The Inapplicable Ballardianism Of Simon Sellars

RND/ To consider a poetic critique / remix of sections from obsolete, eye-rollingly turgid auto-fictive pseudo-biography “Applied Ballardianism: Memoir from a Parallel Universe” by Simon Sellars. 2949 x 3840 .jpg The characters are finding.. that the so-called Real World isn’t convincing anymore. – J.G Ballard interview, BBC Profile 2003 — // entertaining and informative only … Read more

Marie Goes Hunting In The Tangled Pagan Wood (Triptych)

RND/ To imagine hunting in a tangled pagan Triptych. For Marie; many thanks for the quality art supplies. 5760 x 2948 .jpg, paper and pencil-wash ink sketch – scanned, edited in Gimp Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £350K – contact Robert What today for details. Through the green graveyard of leaves Where … Read more

Scholastic Poetry: Mad, Sad And Glad

RND/ To consider a remarkable poetry and photography collection by young people, direct from some near future retro 60s memory of faded American days now long gone; effortlessly enchanting with mad / sad / glad dreamscape warmth. Poems and photography from scholastic creative writing awards – selected / edited by Stephen Dunning/ displayed here for … Read more