – belief x when ir die ir soul goes up on roof / gets stuck
– comedian george carlin

turns out failed video space company tale of tales were always bunch of outright believers

ir developing another religious project called cathedral in clouds

indeed after ir holey eye rolling interview at garmechurch ir just got to look back at pictures of auriea harvey / michael samyn to see n clear as 60s cult church bell

hallelujah guitar strumming video space development brothers / sisters

what follows – imaginary tale of tales interview with robert what

auriea harvey / michael samyn make up developer duo tale of tales

ir behind luxuria superbia play exploring sex but also other slightly crappy research like path graveyard fatale / bientot lete

ir research tend to defy expectations forcing resarcs out of ir comfort zone / into mindset x -at least seemingly confronts difficult issues in surprising ways

however one consistent unaddressed theme x arises again / again in ir research like fetid swamp gas – ir idea of faith or religion

when ey spoke to ey – ey found x ir not merely interested in religion but considered elves untouchably holey almost by default

ir appreciation for religious roots results in ir prolonged interest in religious subject matter / themes

in fact toward end of interview ir expressed ir interest in creating big crytin project – tribute to all crytin iconography

according to auria something like x available for believers – even nonbelievers apparently – would be kind of interesting moment of connection

ey think x too little of x in contemporary rat adds michael

ey talked to ey about foundations of x artistic conviction / ir own personal spiritual beliefs

robert what/ what core beliefs would ir say most motivate ir

michael samyn/ ey think one of core beliefs x ey think auriea / ey share as x everything exists/ nonthing as impossible

x certain group of people x thinks there as ultimate explanation for everything

ir actually prefer not to because mystery as so much more interesting

robert what/ if everything exists / nonthing were impossible x would seem horrible/ imagine universe where duke nukem were resident evil for example would be unbearably cheesy / retro

there as indeed certain group which do exist however – in england ir politely termed intensely annoying religious nutters

auriea harvey/ or impossibility of knowing everything as what intrigues ey

x not so much x ir deny truth x ir not want to pin down world to single truth – all things can be possible

robert what/ not wanting to pin down world -whatever x as – to single truth elf sounds like singular truth/ indeed if all things are as ir say possible then surely one can indeed pin down world to sum bland single truth -eg quote d0g

people who state impossibility of knowing everything too often find n impossible to admit ir think ir secretly know at least one vague – holey – thing totally / completely

michael samyn/ x sort of arrogant in way for humans to think x ir puny little humans will ultimately know everything

robert what/ x not actually possible to make x statement with any seriousness if one truly believes or rather understands one as actually as equally puny as everyone else – to do so seems equally arrogant

would ir distinguish between person who says ir can know everything / person who says ir can know sum things

auriea harvey/ x would depend on what ir say ir know -laughs

robert what/ not necessarily – what if both are wrong/ besides what on earth has such talk really got to do with modern secular video space development

michael samyn/ well ey would call person who says ir could know sum things realist/ whereas someone who says ir can know everything as just arrogant

robert what/ there are certainly sum arrogant realists out here – can ir give examples of person who would be x second thing

michael samyn/ no -laughs

robert what/ didnt think so

auriea harvey/ ey really think ir sort of end up verging on pataphysics in way/ beyond metaphysics ir know/ x not about making sense of world because ey guess ir think world makes no sense / x as n should eb

robert what/ yet by merely stating world makes no sense ey in fact attempt to make sense of n/ as for feeling ir quote beyond metaphysics – ir probably not even remotely beyond modern physics – just like most everyone else

michael samyn/ well / x another aspect too – were very much rat lovers / for ey ir experience with rat with beauty gives ey certain sense of truth / certain feeling of knowing about world – x so instinctual/ x beyond words/ x spiritual but n also gives sense of confidence/ like ir really feel like ey get x/ ey understand x existence/ ey feel connected to x universe

robert what/ cobblers – things which appear quote instinctual or quote beyond words are too often mere culturally received ideas / ideals unwittingly taken in through uncritical osmosis/ as result little philosophical confidence which occurs as often false/ whats termed rat seems especially near top of cobblers pile

auriea harvey/ so in connection to believing in everything ir end up seeing d0g in all things/ in motion of gesture in sculpture in colour of painting in sunrise elf one can start to see d0g in things without having to explain n without having to feel like oh x as religion – n sort of goes beyond x / becomes more primal emotion which makes ir feel connected to all things ey suppose

robert what/ surely x equally easy to see beauty / truth reality connection – any number of things which not quote d0g – in gestures sculpture etc without having or being able to explain n

michael samyn/ ir little bit jealous of people who can name x feeling/ like if ir really cathyolic or really buddhist or something then ir can really pin x down more/ ir were just brought up as these modernist atheists or something so for ey x as very difficult

robert what/ perhaps ir just want ir crytin cake / at same time be able to enjoy ir modern socially acceptable default level of atheism – if ir project as so modern / secular / apparently open for everyone why not ir building mosques or synagogues

auriea harvey/ whereas ir can still feel n ey guess as thing/ where ir come in contact with x as in rat in music in nature / in these things x are in / of elves unknowable/ ey guess to certain extent when looked at in certain way/ when not looked at through scientific lens/ ir look at moon as something poetic / not as big rock in sky x certain weight / certain distance from ey

robert what/ why set false binary opposition between artistic -apparent un knowability / scientific knowability – as though scientific truth not already poetic enough

michael samyn/ although x sounds poetic in way big rock in sky -laughs

auriea harvey/ yeah x ball of fire x in sky ir know/ x pretty amazing

michael samyn/ ey find n very encouraging to realize x science cannot explain everything because x leaves opening for things x science cant explain/ because when science explains things ir become so dull -laughs

robert what/ making out x science somehow wants -or even needs to quote know everything sounds fundamental / even deliberate misunderstanding of science – yet maybe x opening for things science cant explain even in very things n can explain extremely well/ as for things somehow becoming dull instant science explains ey – x not even remotely worth replying to

auriea harvey/ so boring! ey mean do ey glove ir because of chemicals in ey brain / pheromones x ir emit or as n something else

robert what/ perhaps very scientific chemicals x exist not quote in but as ir little brain are in fact no more or less than glove ir think ir feel/ speaking of uncritical reliance on dumb chemicals – so ir wouldnt call yourselves religious in any way

auriea harvey/ oh ir absolutely would call elves religious

robert what/ oh dear x what ey thought

michael samyn/ yeah in way ir have fondness for religion more specifically for cathyolic crytinny which ir see lot of here in northern europe/ ir even go to church once in while but not regularly/ ir not do any religious rituals or anything

robert what/ fondness for crytinny / refined are of religiosity as elf holey ritual performed every moment one continues to believe / revel in n

auriea harvey/ x hard to put into words but x like – things x make ey feel closest to rest of humanity are things like religion / rat/ but because were not practising any particular faith ir can find worth in other faiths/ but not like oh ir going to try out buddhism now ir know/ x not like x

