“A nice house to live in”: Conceptual Paintings

RND/ In which you consider the reasonable request of “A nice house to live in”: 3306 x 2224 .jpg Ideal / Idealized cost for such a concept: £2.5M to cover this modern cost of housing. Contact Robert What today for details. Estate Agent Paintings: Expensive Nice Houses I Also Can’t Afford Conceptual Paintings: A Financially … Read more

Rubicon: On Valve’s Source Engine Two Physics System

RND/ To imagine Valve Hypercorporation’s Source Engine 2 “Rubicon” physics system considered as conceptual art; Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit Roleplaying as a ‘Big Science’ Researcher, you happen across an unusual document-space while surfing teh liquid internets – entitled Sergiy Migdalskiy Debugging Techniques – a document from a presentation by creepy Valve Hypercorporation regarding … Read more