Seriously, Fuck Downton Abbey (A Study Of The Light)

RND/ In which you make a study of the fashy light in Downton Abby: Both the program and its movies are raw fascist propaganda run amok. Racist, sexist and ignorant to it’s core, it actively seeks to naturalize class distinctions and make the UPPER CLASS as somehow inevitable as the sun. The servants are the … Read more

Saint Wallace: Satirical “I Haven’t Read Infinite Jest” Painting

RND/ To historically double down on one’s philosophical dislike of the (problematic) mere notion of “Someone like David Foster Wallace” – consider a satirical ‘Infinite Jest‘ painting of modern literary sainthood: 3440 x 2628 .jpg The text in the upper left reads “When Institutional Racism means never having to apologize for Publishing.” Image via a … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: Detroit Become Human

RND/ to consider detroit become human “chloe” Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit / dear npc chloe sincere apologies for having to take part in another embarrassingly conceived meisterwerk from cheese master of quote “polygons equals emotions” (jim sterling) to witness comments beneath trailer as to often to want to top elf with shame of … Read more