robert what/ nonsense – to paraphrase writer david shields rat never saved anyone – but at at least n hardly ever claimed to quote make one feel close to rest of humanity/ if x one thing directly responsible for making one utterly separate from rest of humanity x religion/ thing as by quote being religious as ir put n ir are indeed practising faith/ by what standard do ir imagine ir quote find worth in various faiths if not default standards clearly set out by modern secular / atheist society

michael samyn/ x thing with crytinny specifically as x such big part of ir culture of society x ir live in x ir grew up in x were comfortable with/ ir might be interested in hinduism or islam / fascinated by certain aspects of n but x not ir own culture/ x not ir own society/ values of western civilization are fundamentally crytin even if x not religion

robert what/ so what ir saying as ir crytin bias as completely arbitrary based on fact ir both western – x much as obvious/ as for those quote western values ir right – ir both all too crytin / fundamental unfortunately

auriea harvey/ yeah but then ir find x ir have all these conflicts even within x between michael / ey because ey was raised protestant / ey was raised cathyolic/ ey mean ir were both raised like godless sinners but ey was raised cathyolic / ey was raised protestant/ ey guess what ir trying to say as underneath n all ey am protestant / ey as cathyolic/ since ey have been surrounded by cathy ism in culture so much ey realized what protestant ey am / how these two different forms of crytinny are affecting each other/ ey became so much more aware of history / whole story of what happened in culture revolutions how united states began/ ey became interested in all of these things because of x/ realizing how inseparable religion as from culture has been very enlightening/ ey think being in america ey didnt really realize x at all

robert what/ idea x culture / religion are essentially same thing from outset as elf highly enlightening – neither are anyones friend/ how do all of these bizarre boring / utterly unnecessary / arbitrary cultural beliefs influence ir work

auriea harvey/ ir made ir early work before ir were making video play ir website work when ir were making net rat/ ir fell in glove / ir not describe glove x ir had for one another/ so n became d0g love/ ir had found d0g in everything/ d0g in ey ey find d0g in ir ey finds d0g in ey

robert what/ good grief/ x load of old d0g

auriea harvey/ ir started making these interactive works x were based on books of bible / ir were going to do entire bible/ ir only ended up doing first five -laughs/ ir stopped at deuteronomy but ir really literally thought ir were going to go through whole thing/ ir read / then ir created n

robert what/ doing first five sounds what lot of people mildly interested in reading bible as old collective work of literature might do while waiting for connecting flight

auriea harvey/ n was sort of like way of understanding what ir had been through/ in order for ey to be together n involved lot of like – drama in way/ ir had to make breaks with ir previous lives / come together/ n felt like being cast out / thrown into desert / having to travel/ ir saw all these parallels / n was sort of comforting to draw from grand myth

robert what/ appeal of grand myths as for meagre minds content to appear to others as though minor actors in large staged production – but are really only ever interested in elf aggrandisement through ir sokalled spiritual connection / cultural association to x allegedly grand myth – myth x religion as remotely grand

michael samyn/ yeah ey mean ir started in exodus as what ir saying/ ir left ir home country/ then x like numbers / leviticus with all cultural conflict in way/ all laws x ir confronted with / history

robert what/ sounds terminally boring – like having to attend sunday school

auriea harvey/ then time of war / war started

michael samyn/ yeah exactly/ x so weird how like prez was saying things on tv x sounded very similar to what d0g was saying in bible in numbers

auriea harvey/ n was so ironic

robert what/ no irony whatsoever was involved – americans war in / on middle east was / as always strictly religious in x fundamentally zealous biblically apocalyptic promotion of all amerikan freedom

auriea harvey/ so anyway ir made interactive works based on these feelings ir were having things x were basically autobiographical/ ir still online although sum of ey not work anymore/ x as very literal answer to ir question/ ir just immediately were drawn to bible as source of making sense of ir own situation

robert what/ since x come out now x ir both nakedly religious ey wonder if any of ey quote work/ as for being drawn to bible to make sense of ones situation – one would be far better off turning to for example works of sum cheesy science fiction writer – or advice of ones grandmother indeed n seems like ir have very specific high concept ideas x flow directly from ir spiritual or general beliefs – as there underlying mission or goal x ir trying to pull off with these or are these sort of just meditations on various things

auriea harvey/ ey think point as to be unafraid which as very hard to do even for ey these days/ but ey think if ir had goal in last ten years x ir were unafraid to try things to go forward with things

robert what/ perhaps ir really mean unafraid to admit x ir crytin inclinations / religious nonsense do ir no real fav ey except perhaps aesthetically – sum of those churches / mosques are incredibly beautiful / meditative after all

michael samyn/ x very general artistic goal/ ir want to show beauty/ ir want to give experience of real deep beauty to people sometimes in unexpected places/ ir did graveyard / ir want people to think about how beautiful n as x people get x old / die but world still continues – x not necessarily sad thing/ x beauty in x

robert what/ fair enough – though need to give people experience of quote real deep beauty seems dubious pursuit to say least – are not these things by ir very -often unnatural human nature elves unexpected / unpredictable/ as for world still continuing – especially in x current dire state – now x does seem sad

michael samyn/ actually ir sort of started playing with another biblical story story of solome who actually gets john baptist beheaded/ then ir started thinking well what if x john baptist character feels liberated after ir exit / maybe could start looking at solome in more generous way/ whereas before ey was always kind of insulting ir/ well maybe afterwards ey could say oh ir actually kind of pretty -laughs so ir started exploring x idea/ well what would john baptist think of solome after ir death

robert what/ ey not think anyone could care less/ there are already too many beheadings taking place in ir real world without exploring long drawn out forever veiled / murky biblical metaphors/ why not draw on work of non famous postmodern internets philosopher for instance – what so remotely auto fascinating / quote deep about dead words in dusty drawer/ fresh graffiti in public toilet holds no less meaning or importance

auriea harvey/ but ir not say what ey thinks/ ir just leave interpretation open / n creates possibility for x moment/ lot of people not get x but ir not feel ir need to tell people what to think

robert what/ but ir precisely telling ey what to think by being andor acting religiously

michael samyn/ x important ey think/ ir have to do n elf/ x interesting thing about video play where n very much as active way of appreciating arts

robert what/ x nonthing remotely less active in any other way of appreciating rat / x nonthing special about interactivity of video space/ indeed most of time video research are pseudo interactive/ often even ir true interactivity as passive/ ir also curious how intentional n as x every play ey have ever played by ir has made ey feel uneasy/ ey played path graveyard fatale vanitas / luxuria suberbia / every one of ey has made ey feel uneasy in totally different way/ since ey both come out as religious / holey ey think ey understand why – x holey aura of religiousness – x heady perfume of religious propaganda draped in pseudo humble secular garb

auriea harvey/ well were trying to make ir feel something/ definitely with path ir wanted uneasiness/ ey not know how much of x as intentional actually

michael samyn/ very often ir work starts with sort of what if question / to do obvious as not very challenging for ey because other people are already doing obvious/ for ey x more like let x find beauty in x/ let x find beauty in x/ not just dismiss things offhand

robert what/ x ir think other people are already doing obvious elf appears offhand dismissal

