Intense Data Jungle Canopy Ontology: Conceptual Painting

RND/ To consider a conceptual painting of an intense data-jungle canopy ontology; the being-in-the-jungleness of intense data-as-knowledge: 3863 x 4457 .jpg, 5.9MB Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept: $4.5M – contact Robert What today for details Conceptual Painting: A Day Trip To Mars ‘Dante VR’ Online: A New Metaverse Reckoning Conceptual Painting: Ghost … Read more

On The Rowling-Vausch Drama Bullshit And Internet Ontology

RND// To consider the TERF Bigot J.K. Rowling, Vaush, Kat Blaque & Contrapoints Drama bullshit. Idle Thursday internet thoughts (idea fragments) arising: – Other than ongoing bigotry against trans people and entire communities of by shitlord billionaires who obviously should go fuck themselves off a jagged cliff into the nearest available black hole, this whole … Read more