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Near Future Retro Graphical Wishes For Next Gen Flat Shaded Polygons

RND/ To consider “Next Gen Flat Shaded Polygons” as a wish from the Near Future Retro 80s:

6975 x 1080 .jpg

Next Gen Flat Shaded Polygons

In which one secretly longs for the good old time traveling days (still to come) of bad lo-fi polygon graphics.

The Good Old Days of Bad 3D Graphics and Time Travel

Example Reference Link

David Cage: When Polygons Equals Emotions

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The Super Future Feel Of Amiga Graphics

RND/ To consider the unique ‘Super Future Feel’ [1] of Amiga era graphical aesthetics [2] – as curated from oldskool Amiga magazine “The One.” [3]


Deliciously chunky polygons [4] and seemingly infinite pixellated cyberspaces [5] – a wonderfully bizarre information landscape of oddly alive ‘visual language’ where strange alien bleeps and bloops are heard.

(Ironically speaking) Forget retro – such visions arrive fresh from tomorrow.

The matrix has its roots in primitive arcade games
– William Gibson/ Neuromancer

Note however the high volume of simulations of Militarism [6]

Theorist-For-Hire Robert What is currently writing a book about the UK Amiga Demoscene [7]

Reference Links

  1. MIT Books – Supercade by Van Burnham
  2. Thesues.fi – Graphical Style in Video Game by Mary Keo
  3. Wikipedia – “The One” Magazine
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  5. Academia.edu – Ready Player One: Desert Of The Real
  6. Eprints – Videogaming Militarism
  7. Retro Computing Feel by Robert What

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Logan Paul As Reality: Not Delusion

RND/ On considering obsolete Youtuber Logan Paul as ‘reality: not delusion’ [1]

A visual representation of an incredible, accidentally deadpan reply to a mind bowling quote on Polygon featuring Information Content: Zero.

[..] the glassy eyed, slack jawed vibe of a lobotomized Jeff Spicoli
– Dlisted

Logan Paul As Reality: Not Delusion

The thrum of captured tweets, aggregated content, aimless think pieces, general internet ephemera, they all constitute a world of our own machination
– American Jesus


The fight between Logan Paul and KSI was a draw. *rolls eyes*

Welcome to the perfectly scripted B.S media fight circus.

Example Reference Links

  1. Modern Pseudo Reality
  2. KSI VS. Logan Paul 2: Solarized Idiocracy

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