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Creepy Portraits of Deep Fake A.I People: “This Algorithm Exists”

RND/ to consider conceptually creepy art portraits of non-existent people computer generated by evil near-future graphics card manufacturers using advanced neural networks & machine learning

3840×3840, 2.8MB .jpg edited in Gimp, generated via thispersondoesnotexist.com

– To note however, that such people are not in fact people but algorithms, and that unlike pseudo-people do in fact exist and express real identity – that is, an often dangerous sociopolitical efficacy

And yet, one should be wary of taking such emergent / stuck on mathematical smiles at face value (minor tumorous outgrowths and weird skin folds notwithstanding) because right now ‘they’ are probably working in strict tandem with large faceless metacorps to silently and efficiently fuck you over in various, blandly terrifyingly-smart ways

Have a nice day; it’s your duty

// how to play big science

Conceptual Portraits and Profiles Gallery

RND/ to consider imaginary portraits and profiles – a gallery

20 minute justice system

virtual rat experience

20 Minute Justice System

example statement via theorist robert what/ some robotic voice emanates from hole in wall providing clear instruction for innocent

please check if true/ ir daddy rich – ir feature pale skin – ir member of sports team / prestigious university

if so then insert credit card here / relax

expect freedom in approximately 20 minutes or less while judge checks ir credit

then make ir way to revolving doors at back of court house

thank ir for custom

abc in sf us


location unimportant – global travellers / selfie monsters / bridges to nowhere

rnd/ americas best looking couple

heres resarc robert what with another fast breaking gonzo hypernews story space

America’s Best Looking Couple

in whats becoming increasingly common/ nonlinear series of public disorder incidents/ private cyborg rentacops called to yet another violent incident / simulation at strongarm burbclave today to deal with shooting / injuring of male portion of amerikas best looking couple

in statement written / directed by pr manager of one of victims / given by victim elf in nicely shot / well rehearsed holovideo paid for by station – barry sexbeef – more well known by ir handle captain handsome – said shooting was simply misunderstanding/ would not occur again

alleged incident took place at karls steroid n handgun store within clave

another citizen belonging to x closely knit walled community of glossy mutants deep into shopping / self love – private citizen jason ripnek stands accused of deliberately provoking mr sexbeef into fight – upon which ripneks barely concealed sentient pistol – 25lb model .50 cal k2llr 75 street annihilator given to all new burbclave members by loftleader industries for home protection – was quote accidentally fired into smooth freshly plucked / laser taut abs of sexbeef

only by good fortune / clean analytical insight of captain handsome did ey survive – for ed recently installed new set of titanium ceramic abdominal implants morning of incident/only $920,000 on special offer from loftleader – use code #fake on ir stations website for 20% off

police droids interviewed two parties over incident/ n turns out that at some point in argument at karls store ripnek took control of in store tannoy system using ir 1337 .mill grade haxx0r skillz gained by free online course / shouted /paid for transcript follows:

karl /store owner: eye met more intelligent shoelaces than ir buncha suntanned freaks – get heck outa ey store yer dumbells

burbclave citizen ripnek/ yo captain blandsome – ir hulk wife thing sure must get so sweaty during workout – x 6 inch flabia must give off bigger reek than tsukiji fish market in summer – x still bigger than yours when ir get pumped in morning mirror amirite

at x point other portion of sexbeef duo – pretty miss camilla deadsquat – allegedly threw ripnek over counter with one hand into pile of really cool looking foreign video space design magazines with those awesome postmodern typefaces – ey currently suing ir lightly for designer clothing damages / for mental cruelty ey experienced through being forced to try to read

update patch

parties involved have since made up / have amicably agreed to split any subsequent media profits arising from x news story 70/30 – after ir cut of course heh

after several suicides at burbclave caused by quote badroids featuring unnotable b-listers – viewers / fellow players no doubt feel clean / refreshed to hear about such exciting new/tm developments

strange reports of quote spots of colorless odorless oil like substance occurring on imported white/r tiled floors of strongarm community members still being looked into by ir crack reporting team of big scientists

as always stay tuned to robert what dot com for maximum fun: everybodys favourite alternative to news station right across ir neo psychedelic virtual nation

baudrillard meta language code

Baudrillard Meta-Language Code

something postmodern academia something

be nicest – be hendo: indeed

Be Nicest Be Hendo

always respect your mma elders

come fly with ey

to consider frank sinatra based conceptual rat

Come Fly With Me

example ratist statement via robert what/ ol blue eyes / company merge softly with falling 50s aircraft blissfully unaware tourists / hideous coke clowns in darkly comical orgy of soft oceanic pastels cheesy horn stabs / diffuse pinky orange global summertime travel fantasy beyond

cynthia duckhart

quote/ trouble with these people ir cities have never been bombed/ ir mothers have never been told to shut up
– charles bukowski

to consider how cynthia duckhart reigned in ir formica microverse 1806-1955

quintessential 50s concerned citizen

Cynthia Duckhart

as featured in photograph with ir idiot son tucker – future governor

rnd/ harry heck copperhead six comic

consider open source punisher spinoff web comic idea – harry heck / copperhead six

