Zack Snyder’s Awful “Army Of The Dead”: An Existential Movie Review

RND/ To consider the silent, angry sound of humanity coming to it’s collective extra senses, far beyond the dead movie screen and its piles of rubbish: Bob’s Quick Akira-Capsule Movie Review: “Army Of The Dead is peak Zack Snyder RAFA (rotting ass-fetus abortion.)  Do not step in it.” – Robert What Chrrrist what a dehydrated … Read more

Validation, Attention and Excitement Under Ludocapitalism

RND/ To consider validation, attention and excitement across media outlets beyond the video game space *blurrrg*: 3840 x 2160 .jpg, edited screenshot from awesome Jimquisition video AKA just another hyperreal ‘bullshit bingo!’ day under global Ludocapitalism. Example Reference Links GameDaily: E3 2020 pitch proposes overhaul with ‘queuetainment,’ new floor plan, industry-only day Jimquisition: The ESA … Read more

Rage 2 as the worst (most hollow) videogame of modern times

RND/ to consider poor old Rage 2, as perhaps the worst videogame of modern times – one crying out for a new theory of Hollow Videogaming to explain its particular deficiencies. A fascinating example of a global industry long gone to creative pot and perfectly content to sit on its distinctly minor laurels, imagine Rage … Read more

Mandy (2018) Works Best As Artwank Wall Projection Movie

RND/ First off, unless the new definition of “Visionary Film Maker” is “Yet another modern straight-to-virtual-VHS classic slab of raw video Ham”, consider Panos Cosmatos a mere modern minor master of Retrowave Aesthetics, ie. random B-Listers in high saturation cheese fests only truly fit for a stupendously small subset of 80s Schlock aficionado hyper nerds. … Read more