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Marie Goes Hunting In The Tangled Pagan Wood (Triptych)

RND/ To imagine hunting in a tangled pagan Triptych. For Marie; many thanks for the quality art supplies.

5760 x 2948 .jpg, paper and pencil-wash ink sketch – scanned, edited in Gimp

Triptych: Marie Goes Hunting In The Tangled Pagan Wood

Ideal / Idealized Price for such a concept: £750K – contact Rob for details

Through the green graveyard of leaves
Where the stoat rehearses his kill
And the white skull grins in the fern
– Henry Treece, Poem III

// how to play big science

Cyberpunk Is Dead: Crackdown 3 Review posters

RND/ to imagine a Crackdown 3 review by Rock Paper Shotgun as garish digital conceptual art posters, highlighting the notion that “Cyberpunk is Dead” [1]

Reference Links

  1. Cyberpunk Is Dead
  2. Cyberpunk Is Dead: The Movie
  3. Modern Dead Cyberpunk As A Total Johnny Mnemonic
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 Storytelling
  5. Cyberpunk Vision Apocalyps
  6. Dead Cyberpunk Cities

// how to play big science