Conceptual Painting: Welcome To The State Of Twitch

RND/ So welcome to the exploitative (/for all concerned) State of Twitch: 4006 x 4326 .jpg, Twitch screenshots edited in Gimp Where awful comments meet quality content every time. — Example Reference Links The Mary Sue: Twitch’s New “Dress Appropriately” Policy is Founded on Obliviousness Polygon: Twitch streamer Trainwrecks’ latest ban over sexist comments spurs … Read more

Game Development As Living Death

RND/ to consider streaming for two hours with zero views, all just to get some fucking red cube to appear: Now that’s some (/seriously misguided) dedication – but to what, inexactly? Some dim, dull videogame that nobody will play – or simply consume whole like Pez candy before casually discarding along the abandoned neon superhighway … Read more

Dr. Disrespect Net Art: DMT, Aliens, and the end of The Virtual Videogame Truman Show

RND/ consider “Dr. Disrespect” (Guy Beahm aka Diarrhea Panic) based 3840×2160 .jpg, screenshot via Twitch – featuring actual stream chat comments 5760×3840 .jpg, edited publicity photo 3840×2160 .jpg, screenshots remix To what extent can such a divisive Virtual AAA-industry Meta-Figurine / ‘gaming personality’ be considered a product of, (say) The [Global Videogame] Truman Show, … Read more