Harry Heck and the Copperhead Six

example expanded back story / context

  • enigmatic career assassin with style to spare harry quote roulette heck is finally returning to el paso to lick ir psychic wounds – consider ir earthly existence / plan ir bitter retirement
  • superstitious native of french louisiana with dark shaded past – harrys tougher than texas boot / more wily than average coyote/ yet tales of ir gun toting escapades have over years become more wild legend than fact – fact that annoys harry considerably
  • after ir recent fatal encounter with punisher harry survived death only to finally realize hes old/ now secretly yearns to escape ir wayward lifestyle of violent crime hot cars fast women / alternative country music/ ed like nothing more than to go out in silent blaze of obsolescence – striding off into terminal western desert sunset with cold mexican beer strumming ir lonesome guitar
  • unfortunately however elite team of occult hitmen with vile supernatural powers sent forth by deeply cannibalistic religious cult leader che quote leg drinker ramirez / ir hardcore demonic la chorrera gang have other plans for harry
  • while fiercely independent operator harry has made few professional acquaintances among ey voodoo priest / fellow criminal papa midnite/ n will take every ounce of harrys skill / experience – with midnights recently confiscated mischief bag – to survive ches deadly copperhead six
  • can harry prevent return of mystic tablet of la pacho to popular peoples church of frank from which n was stolen / thus prevent state wide non biblical apocalypse – find out by taking part in development of open source web comic platform harry heck / copperhead six

project elements

some example elements for harrys comic

  • open source flan project
  • exploration of effect of life of grim violence on lonely soul
  • how harry survived /tied in to ghostly themes of comic generally
  • to strike odd oblique dusty tone – yet somehow quote laser focused
  • cinematic – feels like movie storyboard
  • art by someone like steve dillon who draw preacher comic
  • like more lynchian no country for old men with ghostly southern gothic vibe
  • harry has something of quote force of nature nature about ir as seen in rutger hauers character of hitcher
  • details – professional code of honour – style especially – seems vitally important for harrys character
  • slow train coming by bob dylan / red right hand by nick cave / bad seeds as harrys psychological theme tunes
  • harry derives ir nickname from fact ey enjoys playing what ey calls ir quote roulette blues on ir old guitar – especially for those ey got contracts on/ harry says ey sings for ey as n prepares ir soul to cross over to other side

in classy way floyd mcgregor

In A Classy Way: Floyd-McGregor

to consider more violent ironies featuring loud mouthed women beaters spitting loose jive about coke fuelled media personalities about staying classy/ amen preach on brother

joannas sincere sapokanikan ideology

regarding new sincere sapokanikan ideology of joanna newsom

Joanna’s Sincere ‘Sapokanian’ Ideology

to consider joanna newsom in many ways new ultimate walking vanity project – perfectly flawlessly sincere – hyper fey/tm /quaintly unconventional excessively refined/ precious – marked by foreboding of death or calamity ideology that might be termed sapokanikan ie blisteringly sweet ragtimey encomium to dark forces of false remembrance / deliberate forgetting creepy cultural accretion concealment of language as weapon convenient historical amendment conceited self erasure unimaginative distortion as aesthetic canonization of holy infantilization violent obsolescence of classy high times / wide eyed immortality of perfumed designer insanity in face of everything remotely human that actually matters – amerikan maul lift music in quote lite new age hell lite where everybody blissfully skips along blind bloody road to another fake apocalypse

example ratist statement via theorist robert what/ while consummate ratist – intriguing lyricist/ precisely what beguiles / enchants with delight about miss newsom seems fan based ideology which emerges / oozes from ir words as delicate poison – gently suffocating dream warm / calm as mothers melted plastic milk

innate unconscious fear in ir insidiously wistful misconceptions re/ untouchable vision of newsom / ir mystical screeching oeuvre somehow that nobody but ey has yet to willfully awaken in strange / different twee universe where ir warbling white /as state of mind privilege view as somehow remotely normal/tm

that other people outside ir infinitesimally small cultural clique do not automatically / unconditionally adore x music of poetic luxury rightly shakes messianic faith in very notion that ir selfish meager / insufferably wholesome reality has any integrity at all

note/ gravitation beam emitter on short term loan by killy /霧亥

jouissance fete via robert what

digital conceptual rat experience jouissance /fete

conceptual digital rat experience

Jouissance (fete)

example artistic statement via robert what/ in which g+v clean divide by x+y

chemical superego injunction to enjoy

paradoxical modern default excess standing in line for watered down tent beer / chance encounters with symbolic order

abstract dimensions where ambiguity / cheap gold lust freezes out of saturday nights anti material phenomenality / forms strict /contested pose – filmic stance without sexy consequence or probable narrative justification

madonna media glamour

Madonna Media-Glamour

inverted image nsfw – or play/ shoutout to pete

new mma fragrance nervous guilt

conceptual holly based fragrance – nervous guilt

quote/ shes going to try to keep distance/ keep far away from ey/ keep ey frustrated/ to point where ey will make mistake/ el try to kick ey in head
– ronda ‘reading ahead’ rousey

example ratist statement via theorist robert what/ modern fighting fragrance for those whose smell should match ir press picture

New MMA fragrance “Nervous Guilt”

industrial odour of manufactured champions – all ingredients 100% media natural

* indistinct yet perceptible suggestion of nervous guilt
* several months of unfiltered hype
* several previous cans
* newfound killer instinct / overnight transformations from flat foot to bruce flocking lee
* big slices o designer humility pie
* ronda / joe reading ahead from script hidden in plain sight
* more rematch slapcash for x bald fat overfiend
* bitter tears of leonard cohen

ninja ricard harrison godfrey ho4

digital conceptual rat experience

classic ninja z movie actor richard harrison

Ninja Richard Harrison

example ratist statement via bsz hyper corporation/ pleased to present ninja: richard harrison in 256 colours – digital rat concept by amateur postmodern theorist robert what employing strategies that dismiss notions of artworks as conceptual totalities instead choosing happy intensely multivitamin narratives crafted from variety of simultaneous approaches not just single image that expresses big ideas about humanity in x relation to technology

