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Political painting – Aegri Somnia: Brexit Party 2020

RND/ To consider the mass insanity, ugliness and stupidity of Brexit Parties, circa 2020; a political painting.

3878 x 4000 .jpg – via Getty Images

Aegri Somnia: Brexit Party 2020

Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept: £170k – contact bob for details.

Here’s one karmic gift that won’t stop giving – you deluded, myopic, xenophobic dipshits.

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Watch Dogs Legion: Campaign For Real Cockneys vs. M.U.N.T

RND/ to consider the bizarre ‘post Brexit’ cultural politics of Watch Dogs: Legion, in terms of a “Campaign For Real Cockneys” vs M.U.N.T:

In which people trying to live in the UK look at Watch Dogs: Legion, shake their heads slowly and wonder from what precise, oddly hyper-nationalistic cultural anus such utterly dreadful ideas spray forth from – but then partially realize their own stench in the resulting modern media cloud..

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Campaign For Real Cockneys

3840×2160 .jpg edited in Gimp

M.U.N.T: Mockney Usurpers Never Trustworthy

Imagine a grass roots “Campaign For Real Cockneys” spontaneous arises to counter the rise of so-called ‘Mockney Wankers’ in media, aka “Showers of Total Munts” (mockney usurpers who are never trustworthy. In terms of authentic cockneys, it turns out that, unofficially at least, Dick Van Dyke is seen by the C.F.R.C as an “Edge case” – that, compared to some of the utter wankers pathetically trying to pass for the salt of London’s dirty earth, “At least he tried, gawd bless ‘im.”)

Dangerous unacknowledged ideological ironies abound, however. Consider that the C.F.R.C, rather than some inherently pre-existing expression of ‘authenticity’, is merely just another carefully (politically) constructed campaign designed by those who already have power within society to cynically manipulate other idiots desperate to be told what they think they already believe – in this case, the mere idea that a ‘campaign for real cockneys’ might somehow be remotely ‘authentic’. Welcome to modern fantasy island England.

So to perhaps, might one see the apparent natural, healthy, spontaneously yeasty ‘rise’ of populist alt right (ie. scummy fascist) political movements in the UK and right across Europe – which are in fact mere knee-jerk calls back toward some entirely illusionary ‘pure state’ – reactionary, socially regressive ‘will of the people’. (Note: for a start, ‘the people’ – “Hey I’m just a common laard marffed cockney wideboy, just like you lot, innit!” – don’t exist. Thank goodness.)

And yet, near total Munts do seem to exist in the modern mediascape – living cliches, lazy cultural shorthand stereotypes, walking parodies of their own worst unacknowledged aspects. “Ain’t nobody even look like dat,” as Flavor Flav once accurately observed. Self facilitating media nodes, ghost-shells and stand along complexes, bad copies without originals. Right Wing Michael ‘I made it from nuffin’ Caine. Ricky Fucking Gervais and his punchable tosser’s mug (to which one cheerfully suggests the timely addition of a M.E.W: Mile End Wallop):

London Mockney Media representations can be roughly divided into a single sentence: “Sharp suits and ‘ard looks.” Think “Gangster No. 1” (2000, Paul McGuigan.) Think of Guy Ritchie (possibly Mockney Patient Zero, along with Damien Hurst, of course) and his perfectly awful RocknRolla (2008) – where even the spelling is enough to make you wonder how long has the UK been a dark, eye-rolling laughing stock (lock and smoking barrel) to other, perhaps more sophisticated countries with actually nuanced and challenging media self-representations.

A developer of Watch Dogs: Legion talks about Londoners as a ‘people who never give up’. Somehow he seems to have swallowed wholesale some obscure, populist myth about ‘That Bulldog Dunkirk Spirit’. Compare and contrast this nonsense (as one must) with the classic awful Your-Dad’s Cult TV series “Dad’s Army” (not shown here out of respect for those who have little respect for such dead, tired bullshit.)

In which the insanity of Brexit seems to have warped the (perhaps already warped) ideas in a certain wartime speech:

Even though large tracts and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip and odious apparatus of European rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the bitter end. We shall fight France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the media, we shall defend the idea of ‘our island’, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight the E.U on the beaches, we shall fight it on the landing grounds, we shall fight it in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight it in the hills; we shall never surrender the idea of Ze Authentic British People for a whiter, brighter and cleaner ENDLAND. *burp*

– Winston Churchill, paraphrase of speech given June 4th, 1940

Of course, the simplest critique of Watch Dogs: Legion is to state it has nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit and is simply cashing in on (yet another) total political fuckup instigated by pasty posh assholes in power out on some colossal scam to make themselves even more money (heck, sounds a lot like the AAA Videogame Industry.) Likewise perhaps, one might question the remote pseudo-idea that a bunch of apathetic citizens (“DedSec wants YOU!” – “What, everyone can join? Where do I sign?”) armed with the latest in hand hand electronic consumer telecommunications devices are somehow going to take on the combined might of an inherently (and long, long-since) totalitarian government simply by wearing shite plastic skull masks and spittin’ loose mockney jive like a bunch of fahkin canhts. (Excuse my Cultured European.)