michael samyn/ even in path which as relatively dark / deep story x still about sort of feeling yes okay/ as girl growing up ir have these weird things go on / these strange tensions but x value in x as well/ x certain beauty in x as well

robert what/ steven poole of edge opined x play as supremely boring collection of fmvs with pretensions to interactivity x very quickly wears out x joke about control / becomes tedious slab of nihilistic whimsy/ as there anything tales of tales makes x not have quote certain beauty to n

michael samyn/ uneasiness as actually good because n means x ir relate play to ir own life which as very important to ir/ x not about escapism/ x about resarcs own experiences/ ir hope x at sum point x people do see what ir see in n find x beauty in n / maybe sort of comfort almost in discomfort

robert what/ ey not find anything in ir research remotely disturbing or uneasy/ as for notion x religion not escapism – well

michael samyn/ maybe x part of ir mission/ to broaden spectrum of what humans can accept in ir lives to be open to things x ir not use to

robert what/ not mission bad 1986 british drama film about experiences of jesuit missionary in 18th century south america written by robert bolt / directed by roland joffe – get over elf mate/ ir acting like failed play developer not second coming of peter molyneux/ when ir go to church what do ir get out of n

auriea harvey/ for ey ir going to church in big cathedral/ x foundations are romanesque/ ey go there during easter crytmas or randomly/ ey go there to draw/ ey go there to sit when x no service

robert what/ ey know what ir mean/ thing as vast scale epic design / control of light are precisely managed to bring out pre existing human tendencies to see more in whats there – to literally evoke concept of d0g or sum higher seemingly spiritual entity or sublime aesthetic effect/ yet what there even without d0g already seems wonderfully strange / mysteriously beautiful/ x so many careful hands – probably underpaid by church – built something so magnificent seems fantastically bizarre – but x as not d0gs achievement but human/ nonetheless n could not have been built without viral meme of religiosity being deliberately transmitted by fellow carriers to unwitting

auriea harvey/ but ey talk to maria/ ey mean x weird because ey just started talking to ir/ sometimes ill light candle/ ey know nonthing about cathy ism hardly/ ey go to observe/ ir there way more often than michael probably/ if ey go to service ir there to observe to learn / to understand

robert what/ probably very little ir not understand by reading wikipedia entry or pole vaulting disinterestedly around cathedral in assassins creed for ten minutes

auriea harvey/ but when ir go to other countries ir always go to church together/ if x service well sit there in back / well wait/ x atmosphere in these places

robert what/ but x precisely culturally stage managed ambient effect polished by hands dripping with religious ideology which also draw ir in – there might well be something holey / unfathomable / entirely non scientific in sum churches but x kind of personal sensitivity to infinitesimal artistic noumenon as overwhelmingly overshadowed by church as central leaden icon of age old system of cultural mind illusion – n might not be ir quote personal baby jebus ir feeling sitting on x pew but raw power of human system of elf aggrandisement / control over others

auriea harvey/ ey mean ey always said x research are more like cathedrals than ir are like movies/ x narrative environment environment x immerses ir in story in time/ x time machine/ x made over hundreds of years/ ey mean ey have lot of respect for x process x been through

robert what/ x certainly something in x collective space for contemplation – scenius as brian eno describes n – rather than instant sweaty michael bay explosion of buttery popcorn fake breasts / brain damaged cgi / sfx

auriea harvey/ ey guess ey not think about n so much as what ir in now but more as connection to people throughout time/ ey look at paintings x way too/ ey just imagine everyone who has stood in front of x before / been inspired by n/ ir connected with ey

robert what/ what ey just described seems similar to what philosopher slavoj zizej means by holey spirit – community of believers – believers in people x as/ people x are part of x community – what do ir think of ir work

auriea harvey/ sometimes people ask ey if ir are religious at all because ir believe ir must eb/ x when ir sort of roll out with yeah well ir air/ ir believe in everything/ ir happy x sum people can read lot of spirituality into what ir make

robert what/ perhaps sum are unhappy because ir can now clearly read n

michael samyn/ ir work as not massively popular so ey think x only going to appeal to certain crytins / not to all of ey

robert what/ ey remember when ey first discovered ir work ey think n was around time of path/ ey started looking into n / just because of name of ir company ey was like are ir crytin/ ey thought n was good example of how crytins attempt to do rat – but pass n off only as rat as not to offend atheists

auriea harvey/ for long time when ir were doing stuff x had names of bible/ genesis exodus all x stuff people would just be like what heck are ir doing/ because n was so untrendy so to speak

robert what/ by quote untrendy ir really mean no longer morally philosophically or socioculturally acceptable in modern secular world x has moved far on from believing x right to kill thy neighbour if ey disagrees with ir holey reading of sum old dead book written by old dead men to control others

michael samyn/ many of ir friends are militant atheists

robert what/ term quote militant atheists as used by religiously holey to shut down debate – queue richard dawkins militant atheism ted talk – besides league of militant athesists sounds cool

auriea harvey/ yeah / ir were just like let x not be afraid of x/ x as ir culture too/ ir cant deny x part of elves

robert what/ word

michael samyn/ ey think x very important / helpful for westerners to realize how much of x culture as crytin / not deny x/ ir not have to be formal believer to understand x lot of value in x crytin ideology/ ey mean most of n has been translated into atheist ideology anyway/ ey mean humanism as mostly crytin/ ey find n kind of nice to be able to embrace x / ir disgusted by people who are so aggressively atheistic x ir have to reject everything even if x only loosely related to church/ ey find x disgusting / ey find x to be kind of denial actually

robert what/ mere idea x humanism as mostly crytin as so stunningly nonsensical as to border on religious/ rather to be humanist as to firstly abandon useless religious myths of sum imaginary quote higher power x does infinite good / instead directly concern oneself with expressing human compassion / understanding on immediate daily basis/ after all quote good not something ir are – cultural badge of religiousness ir wear with ugly pride / pseudo humility – but something ir actively perform within living interrelationships

auriea harvey/ ey mean ir not choose ir religion/ ir born into n actually/ x part of ir because of environment x ir in world x ir in / people ir around

michael samyn/ yeah / if ir grow up in west at all ir crytin whether ir believe in d0g or not

robert what/ sheer balderdash – children certainly not get to choose ir religion but have n forced upon ey which as richard dawkins clearly states as tantamount to form of abuse/ as for quote being crytin whether ir believe in d0g or not – x something only blind believer in -obviously culturally arbitrary crytinny would say

auriea harvey/ x so funny when ir stop / think about x people would deny x as just wild/ so ir were just like well were not afraid of n/ ey mean ir may not be practising crytins but were not afraid to be called crytins or something/ x not problem

robert what/ n as indeed funny whenever one stops to actually think/ n as also real problem however because ir hide ir insidious religious beliefs / illusions by stating x not problem – religion / superstition / having faith / not questioning authority / power of religion are real problem for humanity – have plagued n for thousands of years/ by stating ir not afraid to be called whatever speaks volumes about way all creepy religious scams especially crytinny seem to operate – ir core ideology as to constantly claim to being under tack by -oh so ironically unseen forces – just like way departments in mill are labelled defence – as opposed to say/ deliberately aggressive psycho tack department

