Achtung! On The Evil Electronic Art of Project Atlas

RND/ in which everyone’s favorite dystopian ‘near future now’ ludocapitalist hyper-corporation announces the oh-so sinister sounding “Project Atlas” Dig the darkly laughable opening spiel by Officer Ken Moss, in which he proudly states his pure gaming heritage, aka “We might be utterly despicable if not outright evil – but at cold, dead mechanial heart we’re … Read more

Ian Bogost’s Persuasive Games Smells Highly Bogust

RND/ to imagine the persuasive / pervasive corporate smell of (apparently everyone’s favourite) alpha-Ludonaut Ian Bogost / his company Persuasive Games – as somehow ‘Highly Bogust’™ *sniff sniff* In which even the philosophically dubious notion that videogames can be used as remotely critical tools for endless good is turned into a bloody app — // … Read more

“Have A Coke On Me”: A Sinister Portrait of CEO Brian Smith

RND/ One for the Halloween season; to imagine a sinister portrait of Cola CEO Brian Smith, as if saying “Have A Coke On Me“: 3076×2334, 64cols .png Satirical Video Remix Of Smirking Republican Whiteboy Nicholas Sandmann #BLM: Defund White Reality — // how to play big science

Conceptual New Media: Lord Of Smiles

RND/ To consider the lord of smiles – hyper congenial uber host – modern day Guy Smiley [1] presiding in a permanent world wide gameshow society, constantly scoring every facet of your existence.  [2] Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £290k – contact Robert What today for details Update Patch The Lord of … Read more