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Hypertography One Exhibit: No Identity MMORPG

rnd/ all aboot nothing/ dubious mmo rpg “identity”

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

ey did not chip in ten grand to seed first investment round to build value for facebook acquisition
– now somewhat hypocritical tweet via ubu notch

note bland irony x identity rpg by quote asylum entertainment features zero detectable identity – ir trailer sounds like n has all conceptual originality style / overall excitement / inspired enthusiasm of mild random mugging outside canadian steakhouse

x was partridge familys not somebody want to be wanted followed by edison lighthouses glove grows where ey rosemary goes as k billys super sounds of 70s weekend just keeps on truckin
– dj k billy

compare / contrast with sum canadian mugging incident video /404

according to globe / mail canadian startups follow crowd – most certainly

yet other than random bunch of arma ii modders who exactly might quote industry veterans of asylum entertainment from ottowa canada seem/ next to no hard information exists about ey either on kickstarter page or ir quote official looking website

even ir corporate logo brings to mind aiden pearce from watchdogs/ hardly confidence inspiring/ why exactly do zero resarcs seem remotely bothered about ey using hard won faith based crowd donations as mere seed money to fund indistinctly uninspired looking proof of concept to several investors – if ir manage to wrangle such disingenuous investment then how backers may receive fair share of profits – if at all

in -apparently go anywhere be anyone / do anything universe with quote painstakingly realistic physics what there really to do except nonthing much whatsoever

identity play seems to rest on unstable imaginative ground from outset – imagine empty laggy servers dotted with pvp arts baskets in near future/ bland electronic snorefest void to uselessly empty ir wallet into -heh derek smart citizen says hi suckers [1]

Reference Link

  1. Smart Citizen Derek

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Hypertography One Exhibit: Genocide Dolphins

RND/ imagine the nakedly crass sounding spectacle of Genocide Dolphins

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

via radiant silver labs

performed as casual thought experiment – who such a developer would follow on social media – the result as mildly astounding / somehow unlikely

example ratist statement via theorist for hire robert what

such virtual train wrecks have in common andor express – unconscious appreciation for raw kitsch/ aesthetic of failure blithely slacking off cheesy public performance of outsider rat like obscurity – blandly tasteless remixing of precisely wrong elements in disjointed / hyper fragmentary order as though living through garish cognitive chaos storm of anti epic proportions

to consider not only dubious aesthetic decision to include genocide in ey title/ but also steamy scenes direct from sketchy low rent side of modern industrial development aka sketchyware – amazingly janky research play spaces constructed via triple zzz industry hangers on wannabees – cowboy desperadoes hyper scammy shay dee types – maybe even straight up media hacks/ data parasites fly by night cowboys with x burning quote welgestyle – whole emergent flock cottage industry of weirdo grifters etc

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Hypertography One Exhibit: After Reset

RND/ to consider after reset (rebooted)

part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

first off – some gamedev among mountain villages of asia

After Reset: Gamedev Among The Mountains Of Asia

introducing scamsoft/ mass crowdsourced psychology of richard nixons after reset

ey will directly say/ my first impression was undermined by rat/ which are for most part simply ripoffs of old fallout posters/ x finished what was left of any trust in ir play sorry
– paraphrasing nets commentator deidara

zero history zero accountability / infinite empty airbrushed promises/ ir welcome to after reset

consider term – scamsoft/ early access crapolaware with slightly greasy sketchy quote scammy feel

when appearances are everything/ silently howling digital void becomes all encompassing

i am not a crook
– richard ‘tricky dick’ nixon

not only do such badly formulated poorly written consumer pitch videos explain nonthing ir actually promise nothing

where n seems mere event of play spaces quote existence as forever unfinishable project as seemingly enough/ no context nonthing whatsoever about developer – apparently ex furniture seller – just symbols of ideas in dreadful state of permanent flux ever subject to change please wait for further drip fed pseudo updates

awesome new term/ research space development among mountain villages of asia

according to resarc gilead at rock paper shogun mr nixon shared admittedly awesome insight into quote research space development among mountain villages of asia phrase which even now as seen as in scene play dev classic

apparently quote sci fi graphic novel with stunning cinematic quality / intriguing story inspired by classic sci fi horror films of ridley scott after reset comic as in plain fact bland meisterwerk of arbitrary non sequitur illogic effortlessly standard sci fi potboiling cliches presented here in colour corrected glory

sad thing as there does seem at least sum artistic skill on display here/ if only devs used as much effort in being totally forthright / upfront about ir project as ir do on maintaining superficial appearance of quote being real developer

consider early access developer diaries as bizarre cultural in yokes meant to provide vague illusion of something – anything – happening development wise

in following video ir see quote development of single sci fi helmet – joke of course being x at x deliberately snail paced rate of obsolescent play dev practice good old richard nixon – ey mean common adults / black cloud studios will have finished after reset around about time ir local sun goes nova

mass psychology behind such profoundly unprofoundly flimsy early access projects appears to be x infinitely more about appearance of quote getting in on act with multiple random other fundees then anything remotely to do with what being said actual project seems remotely quote about – literal crowdsourced theatrical pseudo event play development themed stand alone complex

apparently all ir need for play nowadays as correct sci fi modules – which in x care are resarcs elves who provide largest bulk of content of play – which as ir very own belief x as all indeed real play / will -at sum forever delayed point in future be fully realized

thing as n as already fully realized in ir collective public mindspace – for x what developers have precisely sold n to ey as / sold ey to n as – x as exactly what devs are counting on as ir continue to bleed new resarcs wallets dry over period of considerable unchecked months tailing off like slowly drying up trail / tale of developmental diarrhoea off into less / less fruitful years – of bitter disappointment

// how to play big science