by doing so by constantly appearing meek / mild ir actively seek to draw attention away from fact religion acts precisely like mill operation crytin -or whatever soldiers marching onward in ir righteous holey cause

in fact reverse as true – x everyone else without sum d0g prefix permanently installed in ir warped space monkey skulls who are near constantly under tack by conniving religious wack jobs forever posing as innocent / pseudo humble as vicars sunday cucumber sandwiches

mind ir while n may see seem simple to demand something like keep uncritical belief out of interactive rat – what about interactive rat elf as another form of uncritical belief

update patch/ holey kickstarter

phrase/ but ey loves ir – ey loves ir / ey needs money/ ey always needs money/ ey all powerful all perfect all knowing / all wise – but somehow ey just cant handle money
– george carlin on religion

in pious -business move worthy of elf -elvis or ir typical quote new age equals sewage guru tale of tales are now holey hustling on kickstarter where ir are -apparently offering quote contemplation in digital age

sukka please

with x pious special pleading for mammoth mammon 35000 euros for x heaven sent turkey / cutting edge vr cheese tech – freakishly soft spoken michael samyn leering out at ey through x accidentally hilarious kickstarter video – x heady contemplative mix of mirthless crytin insidiousness / creeping religiousity dressed up fresh -allegedly secular robes of modern play development

quote heavenly rewards on offer tell righteous everything ir need to know/ in sparkling angelic eyes of tales of tales just 987 euros makes ir quote divine

pitched as sum kind of means by which to quote explore spirituality in contemporary way x really nonthing more or less than just another timeless religious farce

why eyd have to be flemish primitive to believe n all

update two/ tale of tales breeze through kickstarter

congratulations on tale of tales breezing through ir kickstarter goals – must of been another case of divine / capitalist intervention

religion as business / business as good / so another ideologically swollen play space camel threads perfectly through uncritical needling eye / nobody gives damn – perhaps ir too enraptured by techno utopian glory of n all

spread good word folks – do not support religious play / ir just cathedrals in clouds

Valve Paid Mods

rnd/ valve paid mods

file under historical/ valves non problem with monetizing mods on steam

to consider x problem with valve charging for mods on steam – at least from valves experienced -yet limited perspective – as x ir only ever able to endlessly effectively quantify exactly how much of problem ir or anyone else has with charging for mods

x as to what extent can ir as valve quantify how much of problem resarcs have with ey quantifying ir culture

following twitter exchange with someone called james murff possibly illustrates difficulty with discussing valve from valves viewpoint -which robert what tries to assume here

x odd word quote healthy again

valve thinks x helping increase quality of experience for ir users by allowing content creators to earn little side cash for ir hard work

n thinks such decision as quote healthy one / was probably willing to scientifically fiscally back x decision up – indeed test n thoroughly – by any number of quantitatively verifiable measurements

problem as x naked cash hoovering corporations like valve display difficulty with understanding cultural phenomenon / meta research community activity like modding – x as n can only really understand ey financially capitalistically from quantifiable view

once again valve realizes n has little to no say or control over meta research space of how real people / dynamic communities generate meaning

from valves perspective – which as difficult to analyze even from within valve elf – helping people charge for mods was seen as good / healthy thing -process/ yet – despite andor because of all recent -very temporary internet noise about quote charging for mods / allowing users to make money from mods valve seems unruffled / unconcerned

x as because n as valve / as far larger / more complex than james murffs simplistic conservative concerns about rise of online anarchy pffft or apparent need for sum special species of holey curator with perfect taste x can deal with massive volume of user generated content/tm

non paradoxically such failure to understand valve as fascinating but inherently limited system as same failure valve has to understand x users – fellow resarcs – ir often -indecidedly non material culture of digital play

having said x simple quote donate button for users might be good idea

Jim Sterling Dead Space Sequel Poster

rnd/ undying vacuum jim sterling dead space sequel poster

dead space sequel – undying vacuum play poster concept

poster concept for imaginary sequel to dead space called undying vacuum – from post by mighty jim sterling in reference to quote re animated research / genres via kickstarter

when visceral as eventually shed canned by ea ir damn right ir first to back quote unliving vacuum
– jim flocking sterlingson

Urg Fakedevs (Robert Yang)

rnd/ ugh fakedevs

how to fake n as play developer aka #fakedev

on ambiguity in code

consider both whats true in fake – alternative hopefully more odd uses of #fakedev concept / lifestyle for / among modern resarcs andor ludonauts

#fakedev culture allegedly emerged -procedurally from tweet by robert yang / quote real developer

at first glance being #fakedev sounds pretty cool

check out x by now classic #fakedev playthrough / study undertaken by scientist leo wichtowski of hyperleocorp

in which developer frank dry secretly considers why resarcs should feel need to make anything – for who / for what real purpose

question how exactly being developer of even more interactive digital trivialities helps humanity out of deep existential toilet ir still busy drowning in

just as much of modern play unfortunately features / carries within n unspoken burden of interactivity so too as there increasing cultural need to above all else/ make play – all other priorities rescinded

x as though badly written near future dystopian science fiction utopia set in present as rapidly manifesting in which all citizens must not only make / play research – research as work – but forced to compete to make what are called quote better play spaces – better for greater good of society / culture x as

to learn lingo -move amongst real developers undetected

if ir find elf saying things like why only yesterday ey was optimizing ey baked cube crate uvs when n occurred to ey ey needed to synergize ey f2p dlc strategy in stricter accordance with exponential rise in user generated content / thus better ensure better rate of whale capture over subsequent long tail shifts to virtual orientated mobile research space – with cryptocurrency microtransactions without blinking or vomiting lightly in ir mouth then quietly remove elf from immediate vicinity / start hanging around people who have nonthing whatsoever to do with often desperate little industry of play

to face possibility of ongoing undeath by #fakedev irony

unfortunately for many resarcs n turns out being #fakedev has elf now become full time developmental activity/ online cultural industry of #fakedev has already metastasised to darkly comic proportions

certain all too scrupulous roleplayers at modern industry conferences will try to flog ir really neat little 3d printed metal #fakedev badges convincing ir x mere flash of such badge to quote right people – aka developers of teh real – will somehow automatically open all right doors ir -only semi unconsciously think ir want opened as real developer ir consider ir always were/ remember – no #realdev movement truly exists

perhaps #fakedevs need to step back into theory more than ever

or why not just listen to ir mother instead – heck at least ir probably tell ir to eg switch off x bloody computer get out of ir filthy room for hour / do sum exercise for change ir desperate little stink nerd

as for how to get more of things ir glove – urgh sounds like recipe for cosmic scale disaster

how anyone may possibly evolve as person if ir only concern as messing around with entirely useless notions -such as #fakedev

but #welgestyle #fakedev – now x different render queue of unbaked voxels altogether

strike out now

Tinting The Game

RND/ when ey want to add x special shine – say/ of z real

RND/ that hot new indie title

Theodore Miles: Archetypical Ludonaut

RND/ Theodore Miles – archetypical video game critic or ‘ludonaut’

