Notes on RE:BIND’s Doom Eternal article

RND// Good article by RE:BIND on Doom Eternal: The Need For Speed Part 3 – DOOM: Eternal Repeat Some notes: Baudrillard did not see himself as a postmodernist. Simply consider Hyperreality as ‘more real than real’ – ala Coke’s ‘It’s the real thing’. The model or map is now totally supplanted the territory – an … Read more

AAA Games Industry Notes / Critique / Conceptual Art (1)

RND/ to consider scenes, notes, critique and conceptual art based around modern notions of the so-called ‘aaa games industry’ (note: say ‘Triple A’ like Jim Sterling Does ie while channelling Skeletor) Oh the privilege of unawareness of privilege. —   No more or less — Candy coated sh1t king. Agent K: Do you know the … Read more