robs new conceptual workspace is informed by sophisticated discourse on traditional philosophical concepts – deep understanding of aesthetic / cultural character of dark amerikan continent as well as invigorating inclination / facility with x various materials modalities / methods

by inventively handling these materials within outsiders postmodern neo sculptural framework combined with highly developed experimental approach to helping digital rat emerge from biomatrix of daily life robert what manifests timeless journeys into strangeness of present – both unorthodox / persistently innovative ignoring strict boundaries between different cultural hierarchies concerning form / idea

consider ir figurative photo manipulation of actor richard harrison /star of of classic z movie ninja flicks by godfrey ho – from original youtube screen – deliberately obscure satire of / homage to western modernity functioning as transitional node between so called quote straight to unrewound vhs flicks of early 90s/ kitsch re appropriation of on screen masculinity / power / safe / loving connection to screen as cultural interface – all built on neon drenched foundation of shared values talking / touching – trusting informality using bold yet subtle /256 color shading to playful effect etc

roy batty off world online

conceptual digital rat experience

Roy Batty: Off-World Online

dear sir ridley scott

hello/ instead blade runner 2 – consider off world online – digital fan service

ir admirer of blade runner/ writing now to suggest instead of making blade runner 2 – one big film – consider valve corporations notion of entertainment as service/ allow blade runner open universe to grow as fully interactive experience both funded / constructed by internet crowds – with ir help / vision

x project off world online would radically expand already fluid notions of ratistic creation in digital age

while blade runner 2 seems ok idea on paper encouraging rapid evolution of blade runner into / as new forms of collective play runs closer to now very modern ideas expressed in ir original ground breaking film

for blade runner seems as much dynamic process / free expression of artistic human consciousness as defining cultural object/ with x in mind consider blade runner 2.0 – exciting opportunity for unique realities offered by blade running universe to define elves in exciting / unexpected ways

why future of blade runner is online

future of blade runner deserves to be multifaceted polymorphous online experience – perhaps because n always was – complex contested digital space of / for imagination where multiple intellectual / emotional layers / interpretations compete for attention in every changing environment populated by all manner of bizarre mutant creatures – each clamoring for love / life / meaning in dark new world where technology / humanity have grown blurred / strange

sincerely robert what

all these moments can now exist as nodes in living network
– ghost of roy

scary barry builder postmodern trumpgeist

Scary Builder Barry: The Postmodern Trumpgeist

to consider what might pass through willfully confused / bland psychotic mindspace of scary looking pseudo-everyman barry builder eg populist fart winds of bad change – how x might relate to z underscore #trumpgeist

stallone cobra shades borlotic

new term/ borlotic – bored lonely artistic – with x hot stallone connection

Stallone Cobra Shades (‘Borlotic’)

quote/ theres nothing more mysterious than tv set left on in empty room
n is even stranger than man talking to himself or woman standing dreaming at ir stove
n is as if another planet is communicating with ir
– fellow big scientist jean baudrillard/ america

example ratist statement via robert what/ consider new term for resarcs – borlotic / borlosis – signifying state of bored / lonely / artistic

now forever arbitrarily associated with enlarged vision of sylvester stallone in cobra / cheesy 1986 action flick directed by george p cosmatos/ as captured from vhs tape in sleezy highway by week motel somewhere in maximum amerika – with cool shades – at precise spectral non time 0:00:00

in which x hoped term andor x image somehow results in midnight composition of strange longform postmodern essays / artworks which incorporate long freeform philosophical discussions based around

  • everyday mundane
  • lonesome highway motels in america
  • deconstructions of on screen hyper masculinity
  • x cool purple blue shade often seen in 80s video
  • lo fi vhs aesthetic experience
  • unknown long distance ratist
  • cool shades

advantages of such loose tag that resarcs may use any other three words ir want to describe strange state – eg boner / longing / angst

the audience

beware/ audience ahead

“The Audience”

robert what/ odd couple – actors / audience

audience/tm watches stage play unfold

ir own nowhere half lives on display

projected glaze forced up on stage by unnecessary circumstance

oh pale dim thrill of n all

rnd/ lord inquisitor uncanny valley visitor

file under general subject quote/ when cgi goes bad

The Lord Inquisitor: Uncanny Valley Visitor

often starring uncanny valley visitor lord inquisitor

question/ just what about truly wack cgi rendering feels so uniquely satisfying

wahl burger face

digital franchise remix: wahlburgers

Wahl Burger Face

example ratist statement/ ideal price for x concept considered as virtual rat experience: $1 – to hang outside one of marks houses

wrinkled hollywood forehead syndrome

ask why so many wrinkled foreheads exist in hollywood

Wrinkled Hollywood Forehead Syndrome

once ey see x/ x impossible to unsee

possible answer/ because such foreheads mere minor arbitrary symbol of greater general insider freakdom of hollywood as whole /hole ontological shed pit

yao ming face elvis edition

Yao Ming Face (Elvis Edition)

consider remix of yao ming flock x guy face meme with cool retro elvis hair

yolandi stares

Yolandi Stares

yolandi vi$$er from 1000% quote neuropink research crew die antwoord

zack brown potato head salad kickstarter

on kickstarting privilege – research notes concerning potato head salad guy zack brown

quote/ under / behind / inside everything man took for granted something horrible had been growing
– ey am zacks complete commitment to ego / spectacle

consider mere concept of potato head salad kickstarter guy needs swift sharp philosophical knee in vegetable sack