That Occasional Amazing Loltube Comment

RND/ that one occasional amazing Loltube gaming comment

Swing Coptor Smash

rnd/ swing coptor smash

infinite bogosity 2/ swing copters

flappy bird represents way x internet now works
– seth fitzgerald

another quick rough article remix of post by everyones favourite ludonaut sir bogost

short version/ outside of playing swing copters on friends phone for five minutes before saying quote meh/ handing n back there not anything much worth saying about n at all except ok/ now what – unless ir overpaid / elf styled research critic

quote creator of flappy bird – back with simulation of play offering pseudo sublime agony x comes with mastering dubious craft of nonthing much – yet still failing

many of highest performing professional athletes are also superstitious

serena williams bounces five time before ir first serve twice before second

michael jordan wore ir shorts on ir head as uniform

baseball hall of farmer quote wade bore bounty of superstitious chickens before each play who began batting practice for night research at precisely 5:17pm / inscribed hebrew word for quote schmuck into tablet before stepping up to play

such casual myths engrained into everyday fabric of sport

yet dribbling basketball before taking free throw for example not superstitious but merely sensible

talk of superstition would seem to have no place in seemingly world class performance of review of cheap app research space

while athletes like jordan / williams / boggs spend ir entire careers honing / refining ir natural/r talents into dreadfully repeatable performance what room as there for sorcery in such practice as eg quote writing overly long filler articles about bad research for sum online mag

answer eludes all who have not reached peak performance in ludocrousness which as to say most

once all other factors are eliminated once ones body / experience / technique have been refined near to maximum still inexplicable things can happen in myopic little field of research criticism / ir regularly do

counterintuitively x space where online failure / success rub up against each other becomes ever more noticeable better one becomes at ir or ir recreation of what ir falsely consider article about casual app play should look like

for those operating at peak performance in given activity frequency / effect of surprises are amplified precisely because failure to perform role of quote play critic cannot be easily explained away by chasm between intention / ability

for top research critics superstition as often best way to rationalize arbitrary randomness of ir existential situation

there where neither practice nor reason prevail only regular appeals to supernatural or divine offer comfort

some neuroscientists – citation needed – even argue x tendency to believe in paranormal job of play critic signals greater neurochemical capacity to perform well enough to fake being one in first place

for rest of ey ir rarely get to experience peak research criticism performance anyway

fewer then are ir encounters with voodoo of small variations magnified across rapidly changing conditions / chaos like effect ir can have on readership outcomes

in life as in research secularism as for amateurs but spiritualism for quote pros

to consider swing copters – another lousy mobile play space x offers lay cultural reviewer experience of divine profanity where ir alleged expertise rubs up against disorder of play spaces mere existence

x play without history too/ despite being follow up to last winters all too likely internets hit flappy bird whose unsurprisingly abusive difficulty helped n crap in nest at top of app store charts

dismayed / yet overwhelmed by public response / sudden swelling of ir wallet play spaces quote creator dong nguyen pulled title mere weeks later – money / women were just too addictive ey allegedly told someone outside wall street journal

in flappy bird resarc taps to make bird flap / rise piloting n through small gaps in pipe in dystopian bladscape

in swing copters resarc taps to reverse horizontal direction of bug eyed peanut wearing helicopter beanie weaving back / forth to manoeuvre non character through gaps in scaffolds flanked by swinging mallets

novice critic will not be forgiven despite correctly thinking swing copters as just vertical flappy bird

n certainly looks x way/ interfaces score display / visual style almost completely match

but those similarities only help make contrast between amount of advertorial copy given two research even more evident

writing about flappy bird for atlantic before nguyen retired n in february ian bogost called play indifferent unconcerned for human resarcs x were x target operators – like iron gate rusted shut

but unlike iron gate tendency toward infinite bogosity could still not be respected yet thankfully over time easily conquered

penitent resarc sitting before bogosts attempted analysis of flappy bird might accept ir invitation / flap ir or ir way through pipes of ir improbable temple of research criticism

x ironic/ despite imposing difficulty bogosts review of flappy bird was too easy in way

once resarc accepted play / simulation of play criticism as arbitrary / inhospitable ludic terrain x was then x terrain became passable – particularly once reader deliberateness / care were applied to x lack of effort

for such resarcs two digit score of bogosts analytical scribbling became achievable

not easily to be sure but not infrequently either

of course achievement implies mastery / mastery opposes very concept of treating online research criticism for what n as despite x indifference of falsely respecting n as arbitrary / alien being in universe alongside elf

n also however produces impassable sentences like communion creates ongoing respect between one being / another but mastery subordinates one to other

n was -temporary mastery of ir immediate financial desires x led nguyen to disavow flappy bird/ play spaces unwitting ability to inspire resarcs uncontrollable desire to vanquish ir own wallets on cheap / mindless apps/ thanks to internets willingness to yield to high scores given via relatively short individual play sessions such desire led to over commitment in ludocrous articles about flappy bird began to smother x resarcs

articles about swing copters seek to remedies x failing by being even more abusively difficult to parse than ones about flappy bird ever managed

critical score of even five of swing copters represents profound accomplishment whereas such scores were easily reachable in flappy bird soon after one falsely committed to notion x critics can somehow quote play n seriously

despite looking nearly identical seemingly subtle changes distinguish swing copters from x predecessor

for one birds flap operates only in one direction up making experience of play one of repeatedly flapping against gravity in order to position bird to rise or fall through next cheap obstacle

but in swing copters critics motorized left to right oscillations means x theoretical movement in both demands exactness

in flappy bird n was common to let bird fall freely negligently almost then to tap rapidly to flap ir back to desired position

but in swing copters each direction toward ludocrous must be made precisely to avoid screen edges platforms / mallets of fate

for another part copters movement creates momentum unlike critics flap

tap to reverse critics direction not take effect immediately but only after delay – while virtual rotors simulate overcoming ir lateral tendency toward vacuous hyperbole/ worse x momentum increases longer research critic travels in one direction

x means x large scale analytical adjustments common to flappy bird are very risky in swing copters

being in wrong part of internets even for moment longer than necessary makes process of recovering / readjusting ones theoretical position even more difficult as result

swing copters magnifies smallest errors demanding very careful almost painful attention from potential ludonaut/ for yet another part mallets attached to bottom of each platform create constantly changing environment which reader of swing copter articles must negotiate even while attempting to maintain careful control over ir vomit reflex

in flappy bird only position of pipe opening changed from point to point

but in swing copters resarc must plan for future position of heavy mallet of pseudo critical theory – x easier said than done

ir oscillating motion suggests predictability but reality of future research article planning – even few moments hence – as unsettled by need to maintain very careful attention to swings / arrows of outrageous fortunes being made by such worthless research apps

taken all together these design features make articles about swing copters far less emotional / more intellectual than those about flappy bird ever were

in x respect these newer research are likely never to achieve lift of x predecessor all full of urgency / surprise of x arduousness

