RANT vs ISCA (fiction)

RND/ in which Robert What actively pretends to be current Theorist In Residence for ISCA – the smoothly sinister &¬†sublimely algorithmic “Institute Of Southern Contemporary Art” [1] – installed in their wires over the weekend by remote hack, a hungry cybernetic ghost – yet in fact represents the theoretical interests of “RANT” (Refusal Against Northern Theory)

First, the ‘Logos’ of RANT:

R.A.N.T logos

Next, a faded and torn simulation of an old ‘RANT vs ISCA’ poster:

R.A.N.T vs I.S.C.A poster

More intense postmodern R&D about Robert What’s viral software residency to follow; artists Jo√£o Enxuto and Erica Love have been informed

Reference Links

  1. ISCA

// how to play big science