Internet Art

Enlarged BAOH anime screenshots

RND/ to imagine enlarged screenshots of classic violent anime “BAOH” from an old LOLtube video – notable for over the top expressions on the ugly faces of its crudely drawn characters

– In which the word “BAOH” appears to mean ‘bow’, as in ‘respect due for such uniquely oldskool VHS crudeness’

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Internet Art

Dark Synth series: images of Dead Cyberpunk-Vision Cities

RND/ to consider the dead vision of future cities as traditionally defined by historical, and modern undead cyberpunk

Opening Into Scene 3840×2160 .jpg

Dark Synth: Dead Cyberpunk Vision Cities

Series of 176 images, 1920×1080 .jpg, edited and tweaked in Gimp

–  To consider how the overall design saturated neon and architectural megastructures of Blade Runner on movie and videogame concept art goes far beyond mere influence and utterly overwhelms the visual field resulting in extremes of  copy-pasted futuristic cliche and mindless fragmentary clutter; a measurement, both of the triumph of the will-to-technology as expressed in control and total social systemic domination of global hyper capitalism and humanity’s own caustic alienation; that such images positively revel in the dull density danger and crushing depression of their own sheer brute ugliness and obvious environmental destruction clearly informs us of the precise degree to which such symbolic environments dominate our thoughts – that they look and feel the way they are, because that’s what we in the Universal (ie. colonial) West still look and feel like inside; monstrous, powerful and ugly, with a wilfully designed kind of deeply stupid, hard wired smartness that breathes grey ashes

that cyberpunk to continually serve up nothing but the dregs of its own violent, planetary wide dirty concrete urbanism – merely something suitably ‘dark’ (zzzzzzzzzz!) for pale skinned techno-nerds / l33t haxx0r edgelords to look oh-so cool in the foreground of – must be exposed as the inherent crippling imaginative failure it is; note how not a single tree or spontaneous smile can be seen in such a deliberately cruel and professionally miserablist blandscape

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Internet Art

Digital-Conceptual Art Study Roundup (January)

RND/ Consider a roundup of digital-conceptual art for this month:

5760×3840, 9.3MB .jpg, edited in Gimp

Scene From “Made In Hong Kong” 1997

5760×3840, 14MB .jpg, edited in Gimp

“Horses And Flowers” – a poem

5760×3840, 9.1MB .jpg, edited in Gimp

“National Videogame Museum”

3840×4320, 5.9MB .jpg, tweaked in Gimp

“Tiled Floor Study”

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Internet Art

Internet Screenshots Roundup 2018

RND/ a roundup of recent random internet screenshots, lightly edited, taken during the same evening during Winter of 2018

Bill Hicks:

Bill Hicks Stand Up Comedy Scene 1990

Shake Down (Movie):

Movie Scene Peter Weller Sam Elliot – Shake Down (1988)

Dr. Disrespect

Dr Disrespect playing PUBG

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Internet Art

Cyberpunk is Dead: The Movie

RND/ to consider you only wish modern examples of bad Cyberpunk were more outright awful – ie. as strange and undead as they often more actually seem

A movie comprised of two (poorly stuck together) GTA cyberpunk Machinima clips found languishing on LOLtube – with a touch of gamma correction, because the whole thing was previously so dark, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight gave it Gothic side-eye

Length: 01:14:28
EQ=Gamma: 1.3
Bitrate: 1335 kb/s
Codec: h.264
Size: 960×540

In which it seems perfectly reasonable to feel content with cyberpunk’s aesthetic tendency to feel naff; cheesy, accidentally camp, heavy handed, clunky, janky, jerry rigged, ridiculously self serious, overly furniture-chewingly dramatic – especially when there’s nothing particularly at stake

Some other colorful, slightly washed out snapshots of dead cyberpunk via Flickr:

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