No Bake, Cheesecake

RND/ consider the modern phrase “No Bake, Cheesecake” – closer in translation to simply ‘No thanks, sweetie’, than “Close, but no cigar” or “Don’t peek, Applejuice.” 3840×2160 .jpg, edited in Gimp Ideal / Idealized cost for such a concept as this: £200k – contact Robert What today for details. A scenario in which the cult … Read more

“This Is Your Head”: The Difficulty Of Selling Conceptual Art Online

RND/ A scenario, in which the trouble with (/the idea of) “selling conceptual art [1] online” seems precisely the conceptual / neural gap between the (/modern) notions of “Ideas” and “Worth”: a failed Kickstarter [2] image with clay head. This Is Your Head: Selling Conceptual Art Online Two cognitive threads seem to be running computationally … Read more