Zack Brown: Potato Head Salad Kickstarter

in terminal zeitgeist where any turbid gwat can pop forth another unwanted designer zit on troubled backside of modern media – along pseudo humbly swaggers zack quote danger brown minor man of vanishing moment all fresh faced / fratboy keen – like ey just got through to next round of local blandly handsome contest

just look at ir/ look at zack

firstly ir parents labelled ir zack – crime against andor of reality right there with potentially disastrous existential consequences for local spacetime

todays starter for ten points zack – what percentage of dead persons brain has to be full of dim weasel piss in order to quote invent potato salad kickstarter
– guy smiley

x exact kind of effortlessly inane / stupefyingly irrelevant amerikan videodromic signal – which if n were to suddenly begin to play on screen set in back of seat of person in front ey would just know ir plane soon tocrash as x certainly prime candidate for undeniable proof nothing remotely intelligent lives on x flocking planet

ideology of kickstarter potato salad

quote/ ey hereby pledge allegiance to flag of kickstarter of amerika / to republic o cash for which n stands one potato brained nation under salad infinitely divisible with side order of lite beer for all
– kickstarter pledge

surely x all bit of harmless ultra capitalist fun in atomizing media sun right – right

notice in 404 video how /after awkward pause zack explains that money raised will all go to good causes

suddenly like gazelle from starting block ex democrat spin meister george stephanopoulos replies with ey feel so much better about x

consider x ideology of kickstarter potato salad right there – of privilege funding privilege

where already greasy hands exchange yet more greasiness – eternal circle jerk complete once

for george something about zacks little wizard media wheeze cuts little too close to ir unconscious bones – ie ey too suspects ir own potatoey greed / uselessness

ir too can exist as rich famous shameless media egotist with bleached teeth – sims with prime pr strategy – as long as ir seen caring about /vague things in life which really matter – tiny philanthropic bubbles / imperfections hand made by /somehow equally honest simple hard working peoples of – wherever

n wouldnt have mattered one iota if zack had started out to give any / all money ey made to charity

rather ugly point – that charities have to exist precisely because zack quote potato head danger / spaced out pimps that fund ir vacant vacations into hyper capitalist netherworld of innocent viral fun have whole sick game already stacked in ir odds from very beginning – mile high bowl of dog sick that stinks to plastic heavens

simply by funding ir all backers are psychologically poised to defend danger boy – ie attack others for questioning ir own seemingly natural right to indulge in ir idiocy flinging cash for cheap laughs saturday night college drunks at pole dance club

in once such startlingly aggressive display one pathological backer allegedly proclaimed ir giving buck simply for amusement / surrealism factor –

paraphase/ ey want to give big flock off to self righteous pissants out there

oh passive aggressive backer of allegedly surreal salad/ where art all these raving self righteous pissants of which thou speaketh with such impotent practiced menace

if anything whats actually surreal about zack / ir tasteless salad conception – that anyone finds anything remotely surreal or amusing about n at all

help zack live ir little dream/tm

pleased with elf little man
– roy batty

kickstarter salad/ x like something talented genius james franco might come up while on media toilet – simply for teh richboy lulz

of course equally talented amanda f#ing palmer agrees with potato head since media stunts like x keep ir / holy reptile l ron blumquist in red funding manner to which ir accustomed

of course deadpan non irony – that everyone who helps people like zack quote live ir dream already lives in exactly same simulated universe as ir – one of easy pink glow self satisfied ultra privilege where friends enjoy new houses featuring disproportionately large bathrooms – ir all stand around hi fiving/ unlike most everyone else are able to imagine whatever ir want to fill n with/ cocaine faeces smeared 100 dollar bills servant body parts potato salad – empty sum total of ir vacated existence – anything ir want baby

x trip all about ir / ir dreams ir way – ir flocking salad

hey internet
– zack danger brown

who or what might zack referr to here/ one wonders if ey remotely understands what ey dealing with – / what ey already fully immersed in

careful salad boy/ roman gladiatorial crowds were less fickle than todays undead social media consumers

another thing/ x guys name – probably already forgotten – seems now forever linked to potato salad

in fact in recent search for ir name/ nothing came up – unless one specifically added potato salad – x seems unfortunate

what zacks statement – that ey did n for pure enjoyment / silliness of life really means – ir able to do stuff like x because ey ultra priviledged life / system of global capital expressed as innate evil idiocy of internet enables ey to – such anti life consists of little but blind pursuit of pure salady enjoyment / savage hipster puerility

after all/ when ir already own everything everyone else needs but cant have – whats little scoops of potato salad between rich smiling friends right

x all so very clever so innocent / seemingly without consequence – so viciously harmless in ir automated assumption that potato salad kicksters seem so harmlessly enjoyable – which must at all costs / at all times be enjoyed utterly by everyone infected by such crass viral stupidity

zack has stated however what has allowed ey to have x little moment – whats sacred to ir – ir love to connect with people via sacred love

sounds like freaky fame based cult speak – casual head spinning delusions of salady grandeur from what fellow theorists in ghost in the shell term stand alone complex/ random – yet given strict coordinates of system / how n naturally dysfunctions – often inevitable emergent phenomenon

perhaps fact so many fellow players find n so easy to guffaw along at what seems mere bowl of potato salad itself seem violent dull sound of silent warning striking

zocialist communizm zizek brand soviet era propaganda poster

Zocialist-Communizm: Zizek Brand Soviet Era Propaganda Poster

greetings comrades in theory – with all recent new cold war hacker rhetoric loose talk of reds under voting tables/ consider ey trump card/ meta surreal zocialist communizt realism of lightly faded zizek/tm brand soviet era propaganda poster

// how to play big science

Misc Image Studies Gallery

RND/ miscellaneous conceptual image study gallery

fiver from good samaritan

satirical remix of soul suckingly self righteous article in daily torygraph [1] via robert what

