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Tag: video

Conceptual Video Art: Mirror’s Hyperreal Edge

RND/ consider what amateur postmodern theorist-for-hire Robert What terms ‘That Special Shine’ in classic videogame experience of modern virtuality “Mirror’s Edge” – a quick, intense study of the pixellated ‘video real’ – Music by Solar Fields — Reference Links Videogames On TV // how to play big science

The Terminal Roller Coaster Pop Quiz Zeitgeist

RND/ to consider the modern life zeitgeist as terminal roller coaster pop quiz – as though constantly being quizzed in public on meaningless sports trivia while strapped in to one way ride to hyper-mediated nowhere — // how to play big science

Midnight Ultra game video glitch study

RND/ To consider studying cool video glitch art in level cutscenes of indie ultra lo-fi psychoactive horror western FPS Midnight Ultra via gamedevs Forward Instinct [1] Reference Link Midnight Ultra Game // how to play big science