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Stay Calm And Suffer: UK General Election Brexit Art 2019

RND/ To consider a selection of GE2019 art.

“I Voted Labor But All I Got Was A Lousy Country Full Of Tory Cunts”

Christ, how utterly depressing it all is. Fuck every dipshit that voted Tory.

Labor Day

Oh, the heartwarming impossible naivety of the general voting populous – almost a nativity.

Stop The UK I Want To Get Off

Look, just get me the fuck out of here. The whole island has gone mad.

Oh no! I only wanted bendy bananas. And now there’s this chaotic inferno of hate.
– Stewart Lee

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So Your Dad’s An Asshole Too, Huh? A History Of Useless Father Figurines

RND/ To consider a forthcoming satirical eBook about useless dickhole dads:

So Your Dad’s An Asshole Too, Huh? A History Of Useless Father Figurines

Image based on a Starbucks coffee mug with the word “Pig” righteously scrawled on it by someone who doesn’t feel the automatic need to be spineless and fawning toward heavily armed members of the local state run private urban militia.

Seen behind bizarre ‘thin edge of the communist-hippie wedge’ style text rant: the world’s smallest violin being played.

Alt Right Youtube Comments

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Boris And Carrie In The Political Garden

RND/ To consider a (completely staged) conceptual painting of two smitten toffs, at leisure in an empty Sussex field – luckily supplied with a complete set of high quality garden furniture. Somewhat oddly, the whole painting leans to the right.

5136 x 4510 .jpg, compiled in Gimp

Borris And Carrie In The Political Garden

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £275K – contact Robert What today for details.

Despite the appearance of a smile, the woman in the painting appears to be saying “Get the fuck out of my house, you shambolic, Machiavellian, unflushable banana haired tosser.” If you’ve ever wondered how such cosmically abhorrent, Teflon coated PR spin managers who take such photographs sleep at night, the answer is just fine, thanks – welcome to the UK political garden, where only undead life forms exist. (Note: Shortly after this photo was taken, all plant life for a good half mile radius immediately died out of disgust.)

Example Reference Links

  1. The Canary: A former BBC producer just lifted the wig on Boris Johnson’s ‘bumbling idiot’ act
  2. The Guardian [of what?]: Boris Johnson will not say who released photo with partner, or when it was taken
  3. Politically Wasted: Boris Johnson: The Man, The Myth, The Bell-End

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Creepy Portraits of Deep Fake A.I People: “This Algorithm Exists”

RND/ to consider conceptually creepy art portraits of non-existent people computer generated by evil near-future graphics card manufacturers using advanced neural networks & machine learning

3840×3840, 2.8MB .jpg edited in Gimp, generated via thispersondoesnotexist.com

– To note however, that such people are not in fact people but algorithms, and that unlike pseudo-people do in fact exist and express real identity – that is, an often dangerous sociopolitical efficacy

And yet, one should be wary of taking such emergent / stuck on mathematical smiles at face value (minor tumorous outgrowths and weird skin folds notwithstanding) because right now ‘they’ are probably working in strict tandem with large faceless metacorps to silently and efficiently fuck you over in various, blandly terrifyingly-smart ways

Have a nice day; it’s your duty

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