A Fiver From A Good Samaritan

profits from x rat to share with charity for working mothers

consider some stranger on train who condescendingly praised mother with fiver for quote good manners revealed as middle class twat

enquiry in england is not whether woman has talents / genius or is kind mother – not that x might even be right question to begin with – but whether shes truly passive/ polite/ virtuous ass obedient to noble mens opinions in rat / science/ who bows gratefully before ir overwhelming fiscal potency/ unthinking pseudo generosity

if ir good little woman of stove / bedroom – if not she must be starved /via passive aggressive male acts of suffocating plastic kindness
– paraphrasing william blake poet painter / visionary

stranger on train who praised mother in backhanded complement style letter for quote good manners is revealed as rich samaritan ken slanders

father of one says ey handed sam welk message praising ir noble mothering skills on first great western service as shes quote great role model for ir dole queue waiting generation

ken slanders has revealed himself as quote mystery stranger who passed note to samantha welk

snooty bourgeoise train passenger – probably from first class compartment – who handed young mother anonymous condescending note praising ir as credit to ir generation of working class single mothers has said ey did n because what goes around comes around

what ey obviously means by x – even rich pinky skinned / ultra privileged feel humble enough to lower elves occasionally to pat lower classes on head as ir imagine ir sometimes deserve

ken slanders handed 23 year old sam welk vile message on scrap of paper ey peeled off bottom of ir bespoke shoe because ey was quote impressed by ir mothering skills as she sat cuddling ir three year old son ryan at crappy end of first great western disservice

50 year old father of one signed message from creepy man at table with glasses hat / stupid looking scarf with ir luxury montblanc fountain pen / handed n to ir like polite insult as she got off train from birmingham to plymouth at bristol parkway last thursday in rain

semi unconsciously offended by implication that she was both being quietly labeled quote working class/tm quote – also that she was being praised by some condescending toffe nosed upper middle class fart for merely doing what every mother does daily without unnecessary social commentary or privileged cultural rewards sprinkled from above

miss welk launched internet search in bid to track down mr slanders overstuffed / probably well overpaid nhs project middle manager from snobsworth in wiltshire

now hes come forward / disclosed ir smug unpleasant surprise at level of response to ir heart warming note – ie heart warming to those who have money to throw around like wealthy men who care not how ir give as tennyson said

ey revealed ey wrote said note because ey thought miss welk was great role model for new britain – that ryan reminded ir of ir daughter romanissa now 20 / how current ceo of fantastic new internet startup selling financial advice to poor / downtrodden via intrusive / innovative mobile phone ad pop overs

what goes around comes around ey told daily heil online

when ey daughter was 18 she went out on ir first night out in bristol for hotrods / drugs

n was new years eve / ey advised ir not to but she went

after she left she phoned ey / said shed got off at wrong station bristol parkway instead of temple meads / gabba club she was going to was by temple meads

ey was fretting because ey would already had bottle of gin / two viagra that night / ey couldnt come get ir because ey was busy watching intellectual hunk jeremy charles robert clarkson

luckily kind poor couple came to ir rescue / gave ir lift into town

she later lost ir ticket at home / rich anglo saxon man on horse carrying banner with english flag on n bought ir one out of ir own pocket

later she was on train platform / she was freezing when x same hero came to ir / gave ir jacket

ey said quote happy new year to ir / ir kin / let ir keep n

ey always remembered that / ey guess x paid off in end because here ey am showing world what generous person ey feel – as naturally befits ey class / fated position in honest d0g fearing english/tm society

including £5 note for miss welk apparently quote to buy herself pint because thats what ey imagines proles doing of evening – mr slanders wrote in ir message have drink on ey baby – ir credit to ir nubile generation

polite / humble knowing ir place in true order of things teaching ir little boy good manners that will see in right in correctly / strictly stratified society – where bs articles like those scrawled by daily bile are commonplace – just not quite as common as ir – ah ha ha/ little joke there

ey understand ir cheeky cockneys are famous for ir sense of humour

p.s ey have daughter ir age someone rich / handsome did same for ir once

hope when she has children shes good – that is as quiet / obedient / fiscally gracious mother as ir appear to be – at least for ir class

miss welk originates from peckham but who now lives in run down flat in plymouth – owned by greedy parasitical rentier capitalist who lives 2.5mill mansion on right side of tracks – said she was shocked when she first read what was written

when ey handed n to ey – as though wiping crap off ir manicured hand – ey said n had fallen out of ey bag so ey just said thank ir / took n from ir she said

but when ey looked at n / saw what was written ey was shocked

ey feel overwhelmed by elitist ideology of n all implication being that ir automatically supposed to be thankful humble / grateful for getting n

what bugs ey is fact ey actually threw money in with note

ey couldnt quite believe n

of course ey have put money in savings account for ryan now – ey thought that was best place for n

but x blind cheek of x nosey old fart stranger that astounds – to pat someone on head like father figurines of old / say ir quote doing good job – yeah probably in relation to rest of dirt poor single mothers ey / ir snivelling sanctimonious gang of daily hate mail readers detest so much

thats wider hypocritically unaddressed context really quote at work

moneys short for people nowadays – obviously because rich own n all – so consider for someone from elite income bracket to back hand ey fiver truly amazing – utterly understandable given type of incredibly unequal society ir /try to live in

of course ey want to put n to quote good use because fiver to person of ey low income / obviously of low class according to people like mr slanders – feels rarer than fat cat businessmen passing through threadbare eyes of tin needles

in any other circumstances – like those of social revolution on x dark / unhappy aisle say – ey would rip money in half / tell ir to shove n up ir pious rich perfumed samaritan backside

