RND/ A conceptual painting for Black Lives Matter charities.

Resident Evil: Trump poses outside a church with a fucking b1ble. Elvis save us from this wicked, batshit tangerine ass clown.

Conceptual Painting Of Trump For Black Lives Matter Charities

4070×2390 .jpg (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

Price for such a concept as this: Donate $100k to a #BLM charity

RND/ To consider a forthcoming satirical eBook about useless dickhole dads:

So Your Dad’s An Asshole Too, Huh? A History Of Useless Father Figurines

Image based on a Starbucks coffee mug with the word “Pig” righteously scrawled on it by someone who doesn’t feel the automatic need to be spineless and fawning toward heavily armed members of the local state run private urban militia.

Seen behind bizarre ‘thin edge of the communist-hippie wedge’ style text rant: the world’s smallest violin being played.

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