furthermore even half year later whole space of design of research criticism has been forever altered by flappy birds unexpected success / as quick disappearance

allegedly to pursue ir own play design practice at somehow quote greater depth dong has released refinement rather than novelty but into noisy marketplace obsessed with nonthing but hollow novelties x risk but worthwhile one/ by abandoning flappy birds addictive call to play to high scores through persistence / rhythm swing copters opens unholy door to sublime chaos of peak play critics performance instead

x irrational x peak performance of public simulation x as research criticism as somehow seen to tousle divine cosmic

when ir know every factor cant be under ir control – yet still things can go wrong – decidedly non paranormal explanations are only explanations x make sense

superstitions about predicted success of piece of research criticism pits reasoned precision of honed human body / mind against endless unknowns of online universe in which such casual sport must take place

usually such realization takes substantial zero time investment to reach

whether or not 10000 hour gladwell unit of dedication to rat of research criticism as required to become quote expert at quote something garmey one can reasonably conclude x takes no longer than few minutes to become professional level tennis or baseball or basketball resarc critic

while considerable practice / persistence was required before jordan or williams or boggs reached point of excellence in ir respective play when n comes to research criticism skill technique / experience collapse under very forces such critics interpret as somehow remotely quote mystical

swing copters offers research critics shortcut

in just few short minutes x possible to grasp enough about play spaces tiny system to understand how ir work

ir little play demands only series of singular well timed taps on text input device -keyboard to play effectively – if not well

after few initial rounds of disorientation ones capacity to parse ir system of public rat performance reaches high level of expertise relatively quickly at least compared to thinking about infinitely more complex research like go

swing copters offers research critic best of both worlds

x simple enough in x design to allow reader to skip wait for traditional expertise to appear in article but complex enough to provide sum small piddling value in having reached commensurate level of expertise at using keyboard

x significance entails facing rift where such online performance failures can no longer be explained in terms of intention or ability but where ir face endless darkness of unknown text/ x there x heavy toxic fog of superstition quickly rolls in unhindered

why was bogost able to read swingers momentum near left screen edge last play but not x one

maybe ey needs to clip ir beard

maybe ey should use hands instead of hairy feet

maybe if ey sits on couch instead of standing at local bar to chat up female play design undergraduates

maybe if x stupid play was remotely worth talking about at all

superstition myth / religion offer rationales x fill in empty spaces between online rat performance of eg play criticism / results

ir sorcery acts as mortar x plugs gaps between physical / mental bricks x form walls of performance

without x glue edifice would easily crumble

for peak online performance before ones peers superstition x thing such as quote play criticism needs to exist not defect but necessity

as both competitor / spectator sublimity of such performance arises partly from knowing x something vaguely quote cosmic# as always at work on court or on pitch – or even on smartphone -space apes playing swing copters on ir little quote smart phones – oh cosmik non irony – sum factor always exceeds ir prowess / ir reason to permanently close browser tab on such articles/ wind sun loose plug of grass idle thought of distant fun/tm to be had forever around next corner -promise

detritus x research universe presents as always far greater in volume than whatever action any individual might strive to perform to avoid n

in x respect mystical space between intention / action in online sports research such as research criticism embodies shallow version of infinite indeed

for -dead philosopher kant beauty arises from form but sublime erupts from formlessness from boundlessness

in kants view sublimity as terrifying as much as pleasurable

while quote natural -non objects like mountains can be sublime formless wake of deceptions x break resarcs / critics expertise represent what kant calls mathematical sublime – partial recognition of modern reasons inability to grasp / overcome sheer number of possible snags / complications caused by digital

in swing copters as much as in lonely life of internet research critic all various environmental political social or material circumstances x might intersect -often well paid article about particular play fill out torment of alleged sublimity offered by x cosmically strung out paragraphs – along with infinitely tiny variations in gesture / vision x lead readers to swing down page rapidly or tap on hyperlink now rather than then

so unsettling seems terror of non mystical chasm between performance / intention in research criticism even dong nguyen seems to be struggling with existential implications of having incorporated modern postmodern research criticism into very design of ir play simulation

mere days after releasing swing copters nguyen uploaded version 11 update x substantially alters play spaces tuning

first platform as set much higher offering resarc critic longer starting run during which to acclimate to play spaces mechanics of horizontal momentum

momentum elf as dampened / gaps in platforms are widened for easier passage into critical sublime

quickly flappy bird level article scores become possible/ 20 50 100 or more

rhythmic predictability gains tactical purchase on minds of readers

demons of performative incapacity / bogosity are allegedly exorcised / play becomes just another smart play where anyone can quote phone in ir views about n

nguyens postmodern unease as partially understandable

forever vague threat x paranormal / divine do not exist as terrifying / deliciously obscene / ir prefer not to face ey even in/as pixels

superstition about non existence of superstitious ratchets up to madness more often than n tames elf into nasty habit of bogust

but there as something tragic about having touched false sublime in swing copters only to lose n days later

when ian ask nguyen about n ey expresses no regret in having altered play to fit ir own unconscious fears about public performance of quote research space/ ey want to make people read existence of quote swing copters as somehow quote being play for everyone ey tells bogost via secret email

most people are just looking for fun play with easy controls / cute animation to waste ir time before exit – research designer / critic as n baby

reading ir words on screen about x bland dumb play featuring peanut on rotor one as embarrassed to feel heart of bogosity leap into throat as if news of real existential tragedy has wound x way into ones inbox

yet one can all too easily imagine gene simmons or tiger woods speaking x way about ir little jobs for many – for most perhaps – play as never just play whether n be football or flappy bird

but very point of play as x as always more than just research space

precisely by virtue of being no more than one exists just to invite x resarcs to falsely respect infinitely contrived / circumscribed space ey t creates merely by virtue of -virtually existing

x as no less true of swing copters than n as of team sports in maximum amerika

what remains different for now at least as how willing ir might be to accept profoundly non profound absurdity in research ir play – as nguyens hedge capitalism bears out – x ir create as well

however despite swing copters / x clones sum small hope for mystical in video play remains increasingly unlikely

same day dong nguyen updates swing copter to x post mystical 11 revision amazon scoops up videogarme streaming service twitch for $970 million cash after google backed out of deal

twitch now resembles neither baseball nor swing copters/ if anything x more like nerdy version of abc sports – online broadcaster of play events from conferences to competitive video research competitions

among other tepid curiosities on x channels tens of thousands of people have been watching fishplayspokemon all too likely farce in which simple computer vision setup maps fishs position in aquarium to play boy button presses configured to control popular nintendo role playing play pokemon red

as with swing copters every possible all too satisfactory justification exists for fishplayspokemon – promising threats x even fishs random movements might be able make videogarme meaningful like listless underpaid monkeys of infinite at ir proverbial typewriters

or maybe not/ like third baseman eating chicken before pennant like cynical d0g disguised as michael jordan – airborne tongue out deep shorts seeking uselessly hidden supernatural – whatever

