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On Simply Seeing Red Stars

RND/ To consider (briefly) those poor devolved LOLtube morlocks, who automatically imagine they speak universally for all sentient beings (oh the irony) at all points in spacetime:

The video to “Stars” features Hucknall wandering around a desert surrounded by large gold stars with close-ups of him and a woman. It was edited by Marc Eskenazi.
– Stars (Simply Red song) from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Seeing Simply Red Stars

In which mistakenly reading such common comments make you see red stars.. and yet the hopeful threat of reading a classy rejoinder to The Above Comment draws you into the Ass of The Toxic Comment Hole.

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Dim Scientists Propose Spraying Sun Dimming Chemicals Into The Atmosphere

RND/ to consider the sudden, all natural dimming of Science – which, having already thoroughly, even perhaps irrevocably shit the bed enabling modern industrial society now propose hubristic fake solutions – symbolically perhaps to the underlying problem of Science itself? [1]

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Dim Scientists Propose Spraying Sun Dimming Chemicals Into The Atmosphere

– In which one is reminded of the plot line in the anime “Animatrix” in which, having enabled the very A.I which ends up enslaving humanity, science blots out the sun trying to killing them

This could be an example of what ‘Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist’ Robert What (/ironically) philosophically terms the dangers of H.A.I “Human Artificial Intelligence” – human intelligence which only appears smart, whose intelligence is entirely synthetic

Example Reference Links

  1. Wikipedia: Super_Omega
  2. Plato at Stanford: Philosophical Zombies
  3. Epiphenomenalism

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Digital Painting: Memes Aren’t Facts

RND/ to imagine a digital art panting of the once popular, seemingly self-aware / non-ironically pseudo-paradoxical “Memes Aren’t Facts” internet meme.

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“Memes Aren’t Facts”

Small side note to non scientific fact-based communities: please inoculate your kids immediately; stop spreading the disease of idiocy.

Idiocy is not a disease but a condition in which the intellectual facilities are never manifested or have never been developed sufficiently to enable the idiot to acquire such amount of knowledge as persons of his own age reared in similar circumstances are capable of receiving
– Jean-Étienne Dominique Esquirol

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Why Is (/Post) Modern Art So Bad? with Sad Aesthetic-Relativist Background Drowning Music

RND/ to consider the classic sodden intellectual potato “Why Is [/Post] Modern Art So Bad?” with sad drowning music

As a direct result of this tear-inducing motivational mashup, imagine internet theorist-for-hire Robert What now follows several iron laws of quality art:

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