1187 Mod For Half Life 2: Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshot Art

RND// To consider Noclip Virtual Photography screenshot art for Half Life 2 mod 1187 by TeamGT. Samples: Download 86 4K images: 1187-mod-for-half-life-2-noclip-virtual-photography-screenshots-robert-what.zip I really dig this mod for it’s depiction of small town life. If only there were a procedurally generated zombie infested town with multiple overlapping survival and horror AI systems in which you … Read more

Infinite Procedural Suburbia Simulator Game

RND/ To imagine an infinite, procedurally generated Suburbia Simulator game. Some example screenshots, taken from the excellent Terracotta by developer Olivia Haines. 3440 x 1440, 16 color .png In which such an emotionally overcast play-space would accurately express the feeling of acute terminal boredom, listness, flatness and un-profound everydayness experienced by walking around the houses … Read more

Hyperreal Conceptual Painting: The World As An Empty (/Suburban) Illusion

RND/ To consider a hyperreal conceptual painting – the concept being the world as an empty (/suburban) illusion, quietly devoid of anything: 4070 x 2790 .jpg Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £480k* – contact Robert for details. *What it would roughly cost to get the fuck out of my often astoundingly miserable, … Read more

Digital Art Diptych: “Suburb”

RND/ to consider a mildly apocalyptic digital art Diptych entitled “Suburb” 5999×5334, 16.2MB edited in Gimp few of us now recall that perilous summer. what began as a game, a harmless pastime, quickly took a turn toward the serious and obsessive, which none of us tried to resist. after all, we were young. we were … Read more