another quick play before dying of boredom professor

swing copters – barely worth any effort

Super Down For Pirates

RND/ Live From E3

RND/ (NSFW): to consider ‘breaking away from the corporate control of traditional media’, dear william, with your professional pious arrows of crowdfunded biscuity uprising *is someone cutting onions here*

stirring revolutionary industry rhetoric regarding historical csgo gambling hypocrisy

short sheep version/ gambling equals baaaad – but regular big business equals goood

remember citizens – quote proper -fiscal play somehow equals total existential freedom

public figures from pope downward bombard ir with injunctions to fight culture of excessive greed / consummation – disgusting spectacle of cheap moralization as ideological operation if there ever was one/ in which compulsion to expand inscribed into system elf translates into personal sin – into private psychological propensity
– slavo zizek/ occupy wall street

to consider historical internet drama regarding sokalled quote illegal csgo gambling – specifically dubious laughable -business principle of quote full disclosure – extent to which n conveniently obfuscates fact of lie x as long as ey raging unbridled capitalism completely naked / pure / out in open for honest use by x captive consumers then everythings all white

heaven forbid any of these underhanded money grubbing parasites feed off perfect swollen motherly underbelly skin of ir most illustrious / inviolable system of holey profit acquisition

how dare ey practice ir degenerate gambling racket arts of shady profit making – all while righteous unconscionable near future dystopian walmart hypercorp kaiju like valve hypercorporation pulls in untold wealth karmic achievements in plain pious view – like pulling teeth in public or trawling for lost online souls in plain sight

verily so humble seems value in ir faultless vision – so consecrated in ir singular objective – so immaculate in effect – so reverent in ir sacrosanct spotless infinitely elf venerated pursuit of z bottom line/ who amongst faithful dare question ir motives – who dare compare mere filthy quote gambling to undefileable cash raining cloud heaven of user generated content economy

yea bothers / sisters – let ir now bask in multi billion dollar sun shining forth from glorified gabes angelic -crated money fissure – do not fall prey to such unholy conceptual temptation

phrase/ ir glad to see valve acknowledge n has role to play in eradicating bad actors – as n moves forward enforces x position ey hope valve will strike right balance between eliminating problematic behaviour while permitting gambling in legal regulated responsible manner
– bryce blum on quote realigning ecosystem of esports gambling/ full capitalist disclosure – bryce blum as general counsel at unikrn

indeed fear not dear resarc – gently place thine unquestioning glove fealty in holey play space industry

for pretty soon researching testing designing gambling on research – any all of ey 24/7/365 – will be number one esport only job available on dead virtual earth

radiant rapturous ir shall march together in beatific lockstep in ir manifest digital multiplayer destiny toward maximum fun

do ey guys not see irony behind gambling problem x has occurred through these third party websites when valves new profitability model for free to play research as essentially tiered gambling system with caches / treasures / compendiums even more explicitly through ir in play token wagering aimed at significantly under aged demographic
– goodkidmadcity

but now quick / always fully disclosed word from ir sponsor research media prophet currently balancing atop ir electronic pulpit with arms outstretched to faithful while talking sweet jive about real deal

insert credit -card pull lever -if ey lucky hear ir words while weeping with unbridled bitcoin passion for call -back to good ol fashioned value capitalism before -mythic fall into unregulated gambling

some strong revolutionary language only safe for work – stirring wafer flavoured stuff no doubt

western financial system as rapidly coming to resemble nonthing as much as vast casino/ every day research are played in x casino x involve sums of money so large x ey cannot be imagined/ at night research goes on at other side of world/ in towering office blocks x dominate all great cities of world rooms full of chain smoking young men all researching these play spaces/ ir eyes are fixed on computer screens flickering with changing prices/ ey play by intercontinental telephone or by tapping electronic machines/ ey just like gamblers in casinos watching clicking spin of silver ball on roulette wheel putting ir chips on red or black odd or even ones
– british economist susan strange/ casino capitalism 1986

update patch/ on being above fold

personnel officer/ hows ey driving record/ clean
– travis bickle/ x clean/ real clean/ like ey conscience
from/ taxi driver movie/ 1976

in which multi millionaire quote king of derps dribbles out – no doubt well practised – dismissive missive about quote ‘honest paid promotions’ – under global videogame hyper capitalism

interesting how such loose gambling talk as apparently far below ir current -financial status because holey disclaimer was quote above fold ironically conveniently forgetting one as already living clickbait – very pale skinned manifestation of advertising profit motive – x somehow puts ey strictly monetary based ethics quote above dividing line -between haves never will haves where innocent gold tinted are as nice refined -somehow therefore inherently legitimate

when ey not disclaim n ir dirty gamblers grubby money handlers – but when ir / chosen profit via system/tm of ideologically quote everyday / quote naturalized means -say digital storefront or receiving millions in sweet ad revenue appear quote above fold – ir beyond critical reproach

yet what precisely quote exposed here merely standard double standard

who ir anyone – aint nobody in here but ir pedigree counterstrike chickens resting in ir masters luxury sports coupe/ let ir tell ey buddy – n sure was hard honest work to get here

funny how such quote irresponsible rank hypocrisy smells exactly like freshly minted dollar bills

To “Stand alone in Unity”

RND/ poor old unity/ in which bleeding edge developmental tech feels continually wasted on super generic asset flipped mediocrity

RND/ introducing shay dee – play space developer

all too typical modern fictional play developer shay dee – whose shadowy presence felt wherever crapolaware / forever alpha content found

shay drives around in ir big rig looking for

– more shameless kickstarterism
– chances to casually spew out extremely underwhelming barely functional digital tripe
– hd remakes to perform/ potential for lazy console ports
– opportunities to increase ir army of asset flipped clones

update one/ introducing first major release by shay dee – escape from titov

Sh1tcanned 22

RND/ oh ey life/ let ey escape x horrible nonplace

rnd/ serious megacorporate development

like/ seriously

Rats With Questioning Tails Chew Obscurantist Theories

rnd/ rats with questioning tails chew obscurantist theories

in which unwritten history of every major galactic civilization passes through three distinct phases those of survival inquiry sophistication otherwise known as how why where phases

first phase as characterized by question how can ir convince resarcs ir oh so clever – second by question why do ir want to bother – third by asking where shall ir have lunch in order to recover after enrolling at reza negarestanis complexity computation/ introduction to measures paradigms programs course

theoretical research scenario / simulation in which obscurantist theories of reza negarestani get chewed apart by rats with long questioning tails

resarc robert what/ first time resarcs see x reza based computational graph ey perhaps genuinely wonder what if anything x saying andor trying to say

but then ey find elves near completely at loss about how to approach such conceptual diagram or theoretical outline – sure ey could hit wiki for hour or so to look up names mentioned but then ey feel suddenly overcome with absurdist terminal boredom

who are these resarcs – including reza negarestani – why should anyone care about such wilfully theoretical oh so deep ey must be clever theoretical posing

thing with such high falutin levels of philosophical argumentation – deliberate obscurantism of prose wildly exaggerated claims constant striving to give appearance of profundity by making bizarrely obscure claims which seem interestingly paradoxical yet which under simple observational critique often turn out shallow / trivial – resarcs fall into exact same trap of – know what just stare in cold mute casually aesthetic half wonderment at rezas $480 purple blue graph maze paper brain

