The Monotasking Joy of Single Tab Browsing: On Information Overload, Internet Addiction and Multitasking Based Neurodegenerative Stress

RND// To consider hiding the tabstrip in Firefox as to improve overall brain function and prevent possible long term neurodegeneration. One might call this ‘monobrowsing’ – or simply mindfulness. – Multitasking is a mere lie, and so are tabs, tabbing, the whole ‘rapidly switching-between’ thing; you are not some schizo-phrenetic logic gate, so stop acting … Read more

A Series Of Modern Internet Surfing Screenshots

RND/ To consider a nonlinear series of modern internet surfing screenshots (snapshots of internet culture), taking during a regular 24 period of Research & Development: First off, we have a neat little Movement Culture diagram. Next, we see the cosmic uselessness of media personalities. (Touch of irony there.) Still – the fuck are these people? … Read more