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Tag: screenshot

WW2 Digital Painting Exhibit: Day Of Defeat Source

RND/ consider a WW2 themed exhibit for “Day Of Defeat: Source” videogame Enlarged screenshots edited in Gimp to look vaguely like paintings Full exhibit at Flickr — // how to play big science

Apex Legends: Current King of Generic Videogame Art Styles

RND/ to consider the current height / king of generic art styles (style of no-style?) evident in F2P battle royale multiplayer videogame “Apex Legends” Somehow simultaneously professional (technically accomplished, ‘polished’) and amazingly run-of-the-mill, Apex Legends signifies a new old breed of forgettable, mish-mash art styles and all but interchangeable pseudo-characters – Full series of digital remix paintings at Who makes such only semi-creative design decisions? What on earth was the focus group demographic? What possible kinds of narrative does such a middling art style suggest? Something vaguely lo-fi,… Read more Apex Legends: Current King of Generic Videogame Art Styles

Digital Art Diptych: “Suburb”

RND/ to consider a mildly apocalyptic digital art Diptych entitled “Suburb” 5999×5334, 16.2MB edited in Gimp few of us now recall that perilous summer. what began as a game, a harmless pastime, quickly took a turn toward the serious and obsessive, which none of us tried to resist. after all, we were young. we were fourteen and fifteen, scornful of childhood, remote from the world of stern and ludicrous adults. we were bored, we were restless, we longed to be seized by any whim or passion and follow it to… Read more Digital Art Diptych: “Suburb”