On The Rowling-Vausch Drama Bullshit And Internet Ontology

RND// To consider the TERF Bigot J.K. Rowling, Vaush, Kat Blaque & Contrapoints Drama bullshit. Idle Thursday internet thoughts (idea fragments) arising: – Other than ongoing bigotry against trans people and entire communities of by shitlord billionaires who obviously should go fuck themselves off a jagged cliff into the nearest available black hole, this whole … Read more

Conceptual Painting: Welcome To The State Of Twitch

RND/ So welcome to the exploitative (/for all concerned) State of Twitch: 4006 x 4326 .jpg, Twitch screenshots edited in Gimp Where awful comments meet quality content every time. — Example Reference Links The Mary Sue: Twitch’s New “Dress Appropriately” Policy is Founded on Obliviousness Polygon: Twitch streamer Trainwrecks’ latest ban over sexist comments spurs … Read more

Mass Effect Andromeda: Asari Sci Fi Crotch Shot Mentality

RND/ to consider the odd Effects of Mass: part of the Hypertography One Exhibit Scene: Ass Effect Blandromeda Where one gets to casually roleplay as a dead eyed space case with bad hair, full of kinda-cool accidental oddities & discontinuities: – Allied characters merging into one nightmarish gestalt entity during cutscenes – NPCs creating duplicates … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: Her Story

RND/ To consider Her Story. Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit breaking ir story by sam barlow important thing as respect honesty appropriate listening / power / responsibility of negative / positive thinking – jeremy douglass talking about aisle by sam barlow consider ir story by sam barlow mostly non problematic ideological sandbox of mr … Read more