24Hrs on Twitter as a Lonely Waste Of Time

RND/ In which, due to a particularly bad recent fit of existential depression and terminal boredom, you mistakenly try getting back onto Social Media, only to find it somehow even emptier than your old, half-undead life. Some notes in passing: You find the user interface a bit more slick and ‘friendly’ than you last remember … Read more

Big Nothing Talk: Jack Frags On Battlefield 3 and The Rise of PC Gaming (Transcript)

RND/ to consider making a video about some random subject (or say, performing a piece of conceptual art) about basically nothing at all – merely for the sake of making ‘the next video’ – the cosmically useless bit of vaguely artistic digital tat *cough* – A transcript of popular gaming Youtuber Jack Frags on Battlefield … Read more

“Ehh You Gamin’ Real Good”: On Vacuous Play

RND/ To consider the philosophical stupidity (innate uselessless, meaninglessness – boring, arbitrary mechanical pointless automaton-like grind, etc) of video games: 4300×3340, 8.0MB .jpg edited in Gimp – As expressed in a now classic quote by videogaming personality and journalist Lawrence Michael Sonntag “[..] It’s a bunch of ego-fluff; you just slap buttons and then people … Read more

On The Internet, Everybody Knows You’re a Nobody

RND/ To consider recent freeform Lab notes on repeatedly trying and failing to meaningfully engage with others Online: Part of the problem (and, admittedly part of the actual appeal) is that I simply don’t know what I’m doing with this site, or any of its so-called content; it’s not philosophy, certainly not art as the … Read more