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Coachella Douchbag

RND/ to consider vacuous Coachella Douchbags

3840×2560 .jpg edited in Gimp, via Flickr

Plastic people
Oh baby, now..
You’re such a drag
– Franz Zappa, Plastic People (Absolutely Free, 1967)

Example Reference Links

  1. Daily Beast: Coachella, Oasis For Douchebags and Trust Fund Babies, Should Be Avoided At All Costs
  2. Consequence of Sound: Coachella owner Philip Anschutz contributed $134,000 to the GOP in 2018

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Internet Art

Miami Traffic IV: “Many Business Is Done By Busy Catman In Business Blouse”

RND/ to consider the awesome notion that “Many Business Is Done By Busy Catman In Business Blouse”

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

Martin an intelligent man coming right out of one of the most hopeless times in his life gets a grip on own fate once again. With great ambition he becomes an alternative type of entreprenuer, one that crosses the boundaries of the law. Being a small-time guy in the big city of Miami he will have to work with other factions to see his dreams of a higher socio-economic status realized. But with that comes the risk of betrayal and abuse
– Miami Traffic 4 by Spiro S

Busy Catman from Miami Traffic IV

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