A Work In Progress: GTA6 Metaverse VR Leak Screenshot Art

RND/ To consider the new GTA6 videogame as leaked screenshots from Metaverse VR: 3840 x 2160 .jpg To notice such Eurojank style graphical aesthetics, with their programmer’s debugging command prompts and headups – visible lines of energy flow, indications of movement and inner structural mechanics – a host of normally hidden pathways. It’s like what … Read more

Transcripts of “Fallout 76 is hot garbage” Style Youtube Videos

RND/ for historical archiving purposes of passing near future alien anthropologists – to consider transcripts [1] of “Fallout 76 is hot garbage” style youtube videos First the official trailer: hello everyone and welcome back to top 10 trends youre already mad from the title thats fine im mad too but i want you to be … Read more

Gábor Szűcs painting Denial Of Service remix

RND/ To consider a digital conceptual remix of Gábor Szűcs painting “Denial Of Service” [1] 7500×7500 .jpg The cloud as tonal dreamscape – lost towns, senses of adventure, electronic exploration – riding dinosaurs over virtual hills deeper into obscure cultural databases – in fact more affirmation than denial. — // how to play big science