‘Dante VR’ Online: A New Metaverse Reckoning (Conceptual Painting)

RND/ To consider a Post-Cyberpunk conceptual painting of a post-Facebook ‘Metaverse’ reckoning: Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept: $10.9M – contact Robert What today for details 7988 x 4628 .jpg In which a giant Watchmen style squid suddenly arrives from inner ideological-biopsychic space, invading Sugarborg’s virtual (Ludocapitalist) frame, freaking everyone out, creating what … Read more

The Monotasking Joy of Single Tab Browsing: On Information Overload, Internet Addiction and Multitasking Based Neurodegenerative Stress

RND// To consider hiding the tabstrip in Firefox as to improve overall brain function and prevent possible long term neurodegeneration. One might call this ‘monobrowsing’ – or simply mindfulness. – Multitasking is a mere lie, and so are tabs, tabbing, the whole ‘rapidly switching-between’ thing; you are not some schizo-phrenetic logic gate, so stop acting … Read more

Asus and You: Paying for Fan Sourced Digital Labor

RND/ Screen tech often fascinates – what happens at the surface; A scenario, in which you suddenly decide to email Asus at 3am, suggesting possible language / marketing improvements to their site. Getting the right tone is often difficult for non-native English speakers.) In language terms, the emphasis is on enhancing clarity, immediacy and marketing … Read more

Retro (Computing) Feel: Stories from the UK Amiga demoscene underground

RND/ consider super subjective, untold stories from the UK Amiga Demoscene underground – a forthcoming report from freelance internet theorist Robert What, chronicling the unique, strange and dreamy ‘near future’ retro computing feel of the UK Amiga Demoscene. Contact Robert today for more details and to get in on this open publishing project (bob at … Read more

Conceptual New Media: Lord Of Smiles

RND/ To consider the lord of smiles – hyper congenial uber host – modern day Guy Smiley [1] presiding in a permanent world wide gameshow society, constantly scoring every facet of your existence.  [2] Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £290k – contact Robert What today for details Update Patch The Lord of … Read more