smug self serving arse baskets like that owe ey generation lot more than bloody fiver let ey tell ir

patronizing patrons indeed

queue moneys too tight to mention by simply /in red

catalog world

Catalog World

welcome to catalogue world – where quality digital watches/ pewter tankards/ grainy images of fit 70s modelling talent blend into visual corny-ucopia of hyper consumerist utopia

cronenberg 1664 beer

“Cronenberg 1664” Beer

sit back / relax with smooth clean hits of cronenberg 1664 – only beer featuring tiny chewy psychedelic mugwump providing much unusual flavor of western rotting underbelly

donalds anthropogenic china misconception

z apocalyptic ignorance of donald trump / ir supporters astounds/ each day n constantly threatens to make even george w bush look like noam flocking chomsky
– example art statement by theorist robert what

digital conceptual painting based on yet another cosmically default stupid social media outburst by everyones favorite orange dotard

Donald’s Anthropogenic China Misconception

background graph courtesy of fred

dr doom abst0

consider ass bit set to zero – abst0 – by default

Dr. Doom: ABST0

abst0 – ideally useful measurement or social consideration

while abst0 commonly / simply implies avoiding being ass x actually closer in mercurial meaning to variable as yet undefined human metric – default friendly dynamic / relationship state – one of

  • sharing: spirit of free /gratis / libre non quantum participation
  • helpfulness: accessibility accommodation consideration symbiosis
  • nondoing: harmony non contention
  • entropy: all non things considered unequal impossibility of any reliable measurement of uncertainty in random variable /eg abst0

in which non quantum participation means holistic human channeling of fluid processes un splittable into ass bits/ co creation beyond concepts of quote worth or quote value

while abst0 only ever ideal or virtual state / unable to clearly set measure gain or reliably use – might nonetheless seem undecidedly non practical heuristic

to set ass bit to zero implies not doing anything to flip bit to one/ yet any attempt to actively set bit to 0 flips n automatically

public abst0 declaration is as follows: sorry if ir seemed ass just then – despite or even due to best intentions/ merely to signal already complex state of ir human affairs

figure most associated with abst0 – doctor doom – whose classic failed attempted to set or reset ass bit now legendary

though richards tried to warn ir about flaw in machine seeing ir calculations were few decimals off victor continued on with disastrous results

economic recovery shopping on never never bridge

Economic Recovery: Shopping on the Never-Never Bridge

dont worry just keep blindly strolling along/ merrily shopping/ x works out just fine

escape from trumpverse

Escape From Trumpverse

nothing in all world more dangerous than sincere ignorance/ conscientious stupidity
– martin luther king jr

rnd/ question can big scientists escape in time from trumpverse – psychotically unstable dystopian dimension/ so actively hostile to all forms of sentient intelligence n to implode

– note on death by distinct non irony/ humanity elf voted in said melted waxwork with trash can fire behind eyes instead of soul [2]

german light box

virtual rat experience

German Light Box

theorist robert what/ overcast shopping day heidelberg blue

muted belief system golden nerve wires exposed

seeking simulation in urban blandscape finding only simulation layer

storefront outrage in arcadia/ plastic reality of everyday existence

plexiglass emotion/ dummies on parade

languid / imprecise with everything to loose

global shareholder meeting

Global Shareholder Meeting

consider digital conceptual painting of officially recognized bloody global annual shareholder meeting

megans new apartment 7am

Megan’s New Apartment 7am

quiet / cool / empty – admittedly a little like ir attractive young head

mirror gorilla xavier hubert brierre

paraphrase/ ir have no need of other worlds
ir need mirrors
ir dont know what to do with other worlds
single world – ir own – suffices/ but ir cant accept n for what n seems
– stanislaw lem/ solaris

Mirror-Gorilla: Xavier Hubert Brierre

example ratist statement via robert what/ in which idiot photographer xavier hubert brierre ir human cohorts / ir minds of silvered metal invade endangered jungles of gabon to set up ugly hyperreal mirror /of elves – which/ despite allegedly being some kind of cognitive test for poor animals which encounter n is in fact simple litmus test for extreme hubris / only ever reflects innate human idiocy

despite what space apes automatically assume ir do not get to witness /startled afraid / confused internal reactions of animals but rather only ever get to blindly watch ir own dim reactions to such cruel quote reaction videos

at some point in video some bird crashes against mirror no doubt injuring elf

mirror seems outward projection of certain ideas ideals assumptions regarding who sees what / from what alleged perspective

everythings endlessly hilarious / viral in dead deserted media desert west/ violently exhibitionist colonialists need ever more distant vulnerable lands / locations to spread ir reflectively innocent hilarity to – life as just another thing to laugh stupidly at

self / other reflected limitation superficial surfaces / split aspects of self at infantile mirror stage/ imagine silverback in picture tore mirror out of ground / smashed n over ideologically fractured skulls of humans who stick ey there /ie elves – human stain in vain feigned acts of vague ethological interest

paraphrase/ mirrored sunglasses [..] symbol of [..] policeman/ similar outlaws
– preface to mirrorshades book by bruce sterling

pointless jobs

Pointless Jobs

file under/ common public secrets

resident evil retribution in five images

Resident Evil Retribution In Five Images

bills quick visual capsule summary/ so no need to watch x pos

arguably incredible new emergent form of entirely character / plot free hyper stylized cheese – consider uwe boll simulator resident evil/ retribution /2012 in five images / states