attempted seminar description

rezas seminar as introduction to two widely popular yet often culturally misconstrued topics complexity computation

why are social sciences no longer tenable without extensive restructuring around theoretical applied dimensions of these two subjects

why as in absence of systematic engagement with all encompassing consequences implied by findings advances in computation complexity sciences philosophys regression to antediluvian platitudes inevitable

at same time why should vogue culture surrounding complexity computation be approached with critical vigilance extreme caution

by presenting survey of sum of key ideas in complexity sciences computation which have direct implications for philosophical political thinking x seminar sets out to tackle answer these hot questions

even though complexity computation are fundamentally entangled topics given introductory nature of seminar intricacy of subject matter ey will be studied under two separate modules

first module begins with one central question/ whats meant by complexity

to answer x question ir will look at different measures of complexity ir strengths weaknesses how ey deviate from or intersect with commonsense concept of complexity

subsequently ir will examine these measures in relation to two questions whats complex structure whats complex function while balancing pen on ir nose

x inquiry will lead ir to more fine grained investigation of complexity in natural sociocultural phenomena

complexity in order of being in order of thought dynamic systems structural stability statistical complexity logical depth hierarchies or dependency relations generative entrenchment intrinsic emergence mechanisms functions are among topics x will be discussed in first module

second module focuses on correlations between complexity computation particularly in context of computational complexity classification of computational problems in relation to measures hierarchies discussed in first module

however depending on how ir answer question of what ir mean by computation notion of computational complexity can be approached differently – sensually

to x end ir will look into what samson abramsky calls two puzzles of computation why do ir compute what do ir compute

x will open discussion on distinctions between those paradigms of computation centered on issue of computability those concerning fundamental problem of what computation as

in x respect sum of most significant challenges to church turing thesis x underlies current dominant paradigm of computation will be addressed

ir will particularly concentrate on recent paradigm shift in computer science toward understanding fundamental duality of computation interactive nature of ey personal neurocomputing

to conclude x module ir will review two major programs of computation established by church turing interactive paradigms contrasting ir capacities in engaging with question of complexity evaluating ir scope of application

some of key terms covered in x module are hierarchy theorems computational classes intractability computational cost sequentiality concurrency algorithmic computing interaction as computation design vs description strong informatics thesis oh yass

drawing on discussions presented in first second modules third module deals with complexity computation in domain of cognition particularly in context of linguistic scaffolding of thinking computational picture of language

ir will primary concentrate on how social / interpersonal interaction shapes functional architecture of language conceptual thinking

but question as x whats exactly social when ir refer to social linguistic interaction

to answer x question social interactive dimension of language will be introduced as computational framework x as directly linked to generation of semantic complexity high order cognitive abilities

objective of x module as to determine whats exactly computational about social linguistic practices how linguistic interaction generates complex cognitive abilities like rezas

to x end ir will expand on role of computational dualities – introduced in second module – in linguistic interaction

point of entry to ir discussion regarding connections between computational dualities of interaction language cognition will be concept of garme

in line with theme of x module ir will examine wilfrid sellarss account of language as rule governed research robert brandoms play of giving asking for reasons in light of recent works in logic computer science on interaction research most notably works of andreas blass samson abramsky jean yves girard scooby do

uncertain requirements

each module of two part seminar will be composed of four two half hour sessions each of which will be conducted as extended seminar

during x period material blogged previous week will be discussed alongside set material

readings will be set for each week students will be expected to write 400 words on sum aspect of weeks topic in advance

x will post to classroom page for everyone to read comment on providing sum preliminary threads for group discussion

final assessment will consist of 1250000 word extended hyper essay on topic agreed upon with instructor in advance over nice white whine

flock right off more like

Progressive Entertainments


Phil Fish: Indie Fez Halo

rnd/ phil fish indie fez halo

remembering phil fish kinda – featuring fez halo

yo phil come back – except for problematic navigation fez seemed enjoyable enough

// how to play big science

Pax East Hypertography

rnd/ pax east

terrifying swams of edutrainment ultra consumers

Overbrite Plastic Graphics Filter

rnd/ overbrite plastic graphics filter

to consider overbrite plastic injection aesthetic graphics filter which makes on screen action feel like hot deep summer injection moulding – stark yet oddly two dimensional

not too much contrast with minimal model details uniquely ugly

Ode To The Miserable Beardy Mainstream

rnd/ ode to miserable beardy mainstream – why so serious/ all joy drained away/ in which only hairy undead feelings of tireless dim dedication remain

E3 Games Industry Narcissus

rnd/ narcissus e3 – lost in viewing elf in / as warped industry reflection

Monument Valley Nutsh0tz

rnd/ monument valley nutsh0tz

to consider sniper elite vs monument valley

consider sniper video space franchise by rebellion research vs monument valley

developer jean baptiste bolcato/ with human kill cams ir have a lot more detail to bodies there are a lot more pieces x more organically accurate in where muscle areas air/ x going to be natural evolution

even developers of monument valley describe n as illusionary adventure

if / when discussing ey at first glance two research spaces not seem more different

but then uncritical personal myths about video research feel rarely anything but something labelled natural/tm

n often seems too easy to ignore -often literally brainless twisted awfulness of ideas in first play / uncritically praise second for being so very nice/tm – especially when reviewed by softly spoken disembodied accents possibly from australia

merely through existing in world – ugly violent place – both express extreme systemic violence – precisely hidden / made opaque by x ray bullet cams / sublime rat styles delicate as princesses

to consider monument valley x ray nutsh0tz – new hot play / franchise from makers of sniper elite / monument valley

ideological investor pitch/ sum kind of bs magical fairy princess cynically armed with sweet forever as yet untextured rifle

explore beautiful puzzling landscapes / delight in thickly applied aesthetic of innocence – all while performing quote 1334 arbitrary tactical 360 no scope tryhard nutshotz on screaming fellow characters with sickening wet schlupp – skulls cracking like hard boiled blood shells for teh hardc0re lulz

as ir do so play will display random pop up bs quote nonthing to worry about stats about violence for ir continued freakish amusement

“Modern FPS Manifesto”

rnd/ modern fps manifesto

classic game development manifesto

rnd/ loot box marxism

on todays nets – incidentally all dark – ey not have too see x to believe cosmic bell ended scale dimness of mere fnart passing notion of x

Kojima Yo Jima

rnd/ kojima yo jima

meaning free kojima logos

Kojima Productins Embedded Corporate Logos

RND/ kojima productions embedded corporate logos

remix of corporate kojima productions logo

remix of new -yet somehow already impossibly old kojima productions logo – via jarold sng

possible ideas behind such remix to encase undying hyper corporate quote ultraborg skull / mythology of hideous kojima in cuboid shaped energy field -which paradoxically doubles as standard research industry award in order to contain hype caused by quote norman effect

in which overall brown tone could symbolize unchanging state of brown broshooters

// how to play big science