An Authentic Study Of The Light In TV Series Lovejoy

RND/ To consider an authentic study of the light in cult obsolete TV series “Lovejoy”, set in the rustic antique wilds of East Anglia. After all, what does England have if not it’s past? – Lovejoy (Ian McShane) — Example Reference Links Existential Depression in the light in TV Series Minder Virtual Paintings Of Mundane … Read more

Digital Painting: Morning Ferns At Templeton Lake

RND/ to consider a scene of tall ferns viewed one bright morning, partially obscuring an imaginary lake at somewhere called Templeton 6000×4000 pixels – In which such a scene brings to mind “Painter Of Light” Thomas Kinkade — // how to play big science

Misc Image Studies Gallery

RND/ To consider a miscellaneous conceptual image study gallery: Fiver From A Good Samaritan Satirical remix of soul suckingly self righteous article in The Daily Torygraph [1]: Profits from this art to be shared with charities for working mothers. In which some pompous stranger on a train who condescendingly praised a mother with a fiver … Read more

H.R Giger studies

RND/ To consider various H.R. Giger based art studies: — Contemplative Xenomorphism 6144 × 3840 .jpg Remix via Zenomorph. — Giger Homage: Passage Triptychon 3195 × 1851 .jpg A different take on giger’s passages series. — HR Giger Money: “Xenomorphic Null” Virtual H.R Giger currency note Xenomorphic Null. 6144 × 2757 .jpg To consider the … Read more