– action
– confidence
– incredulity
– deadpan
– trauma

scenes from modern computing

Scenes From Modern Computing

no more or less

strobe renata

based on old quantel paintbox manual / video synthesizers

Strobe Renata

example artistic statement via robert what/ commencing strobe map 2 – search for traces of renata continues in main floating database

locking down all outside feeds – all resarcs standby for trap gate tf16.v micro core initiation

ey on outside of outside

to consider signal as interruption – glitch as central missing statement of design

global tilt pans diffusing issue rapidly reconfiguring notions of scale / aesthetic intent

renata – electrosoul darker than vantablack stands cool / alone in ir bioquantum flux trap of dislocated memory / fractal prime time desire

price of knowledge

The Price Of Knowledge

rnd/ in which fellow researchers of big science consider monopoly of academic publishers

imagine digital conceptual paintings arising

stack benjamin h bratton cover by robert what

to consider alternative cover design for stack by benjamin h bratton

The Stack Benjamin H Brattan

rob tweeted said covers to benjamin who said really ey dug em

thinking about n

Thinking About It

wait for n – any time/ now (while developing that root)

uk google news ey feel safer already

UK Google News: “I feel safer already”

flock news/ what about whats happening

vitalize elf now

Vitalize Yourself Now

pay synthetic attention citizen exclaimation

zombi night at scarfs

Zombi Night At Scarfs

x was zombi night at scarfs house/ feet up on cheap rented furniture/ cheesy snax dust on belly/ some non thing moving behind thick curtains/ suddenly feeling heavy retro computing heeby jeeby vibe from playing oldskool software

Reference Link

  1. Tory Monsters
  2. Smirking Whiteboy Nick Sandmann

// how to play big science

Modern Researcher Gallery

RND/ To imagine conceptual digital art, regarding contemporary Researchers:

Possible research modes discovered during course of daily lab work by / via Robert What – Freelance Postmodern Internet Theorist:

Akihiko Taniguchi Online

3072 × 3649 .jpg

Akihiko Taniguchi Online

Oh, to exist as a cool New Media Artist – ‘free’ to endlessly tinker with useless technology in name of something as deliberately vague as Art. To have one’s own virtual studio, make locally manifest one’s little digital online experiments, direct from a conceptual void of technological phantasy – with mildly squashy pears.

Fluxus Train

3195 × 1851 .jpg

Fluxus Train

Ding ding! All aboard the driverless Fluxus train to meta-critical New Media heaven – even though one has no idea / little but ideas concerning Fluxus.

Ideal / Idealized Price for such a Concept: £2.5M – contact Robert What for details.

Franco: Bad Conceptual Art

1981 × 2708 .jpg

Franco: Bad Conceptual Art

An ode to insufferable walking vanity art projects

Henry & Lydia In The Memory Garden

3256 × 3044 .jpg

Henry & Lydia in the Media Garden

To imagine a scene from some faded forgotten VHS art movie in which a couple, amazingly alive in their young naive existence stare out into unforgiving universe of endless overgrown back gardens and forlorn emotional rubble. An associated book of iron philosophy coming soon [1]

Hopper’s Long Leg

2290 × 3071 .jpg

Hopper’s Long Leg

In which the oblique, defamiliarized aesthetic dimensions of ambiguous interior fantasy, locally manifest on troubled morning seascapes of unstable postmodern verticality, or something.

Ideal / Idealized Price for such a Concept: £3M – contact Robert What for details.

John Register: Curtain In The Wind (1983)

3072 × 3028 .jpg remix of John Register painting;

John Register Curtain In The Wind (1983)

To consider urban midnight inversions of architectural mood buildings viewed as rapid passing carriages to a radical elsewhere.

The Knife Grinder (Kazimir Malevich)

3195 × 3195 .jpg

Knife Grinder, Kazimir Malevich

Remix of a classic – multiple overlaid forms of a complicated historical Soviet color dynamic.

Ideal / Idealized Price for such a Concept: £2.5M – contact Robert What for details.

No Right Click: Save Saaatchi Art

A Digitally appropriated & re-tinted image of John McConnico DeYoung 11:38AM via Saaatchi Art: “Be Original”(tm):

3072 × 3864 .jpg

No Right Click: Save Saaatchi Art

Official example art statement via Researcher Robert What: Conceptualized after being unable to right click / save architectural image on Saatchi Art Online; in which something about it however still smells like some creepy digital vampire, thoroughly deserving of a thick artistic steak. Ironically, such an image seems like their Gothic castle.

Rich Artists: Never Too Late

To consider a remix of an artful post about Adrien Brody by editor Alexander Forbes; photographer by Sylvia Plachy

3072 × 1728 .jpg

Rich Artists Never Too Late

Example Art Statement via freelance amateur postmodern internet theorist Robert What: Yeah I too often wouldn’t mind roleplaying the part of a rich artist – if only I could afford it;

While Adrien Brody no doubt is very nice, with detectable acting talent, consider the following poem expressing a small critique of those who may simply pay their way into the Art World:

Try as they might
Such gracious noble lords
Who idly lift their brushes
Think they then write or draw
They cannot; for who can wield a pen
When they feel bored

Such minds of leisure only
Can only express the trite
Those pretty knights who
Feebly lift their swords
To make witless thrusts
Against their artistic doom
Foiled by what their noble birth affords
Art, Art more fucking Art displayed
In far too many white & empty rooms

So doth fortune smile on
Those who own much hype or land
Yet frowns at depthless trivia from
Such dabblers’ soft, pink hands

At this juncture I would like
To drop such privileged art
In the midst of filthiest manure
– paraphrased via Fellow researcher Heathcote Greene

Robert What: Net Art Award Failure

AKA on *not* winning the (shitty) Prix Net Art Award, 2015

3072 × 3458 .jpg

Robert What Net Art Award Failure

In which the merest mention of rat (sorry, Art) – along with “Culture” – now makes freelance postmodern internet theorist Robert What queasy.

