The Existential Dryness of Historical Fiction Paperbacks

RND/ to consider the extreme existential dryness of (inherently old) Historical Fiction paperbacks, so utterly dessicated in their very conception that even billygoats are unable to digest them. The textual equivalent of an intensely annoying, hacking dry cough experienced while pushing an old squeaking cart of dead, ungrateful wooden peasants uphill. 3600×5760, 12MB .jpg, edited … Read more

Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance by the pound

RND/ to consider fellow artists, who appear to write (say) ‘paranormal urban fantasy romance’ [1] novels by the pound.. – before flogging them both individually, and in large boxed sets [2] on Amazon for a quid each Hey, good luck to em’! — Reference Links P.U.F.R Concept Album Covers // how to play big science