It seems the deep rooted psychic delusions of distant and future empire are belching forth one again, forming Watchdog’s utopian people’s distopia:


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  2. Wikipedia: We shall fight on the beaches
  3. r/TrueFilm: Dunkirk and Britain’s myth of itself
  4. Robert What: Forza Horizon 4 and the Befuddlement of Britishness
  5. Robert What: Breaking Point: Brexit themed rnd

Resisting The White Alien Temporal Perspective: Colonial Nerd Revisionism In Dr. Who Episode “Rosa”

RND/ to generally consider why the dr. who episode “Rosa” induces cringe in viewers: possibly that, under the benevolent christian guise of meek and mild pseudo-multiculturism, the good Doctor was simply (ideologically / symbolically) whitespaining [1] rewriting black history [2] – in short, ‘wokewashing’

“Operation Rosa Parks”.. We have to make sure we keep history [3] in [officially / culturally sanctioned] Order™
– Dr. Who on history as another mere project to be managed

KING (to Chris): How the fuck you get over here man, you look like you

CHRIS: I volunteered

KING: You WHAT? Say ‘gain

CHRIS: Yeah, I dropped out of college and told ’em I wanted infantry, combat, and Nam..

CRAWFORD: You volunteered for this sh1t man?

KING: You a crazy flocker, givin’ up college man

CHRIS: Didn’t make much sense. Wasn’t learning anything.. And why should just the poor kids go to the war – and the college kids get away with it

KING: Sheeit, gotta be rich [/pale] in the first place to think like that. Everybody know the poor always being fucked by the rich. Always have, always will

– Scene from Platoon, 1986 Oliver Stone

to imagine the modern dr. who as badly written, (white) nerd fanfiction [4] cringe; a few ideas to philosophically ponder about the possible sources of its particular off smell

  • take star trek, lost in space, babylon 5 [5] etc – and shove em up yer arts
  • the warning ray bradbury’s classic “a delicate sound of thunder”; don’t trample over history
  • h.g well’s [6] morlocks as racist symbols for ignorant black savages who don’t understand the “faith in the essential decency of the white man’s (time traveling) culture” (thanks, dr. gonzo)
  • ‘historically’: sci fi as (/only for) those who self-identify as ‘white’ (“white-fi”?) [7]
  • dr. who as a ‘walien’ (white alien) who acts from a privileged (seemingly more spiritually advanced and morally knowledgeable) perspective
  • time seen from such a white-fi perspective; unstable, capricious, instantly accessible (understandable) and eminently hackable (and therefore automatically a-good-thing) [8]
  • white-fi from a non-white perspective: exactly the same – and therefore precisely to be resisted, since such a perspective is enforced from outside (seemingly outside history); it invades, colonises and violently overwrites (sorry, delicately ‘corrects’ or helps out) black historical time, at will – without consequence
  • dr. who from the perspective of trilby tipping neckbearded misogynerd fanbois; not only is dr. who a (shock horror) woman – but now also arrives with a preachy (/female!) [9] view of (oh-so-racist!) black history shoved down sore red necks *sound of tiny violin being played in lab background*
  • irony gland remove detection: since the good doctor’s perspective is necessarily female and limited, wtf are nerds complaining about anyway
  • what might sci fi for people of color [10] consist of – even more dr. flocking who? (associated new term: referring to cyberspace as z_ ‘interblack’)

Reference Links

  1. Whitespaining
  2. Reinvisioning Justice
  3. Herstory
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  5. White People Sci Fi
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// how to play big science

Breaking Point: Brexit themed rnd

RND/ to consider Brexit* themed conceptual art – of / for ongoing UK island backwater madness:

* Based around misinformation and election rigging in the service of default elite political destabilization, Brexit is the forever impending symbolic withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and a contemporary expression of the collective self harm and insanity of bottle nosed, flag waving, xenophobic old dotards [1] on some miserable backwater island obviously still living in the good old days of Dad’s Army when Johnny Foreigner knew his place and one could rely of artificially intelligent social media bots to rally populist brain dead hatred.

Article 50: A Regular Injection

To consider article 50 discussions – of regular / violently ironic intelligence injections

1536 × 5444 .jpg

Article 50: A Regular Injection

Brexit Breaking Point

I regard this as a manifestation of popular feeling
– Peter Griffiths (on Brexit symbolizing a nations psyche)

To consider fear / loathing / convenient short term memory loss in Merrie Old, Dead ‘Endland’.

3016 × 3195 .jpg

Brexit: Breaking Point

For when you’re ‘so fucking English’ you dump forth entire monastic figurines in the khazi every miserable new morning.

To consider how life – if that’s what they can call it – was generally any less awful in good ol’ Endland before, during or will be after the latest poll results.

Selective memory; just because frothy, fair trade venti soy quadruple decaff latte sipping Guardian Readers only now it seems are wring their pale, soft hands over potential increases in the cost of imported artisan fucking croissants, doesn’t mean life wasn’t always anything less than utterly dreadful for the marginalized / dispossessed / colonially disaporic in this constant, piss-dribble reigning backwater island dreaming.

Come what may, we are here to stay
– Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dread Inna Inglan

Sputnik Wedding Cake

– To consider a partially confusing philosophical mixture of perfectly accurate and reasonable social critique re: bread and spectacle in the dark time of Brexit, with thoroughly modern state initiated information propaganda.

In any case – consider that the uber rich should entirely pay for their own  bloody weddings, thanks.

Let the masses eat wedding cake crumbs indeed, eh Marie?

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// how to play big science