After a recent relapse back into near total alienation from constantly dull and arbitrary “Art” – consider an (unsent) torrent based nomination to the shit Prix Net Art jury, followed by a remixed response to their announcement of the actual(R) winner.

Example Artist Statement via theorist Robert What:

Robert What: A self assembling conceptual torrent based performance combining high quality 4k screenshot of the international Prix Net Art award homepage, plus a quote by an American ethnobotanical psychonaut; any resulting feelings experienced by fellow ‘researchers’ having participated in such experiment by simply downloading it.

We are discovering there’s an artificial angel within the monkey
– Paraphrasing Terence McKenna

More research at robertwhat.com

In November 2015, after extensive deliberation over nice wine delicious cheese niblets, the Prix Net Rat jury casually announced its second annual $10,000 Prix Net Rat would not be awarded to freelance amateur postmodern internet theorist Robert What.

Robert What’s ‘avant garage’ practice (allegedly originating in or near bike shed in an alternative 1979 Netherlands) in no way transcends traditional categorization using pseudo-diverse media in order to explore sociopolitical or technological themes, and only cynically reflects on broad cultural social effects of communication image processing technologies from performativity – if that’s even a word – distributing artificial social capital on social media to not completing staff banned Kickstarter campaign for hardware start up called Punch Out Kickstarter(TM).

His ‘work’ – whatever that seems – does not include slickly coded websites, trite performances, expensive routers, cool installations startups, armies of undead or manipulated found images frequently juxtaposing or consolidating quote technically dichotomized presentation realms.

Recent solo exhibitions include the CS:GO ‘noclip’ Hypertography exhibit [2]

What neither lives nor works in Berlin or Amsterdam – because he bloody well can’t afford it.

The Culturally sanctioned ‘official jury statement’ sounds like they should be wearing black gowns while passing windy judgement on what ‘Rat’ is this year.

The Jury looked at the specific role of Net Rat within some supposedly larger Rat context.

The main issue here – at least for them – was to emphasize the relevance of such a prize for works and practices made in the context of the Internets to highlight critical issues / developments in this much maligned field.

Net Rat has clearly not moved beyond the hip pink skinned media rat ghetto or Cultural colonialist vanguard of the global Capitalist matrix.

Ratists and Rat institutions of various disciplines and plumage are starting to explore fiscal possibilities of the Internets.

Importantly, The Jury feels Cultural development without the Internets is almost unthinkable at this point in time (they have obviously never heard of pulling plugs.)

The transformation of thee Rat field is often described in terms of post media or post digital / post Internet Cultural production – which seems complete balls of course.

While recognizing the value ($$) of these developments, The Jury thinks the Prix Net Rat should support Ratists who (somehow) critically engage with ‘core issues’ surrounding Rat / The Internets / with The Internets as ‘medium’ – which it isn’t – rather just another platform for endless self aggrandizement – a vacuous social network for likes / clickbait upvotes.

Special consideration goes to Ratists who use or quote reflect upon practices originating in the base culture of Internets; developers makers and hackers without whom ‘Internets Culture’ would not exist or without whom these cultures would be very bland *cough*.

The convenient fluidity of boundaries between research tech communities and questions of authorship / virtuosity and (urgh) ‘performativity’ of Rat in mediated environments are important aspect of the mediocre work of the winners of the 2015 Prix Net Rat award.

Robert What’s ‘work’ stays un-firmly yet non defiantly outside realms of contemporary Rat, but from a wobbly position profoundly misinformed by conditions of new media networks – technical as well as cultural social economical political networks.

What does not strive for ‘an honest respectful or un-embellished approach to materials conditions of the network’.

At the same time his work lacks humor, wit or critical commentary.

The scope of What’s work is unimpressive and reaches from informalistic yet sometimes bordering on interesting works, to extremely layered conceptual pieces suffering from mild Terminal Boredom.

From his early work in which he plays – idly – with elements of performance, to recent experimental RND projects in which he reveals fascination with anyone who (like himself) finds the history and economic context of contemporary researcher tools deathly dull.

The Network has not been What’s truer environment, meta-physically nor culturally.

What’s recently relaunched non-site at robertwhat.com seems in an depth investigation of underlying processes of virtual mis-production, for he too created an imaginary startup company last night in bed which produces some crappy video gallery widget – a useful tool for pink skinned Ratists of allegedly challenging copyright barriers between commercial play / researchers / formats of ‘the video real’ – a cynical Trojan horse to get Ratists(TM) back to work; basically, some lousy hardware screensaver – into collections and museums run by mechanical fools.

“The Work” barely highlights dependence of present day cultural production on chain of workers and processes; it makes Cultural production even less liberating than even The Jury presenting it / themselves seem.

Arbitrary Rat Statement example by the true winner (quote): “Some kind of stuff.”

Oh yeah its obvious you’ve really thought that through – you hateful talentless munt  *cough* not feeling envious bitter hollow or anything honest [3]

Ideal / Idealized Price for such a Concept: £1

St Vincent 4AD

To consider a screenshot wallpaper of the 4AD session by St Vincent [4]

3072 × 1728 .jpg

St Vincent 4AD

Track list

– Chloe In The Afternoon
– Surgeon
– Strange Mercy
– Year Of The Tiger

What a roll, watching that hilarious keyboardist in the background video somehow just *knowing* he’s some slick shit.

Example Reference Links:

  1. The Iron Philosophy of Henry Rollins
  2. On The Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Nobody
  3. CS:GO Noclip Hypertography
  4. Failed Itch (Vanity) Project
  5. LOLtube: St Vincent – 4AD Session

// how to play big science