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Tag: retro

The Super Future Feel Of Amiga Graphics

RND/ to consider the unique Super Future feel [1] of Amiga era graphics / aesthetics [2] – as curated from oldskool Amiga magazine “The One” [3]   Deliciously chunky polygons [4] and seemingly infinite pixellated cyberspaces [5] – a bizarre information landscape of oddly alive ‘visual language’ where strange alien bleeps and bloops are heard (Ironically speaking) Forget retro – such visions arrive fresh from tomorrow The matrix has its roots in primitive arcade games – William Gibson/ Neuromancer Note the high volume of simulations of militarism [6] Theorist-For-Hire Robert… Read more The Super Future Feel Of Amiga Graphics

Midnight Ultra game video glitch study

RND/ To consider studying cool video glitch art in level cutscenes of indie ultra lo-fi psychoactive horror western FPS Midnight Ultra via gamedevs Forward Instinct [1] Reference Link Midnight Ultra Game // how to play big science